Notebook Computer with Backlit Keyboard in Thailand?

I’m looking for a notebook (laptop) computer with a backlit keyboard here in Thailand. If you have one that you want to sell, zap me the specs and I’ll get right back with you. I’d prefer IBM, Toshiba, or HP in that order. Does the IBM Thinkpad 14 Edge have a backlit keyboard? I used one at that the computer shop and found the keyboard to be awesome. Better than the original IBM Thinkpad keyboards – which are legend.

I didn’t think to find out – was it backlit – or not?

I can’t find it in the specs either. I know, that means, it’s not. Still I have hope.

Computers I don’t want: Mac, Acer, Dell, well, or anything else but the 3 brands I mentioned above. ASUS is OK I guess.

Another question –

Does anybody know of a tablet computer like the iPad – that has haptic feedback on the keyboard? I have it on my Nokia 5800 xpressMUSIC phone – or something like that, and it’s really nice to use because you feel the vibration when you successfully type something. I’ve tried typing on the IPad – not only did they dick the keyboard around so it’s not even a regular keyboard with the keys in the right place – it’s impossible to type on with any consistency.

Thailand techies – come out of the woodwork…

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