Thai Men and Thai Women

I came back to my room just after noon the other day to work on the book and I heard some arguing in a room about 4 doors down. I looked out the window. A university girl was trying to take her motorbike and leave some idiot guy with his shirt off who was wrestling her for control of the motorbike and alternating that with squeezing her ass, tits, and pulling her shirt to get her off the motorbike. He might have been drunk – I couldn’t tell, he was just really controlling and physically disrespectful with her.

Thai guys are sometimes LIKE THIS man. There are many that feel like the woman is the property. Even in disputes where bottles are broken, people are cut or hit in the face – it’s usually left alone by neighbors and police. Domestic disputes between husband and wife or boyfriend – girlfriend are not disturbed… Thais just go at it – to whatever end.

It was interesting this story in the Pattaya City news.

A farang and his date – a girl by all accounts, tried to get into a club in Pattaya. The 2 guys working the door – Thai guys – said the girl was a ladyboy and not a girl. She insisted she’s a girl. She showed her ID – she was a girl. They refused her entry. She sprayed them in the face with pepper spray! hahhahah. They beat the hell out of her – go see the photos at the link below. And the police charged the two guys only – not the girl at all.

Weird to see it happen like this…

Link to Story – Girl – REALLY a girl – Beat up by Guards >

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