Thai Mothers and Fathers DON’T Let your Kids Grow Up to be Train Engineers

This story from the online Pattaya City News.

A Thai man was found trying to throw himself in front of fast moving cars… he was dissuaded from this activity only to find a much more deadly one. Throwing himself on the train tracks.

There are some really nasty train suicide stories here in Thailand. I’ve not written about the others, but I have read a few now. In the states I don’t remember seeing more than one or 2 train track suicide stories over the 38 years I lived there.

This is just a guess, but I’m going to say that suicides are more common among Thai people than Americans. Anyone second that line of thought? I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m reading this Pattaya City News online and they have a focus on the suicides, Thai and farang alike… or if there really is a higher rate of suicide among the general populace. In America I never knew anyone that committed suicide. Nor did I ever know anyone that knew anyone that committed suicide – to my knowledge. I know it’s not something you talk about at the dinner table, but you know?

Oh wait, I lied. One girl I know had a cousin that came to Tampa for a visit… the two girls went fishing from a bridge. The cousin sent my friend to the store to get something to eat. When she returned the girl was gone. Jumped in the water of Tampa Bay. She couldn’t swim and wanted to die by drowning. What a way to go, I’d not pick that method…

So, I knew 1 person that knew someone.

In Thailand it seems like everyone I know knows someone that committed suicide. Strange.

Anyway, the photos from PCN were edited this time – and for good reason I think. It appears that the scene was ESPECIALLY graphic if you look at the 2nd photo down on the left (1st column) of photos. I think I’m seeing just a torso… no legs, no arms, no head. Is that right? Wow. That’s about the most efficient suicide I’ve ever heard about. Even with a gun you’re not THAT sure you’ll die. This was 100%. He went from an idea that was about 20% efficient, throwing himself in front of a car – that could swerve and miss him, or just hit him a little bit… to a suicide method that was 100%. I’d not say there was the slightest chance of surviving laying across train tracks with your arms and head over one side and your legs on the other side. Nope, not much chance at all.

Here’s the story:


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