Uploading to your Web Site using FTP

Well, over the past few days I created over 2400 pages for my thaipulse.com site. I was uploading them over the last 2 days. I spent 7 hours in the internet cafe uploading them.

At first the guy had given me a bad IP to use for uploading. He changed it and suddenly I went from 2 or 3 Kbps uploads to blazing 224Kbps uploads… that’s 1mbps! I thanked him and promptly bought 30 days of internet for 500 baht from him.

I was really rocking there for a while – uploading about half of those files took 7 hours. This morning I happened to check a directory on my server – and found about 60% corrupt files on the server!

Yeah, it was super fast, but it was dicking up all the files in transit! I checked the other directories – yep, most of them totally hosed. I brought up the site – it was atrocious! Damn. I quickly redid the sitemap, the index file and got out of that inet cafe quick.

I have never had a problem with FTP giving me corrupt files on upload before. Maybe one file out of a couple hundred – never 60-70% of files being corrupt! That’s why I never checked as I finished uploading to each directory…

7 hours wasted… what a bummer.

Anyway – so, at different cafe now and it’s back to 5Kbps, but the files are actually there at the server and complete.

Regarding comments – I’ll get to them – I’ve already had a weird email from a guy that thought I should have posted his comment the instant I got it. Let me explain something… Some comments are very easy to approve because there’s no further effort on my part needed. Some, like this guy’s need a response and I haven’t had time to give it yet. Keep your pants on my friend…

Author: Vern

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