Nikon AW100 – Waterproof Camera Released in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at KLCC

There is a NIKON store at KLCC in Malaysia that has a black, camouflage, and an orange Nikon AW100 model for sale NOW. I played with it for 10 minutes and then tried to figure out a way to get more money to KL fast enough – and failed. So, there are still 3 there as of 1400 hours today. The map function is pretty cool. The camera feels very solid and well put together… not cheap like the Olympus I tried 2 years back. We’ll be buying one as soon as possible.

Breaking a little news… this highly sought-after camera wasn’t to be officially released until September 22nd, 2011 I think it is. These guys are a big store and got some early versions. They already sold one today.

Release date for Nikon AW100 is today… go get it!

Price in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at KLCC – about 14,500 Thai Baht.

Price at – $349 (about 11,000 Thai Baht).

You can pre-order the Nikon AW100 at Amazon here:

Want to see the ultimate point and shoot underwater video footage? This Nikon AW100 has the best in its class by far…


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  1. Everything looks great on this camera, I’m thrilled Nikon has finally released a waterproof camera, but what I haven’t found yet is someone comparing it to the competition, or at least to the Olympus (which I purchased since Nikon did not have a camera in this market and am semi-satisfied with). You guys have anything to say about how they stack up against each other other than the Olympus feels cheap?

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