Thailand World Record King Cobra

4 Meter King Cobra in Thailand Caught by Thai Guy(Last updated: 29 December 2016)

I was watching this video I took (below) of a local guy with a 4 meter long King Cobra he caught in someone’s house. For about the fifteenth time I compared the tail of that one with the tail of one that crossed the road behind me and went into the bushes before I could react (or breathe).

The one I saw had a tail that was easily twice as thick as this cobra’s tail. Of that I’m absolutely sure. Now, could the snake have been sick and had an abnormally thick tail that didn’t mesh with how long it was? I don’t know. Maybe. I think not, but maybe – a slight chance.

The other possibility is that the King cobra I saw was a fekking GIANT cobra in excess of the world record which is 5.85 meters (over 19 feet).

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How much in excess? This thing must have been 30 feet. I know that sounds ridiculous. It’s absurd for me to say it. I only know what I saw. What I saw was the last 2 meters of the snake when I turned around. My heart stopped. I’ve seen 5 meter kings before, and many 4 meter kings. This king dwarfed them.

I know you’re probably thinking it’s a case of mistaken identity, but the only other snake in Thailand that gets that big are the pythons. This looked nothing like the Burmese or Reticulated pythons. Nothing like them. It was exactly like the king’s tail. I’ve no doubt of identity.

The reason I was on that mountain was to look for snakes. King cobras especially, but I didn’t really expect to see one crossing the road. I was stopped, debating whether to walk through the rubber plantation, but the vegetation was quite high on the path and I don’t like to walk there since I’m usually in my shorts and sports sandals. I prefer the open area a bit.

I turned around to look up the road for snakes because I had been facing one direction for a while. As I did my heart jumped into my throat and I couldn’t breathe. There, behind me, was this mutant king cobra that had just crossed the road and slipped into the thick bushes and I just got to watch the tail disappear over about 3 seconds of time.

I went over to the bushes and peered in – looking for movement – but saw none. I sure as hell wasn’t going on the rubber tree plantation path anymore but I did pry the bushes for an open spot to see the snake. I didn’t see it. It took a few minutes for my breathing to get back to normal – which is odd for me. It was quite a surprise though, and when I realized it dwarfed the biggest 5m kings I’ve ever seen – it was tough to confront the reality. I probably just saw the biggest king cobra in existence.

Now, how in the world could a king cobra grow so damn big?

Kings grow largest in Malaysia – so the history has shown. Malaysia is right next to Southern Thailand.

Range of King Cobra habitation worldwide
King Cobras are found in the red areas.

The city guys that catch the cobras – like the guy below – drop them all off here at this mountain. They catch 20-50 snakes per week, many of them giant kings or pythons.

King cobras exist on a diet of almost exclusively – other snakes. Even other kings. They eat pythons, kings, rat snakes, red-tailed racers, all kinds of snakes the snake guys catch and let go on this mountain.

This giant king became a giant from eating the abundant snakes all over this mountain.

If any herpetologists want to come and look for this snake – I will show you where – and I’ll also go with you because I wouldn’t miss the chance of seeing someone catch it.

Calling all herpetologists interested in searching for a world record snake…

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Video of 4 meter king I shot with my cell phone:

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  1. As an architect I was asked to design some enclosures for animals at a bitterfly farm in Mallaca Malaysia. The owner had a 24 feet king cobra as an exhibit! The head was huge. Girth thicker than my leg. I have not been back for years and I hear the owner has died so dont know if the snake survives.

    1. That’s interesting. The largest ever on record was about 19 feet and found in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Can you give any more information about where that place is? What is the name, etc.?

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