Thailand’s AIS 1-2 Call Selling 3G Already?

I just got an SMS message over my AIS phone that said:

AIS 3G AirCard 3,290.- รับฟรีเน็ตทั่วไทย 300ชม. ที่AIS Shopกดฟรี*14920

My wife called the *14920 number for information. It said it was 3,290 baht for 300 hours.  Ten hours per day – that’s enough for me. I’d go for that price.

It didn’t say it’s available right now. AIS appears to be testing the market to see who is interested in the 3G service.

Would SURE be nice to finally have 3G – but, I’m far from excited about the reality of it here in Thailand just yet. Probably mid 2010 is what we’re looking at – if we’re real lucky!

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Thailand’s AIS 1-2 Call Selling 3G Already?”

  1. I just called AIS and they said they have NO 3G service.
    But it is advertised on their website, WTF?!? TIT.

    1. I think they have it… people in Bangkok get it from AIS, DTAC, and TRUE in BKK. Maybe they meant you couldn’t get it where you’re at? No idea… just dying for 3G to actually make it country-wide here. I’m going to have a party when they do. Seriously.

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