Where to Buy an Amazon Kindle in Thailand?

Kindle for Thailand

Kindle for Thailand

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6 inch – Works in Thailand!

I’ve been considering purchasing one of the Amazon Kindle’s here in Thailand and was wondering where to buy it, but also – asking myself, “Does it even make sense to buy a Kindle in Thailand?” I have about 15 books there, (here’s one) – but, I’m not really a book reader anymore. I’ve read a couple on the software Kindle that works on my PC – but, haven’t bought a Kindle in TH yet.

Turns out – it does make sense to buy one of the new 6-inch WIFI + Free 3G Kindles in Thailand. And you get FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING – so, you really can’t beat this deal.

With the new updated Kindle it now works for free 3G or EDGE/ GPRS connection in 100 countries across the globe. Thailand is one of them. It doesn’t say that the 3G works – in Bangkok for the Kindle, so I’m guessing it’s just EDGE all around the country, which is what the coverage map showed for Thailand and, really, is fast enough for text and most web photos.

The new Kindle is available at Amazon and even if you’re here in Thailand you can buy it and get free shipping to your home in Thailand for $189 at this link (my affiliate link):

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6 inch – Works in Thailand!

Now, in order to order the correct Kindle for Thailand you need to notice this little box on the right at that order page:

Step 1 - to order Kindle for Thailand

See it there? Click where the arrow points.

You’ll get a small pop-up in the middle of your screen.

Scroll down through the options and choose “Thailand” and then you will see this below:

Step 2 ordering Amazon Kindle in Thailand

Click “this separate page.” where the arrow points. Now that will take you to the correct order page for International Kindles that work best with Thailand’s wireless network (and presumably other international networks).

How the Kindle works is that you can buy books straight from your Kindle from anywhere in Thailand using the wireless phone connection to Amazon. Your Kindle logs you into your account. You buy what you want and instantly download your books. They say it takes all of 60 seconds to get your ebook.

These new Kindles can hold up to 3,500 books. There are many free ebooks at the Kindle Store too – so you can try them out. Kindle allows you change the font type, size, the size of the lines of text, and the amount of contrast. With the new Kindle that you can have here in Thailand – you can read the text in bright Thailand sunshine at the beach, the contrast is that good.

There is a delay in shipping right now of about 3 weeks. If you order today they’ll ship it on September 10th, 2010 is what I was shown. I haven’t ordered yet, still figuring out which bank card to use. I think it’s time to jump into the ebook market instead of reading paper books. The Kindle takes the place of a lot of books I’d rather not carry when I travel.

If you buy a Kindle in Thailand write in and let me know how it all goes for you – I’ll post it here if you want.



Update 1/20/11:There will be a new Amazon Kindle coming out – it must be in the works by now, but there is no word on it at all. The current version is perfect for reading books – and I mean perfect – that’s what it was made to do – not be a “do everything” device. What it isn’t fine for is surfing the internet, watching videos, and typing email or books out. Is Amazon going to go that way and make the Kindle MORE than just an ebook reader? Remains to be seen. I hope not. I don’t think they really have much chance to “do it all” and beat the IPad and other tablets coming out soon. Best to stick with what they know – epaper screens, and add some more basic multimedia functionality.

What do you think?

Note – you cannot use your Amazon Kindle to find girls to date in Thailand. Find girls here.

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30 thoughts on “Where to Buy an Amazon Kindle in Thailand?”

  1. hello
    i wnat t order from amazon to koh samui but the shipping time will be 3-4 week
    how can i reduce it or where can i buy it?

    1. There are online shops in Bangkok that have them on occasion. Google them. Or you could fly to BKK and pick one up at Panthip Plaza, I saw them there the other week.

  2. Hi, you said “you get FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING” which seems like Amazon will ship Kindle to Thailand for free, but it really isn’t, right? I tried placing an order on Amazon.com and they will charge me about $27 for shipping and another $57 for “Import Fees Deposit”. All in all, this Kindle will cost me around $250, which isn’t cheap.

    Do you happen to know any better options to buy a Kindle in Thailand?


    1. No, they charge for shipping… unfortunately. And, no – there used to be a guy that sold kindles online – Thai guy – but he disappeared. Have you seen the new Nook? Very nice, beats kindle at it’s own game… but, the next Kindle is on it’s way! Hold tight…

      1. It seems like Kindle Thai is now read.in.th. They do sell Kindles there but it’s still cheaper to buy directly from Amazon.com. People have speculated that the Kindle 4 is going to be color with touch screen, more or less like Nook Color, I suppose. But that means potentially less readability due the backlit and glare, perhaps not the right recipe for a perfect text-based e-reader.

        It’s such a shame that Thai people have to pay significantly more that those in the west to get their hands on the same stuff.

        1. I think Amazon would be a bit ridiculous to try to compete with a color kindle… unless it can beat the old Nook hands-down, as well as offer something to those that don’t want to be locked into Apple’s proprietary hell. The new Nook is amazing – touchscreen and epaper…. some reviewers are calling it better than the Kindle – and meaning it! Let’s see what happens. I am excited about just a touchscreen Kindle… black and white, or I’ll get the new Nook. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Just bought my wife a Kindle. Did a lot of research first, and for reading there just isn’t anything as good as the kindle. Backlit screens like the iPad are terrible for reading compared to the Kindle.
    My wife loves hers. She can buy books directly with it, and have it in less than 2 minutes. She even gets the Harold Tribune delivered to it every day. At $139 for the wifi version, nothing compares.

    1. Nice… glad to hear it. I think there is nothing that approaches it for the reading experience – least of all paperback books! Cheers…

  4. Used English books are everywhere in Thailand, not difficult to find at all as your first commentator said.

    I’m just old school. Love carrying a book and have no interest in buying a Kindle. :) Plus, I hear the Barnes and Noble ‘Nook’ is better anyway?

    I did buy a Nook for my Dad and, although he took it on vacation to Spain said he didn’t really use it much (a couple of times for internet access) so probably won’t bother taking it with him next time.

  5. everytime i go home to thailand i bring a huge bag of books, cause used books in english are hard to find, and a 3$ stateside used book costs 6$ – 8$ in bangkok or pattaya.

    Barnes and Noble has the NOOK – and they just came out with a touchscreen color version, that you can check email on – over wi-fi. but it only goes 8 hours on a charge, not enough for a 10 hour bus ride from my home in lomsak to our house in Ban Chang. so i keep vacilating between the kindle, B&W kindle-like NOOK or the color NOOK. i would buy an iPad in a heartbeat, but it costs as much as an airline ticket home.

    the Nook seems to have a more open system – you can read native PDFs and other formats without having to upload them to Amazon for conversion. don’t know about compatibility of the Nook in thailand. i’ll have to check that out.

    1. The nook has been cracked and can now read Kindle books there… if that’s your goal. Or one of them.

      Yeah, the closed systems – I stay far away from Mac and Kindle.

      Unfortunately NOBODY has come out with another epaper device like kindle that is as amazing to read. Maybe soon…

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