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I have a project I want to publish but my poor graphics will need to be remade. If I did it, it would take 100 hours for me because 1. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, I’m a graphics hacker. 2. It would still never look as good as someone with some training in the field – formal or self-taught.

I will have about 70 simple charts that are already done for the most part – so, you can look at my lame example and then make each one ‘right’.

I may have to re-word some of them, so it would be a couple days before I could give you them to do.

We can work one of two ways…

1. We pay you per graphic. I think someone with skill could whip these up at the rate of one per 10-15 minutes. Let’s say 4 per hour. There will be, lets say 80 graphics – just in case. That’s 20 hours of work. Rate about 15 per hour, that’s $300. We can work in groups of 10 graphics, and I’ll pay you after I look at / approve each ten. After I pay you for this work – there is no residual income from sales of the publication. I’ll give you a sample graphic to convert and you can estimate how long it will take and whether it will be worth your time, or whether it’s something you want to be involved with at all.

2. We split the income from the publication. The creative part is done, I just need the graphics. We can split with you the profits on the publication 80:20. We get 80%. I’d prefer you opt for this choice as it allows me to forget about money and only concentrate on money coming in with sales… I also think people do a better job when their name is on the project, and when they have the potential to make more money – based on how good a job they do.

The potential for this is probably (conservatively) in the $250 per month range. Your 20% would be $50 per month – for the life-cycle of the publication… residual income, you need do nothing after the graphics are done. If it does even half as well as I know it will, you’ll make $25 per month for the next few years from 20 hours of work now. Pay can be monthly – or however you choose.

It’s crucial that your graphics are up to par and this can be published – paper and ebook formats. I’m a harsh critic, but we’ll iron all that out with the first sample you do. I’ll pay you $10 to do the sample so you’re not wasting your time if you decide not to do it.

If this works out I have other ideas and I always need a graphics pro.

If you want to do it – send a resume, samples, your name, age, where you are in the world, and indicate which way you’d prefer to work – option 1 or 2.

Author: Vern

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  1. I just found the blog (thanks to AIS questions) and I’ve been living in Thailand for over 2 years. One of my expertise is design from web, blogs, full sites, and print (cards, flyers, life size banners). I’ve been doing this since 2005. If your venture doesn’t work out or if you have other projects in the future feel free to send me an email. I can provide samples and references. Thanks!

    1. I’ve found someone – a good friend. If for any reason it doesn’t work out, I’ll get in contact with everyone that contacted me. Thanks for writing. Cheers.

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