Tokay Geckos For Sale in Thailand?

Tokay Gecko on a wall in Thailand
Tokay Geckos under threat!

Ever since I started posting videos and photos about the Tokay Geckos I was catching in Thailand I’ve been blitzed by people – usually in Malaysia – that want to pay outrageous sums of money for these Geckos.

I was told by my Thai friend that these people that buy the Tokays believe that the tongue will cure HIV / AIDS.

Below is a comment I received on one of my Tokay YouTube videos – phone and email changed to make invalid.

Approval required for comment on “Tokay Gecko Squawking in Thailand”
I’m BUYING Tokay gecko in weight:
400gsm above Starting RM4-Million,
500gsm Starting RM15-Million,
600gsm RM25-Million
700gsm RM40-Million
(Amount is negotiable for owner to demand the price)

Please contact me at:
+6641 6878 528
We are DIRECT buyer Associate With:

We DO come over to other country!
And more!


So these guys are affiliated with the WHO huh? The World Health Organization???

If you look up the conversion rate on Ringit Malaysia you’ll find that they are willing (they say) to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for these Tokay Geckos.

No wonder I’m hearing less of them in Thailand.

There are guys that go out at night in the forest and collect every Tokay they can find – guys that come across the border from Malaysia and plunder the gecko populations of Thailand – to take back to Malaysia.

Apparently the drive to find tokay gecko tongues is unstoppable at the moment! I’ve read a lot of forums where these guys are literally dying to get their hands on these geckos.

Sell one big gecko – have enough to buy a house, car, and retire for a couple years.

Sounds lucrative.

Sounds illegal.

Is it?

Update 1/21/11 – I just got this as a form submission on my site (contact details changed):

Type: ThaiPulse BLOG Contact Form
FName: annie
LName: rodder
email: a%&&#^&
Comment: good day!! i have a little tokay gecko farm here in philippines.. i have a 30 pcs of gecko\’s in my farm that approximately weighing 150 to 250 grms each.. i want to add more gecko\’s in my farm but i\’m lack of fund.. and i have a group of man for hunting a tokay gecko\’s.. there are some foreigner here buying a tokay geckos in a high prices but i want a direct buyer for a higher price.. i can keep hunred geckos in my farm if i have a direct buyer for assurance that my gecko\’s will be sold in a nice price.. thanks and Godbless!!

God bless us, and fuck the geckos – right?

If you have any direct knowledge of what is going on with the gecko madness – do leave a comment and let us all know.

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8 thoughts on “Tokay Geckos For Sale in Thailand?”

  1. In my opinion, I think to sell Gecko/tuko,tokay should be legal in Philippines , this is to help the people. Everytime you say Filipino people it automatically comes to mind poor, farmer, hard worker. These Geckos mostly live in the farm, so how if one of the farmer found one that weighs 400 grams and cost a good amount of money? It is one in a lifetime that it could help to change thier lives to be better, now they can afford to buy enough food for family, to go the Doctor, etc. etc. But no it’s still won’t happen because the Government will stop that opportunity. Is it really important? yes it is for our environment, but I don’t think the Tuko will be extint either, because I myself see them everywhere, and the buyer won’t buy those small ones. So everybody who’s concerned about our Environment, that is bull shit, you should be concerned about your Fellow Filipino People first.

    And by the way, in our area people just kill them all the time , including kids. Just FYI and still thousands of them there, every tree there is.

  2. Just days after I was told by my employees that Malaysians are paying big money for geckoes, according to them because they use them for ‘gecko fighting’, I was targeted with the following messages:

    Dear Sir

    You has to Offer Your Price EACH that you want Sale
    and How Grams or Kilo Per ToKay Gecko
    and Show me Each Photo of Tokay Gecko
    How Many do Have ?

    MY requirement is
    above 300 Grams
    and Live Tokay Gecko

    we Just Brought from Indonesia 60 Tokay Geoko Live 250 – 300 Gram

    Do has Tokay Gecko for Sale Must Be Live more then above 300 Grams

    I have some information on our site about the Tokay Gecko, so I guess that is what started it off. The trade in these beautiful and characterful animals should be banned!

    1. So they use them for fighting too? I didn’t hear of that one yet…. just their tongues are used for HIV/AIDS patient treatment. Interesting… yes, I get blasted with these messages too at Youtube, on this blog, and at some of my other sites. Pretty sad stuff…

  3. I have some Tokay Geckos for sale.
    280 gram
    300 gram
    320 gram
    380 garm
    400 garm

    for more information, contact me at ??

    (contact info removed by admin)

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