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Pattaya Bikini Contest and Foam Dancing?

I have a real love-hate relationship with the Pattaya City News online paper. They have some killer stories and photos sometimes and then other times they drop the ball so hard that it explodes… and one is left wondering – why the hell did I try to go read another PCN story?

This morning I was excited about reading their bikini contest and foam dance party on the roof of a club in Pattaya story. Afterall, these are the guys that get photos of guys sleeping behind the wheel of their vehicle in the middle of traffic. They usually GET the photo and, having been a paparazzi photographer in NYC many years ago I can really appreciate that. It is TOUGH to get the photo sometimes.

Here on the rooftop of a club with a bikini contest and foam party at night – I’m thinking I could snap cell phone photos at 640×480 resolution better than these 6 pictures they had the gall to show on their site.

I honestly cannot tell you WHAT IS GOING ON in ANY of the 6 photos. I haven’t the slightest idea. I was so pissed off when I saw the poor quality photos that I didn’t even CARE what was going on. My respect for the PCN dropped another click and I’ll be more tentative about clicking on stories that I’m excited to see – because those are the ones that I usually am disappointed about!

Please go see this series of 6 photos and try hard for a few minutes to understand WHAT they are of, and why they would post them in online…

Murky photos that are supposed to be a
bikini contest and foam party in Pattaya

I think what really tweaks my turtle is that these guys are THERE and that’s most of the equation, all they have to do is up the quality on what they’re doing and they’d be an awesome news source. They could easily be the best news source for on the spot coverage of things in Pattaya. They could expand to other cities even… maybe they have – not sure.

Please guys, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and you’ll take it to a new level!