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Pedophiles and Under Age Sex in Thailand

Pedophiles in Thailand and sex with underage Girls and Boys

Thailand was, in the past a haven for sexual predator degenerates that would come here en masse to partake in their preferred sickness without much fear of retribution. Thailand has received a ton of bad press about it over recent years and is finally cleaning up it’s image even in places like Pattaya and Bangkok.

The legal age for sex between two consenting people is 18 years. Years ago it was 16 and before that, I believe less. In the past people turned their heads and accepted small payoffs to ignore it.

Recent pressure by the United Nations and human rights groups around the world have had an effect and Thailand is now prosecuting some pedophiles. Notice I said “some”. The problem is widespread and has something to do with the Thai men preferring sex with girls younger than 18 years old also. There is a cultural mindset that needs to be changed and that will take a lot of time.

The instances that are ignored most frequently involve girls that are not of Thai background, but that are from neighboring countries like Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia. The Thais’ don’t feel as much responsibility to those underage girls and boys because they aren’t really “Thai”.

On a trip to Pattaya during a school break I was sitting on the beach almost asleep when I saw a Thai woman about 40 years old standing on the sidewalk above the beach where my chair was. She was with a small group of girls and a Thai guy in his mid-twenties. Four of the girls appeared to be about 15 years old. I teach girls at a Thai government school that are this age and I’ve seen them with and without makeup. These girls had a little makeup on their eyes and lips but were dressed like typical Thai students in jeans. There were two other girls with the group that were younger. How much younger – now that’s a guess… I’m guessing that the tall one was 12 and the shorter one was 13. I could be off slightly. I’ve seen Thai girls that were 10 that had gone through puberty and that were as tall as the tall girl.

These girls were not sisters – they all were different in looks. I was wondering at first why they were together as they didn’t appear to be tourists. The woman and guy with them were constantly looking around. For what I didn’t know.

A tall geeky guy from England (by his accent) about 30 years old approached the girls slowly from among the crowd of people that were walking up the sidewalk. The sidewalk was VERY busy, this was just across the street from Mike’s Mall. He was looking at the girls up and down – checking them out, openly staring at their asses and breasts. He then began to talk to the woman (mamasan) and his attention was focused on the youngest girl, the 12 year old girl. He was talking with the woman and looking at the girl just 5 feet from him and the girl was shy a bit – looking away sometimes and other times matching his stare. The other girls were teasing her that the guy liked her.

The guy remained about 10 minutes and he was speaking Thai. I caught only brief words and sentences but I heard quite a few numbers… 3000 baht… 7000 baht… were some that I heard.

The guy left after getting the woman’s cell phone number programmed into his phone. In 15 minutes the woman’s phone rang and the woman again began discussing baht… an agreement was reached for 7000 baht… the woman gestured for the Thai man to take the young girl for 7000 baht. The girl was again teased by her friends and the Thai guy led her off – toward a hotel I guess.

I remained at the beach for another 90 minutes and the Thai woman and the kids remained there – just standing – occasionally talking to western tourists who were reviewing the girls that were with her. I heard prices sometimes and guys even grabbed at the 15 year old girls’ buttocks occasionally.

So, it does still exist here but hopefully it’s changing for the better…

Read below about some pedophiles being arrested in Thailand recently…

Pedophiles being Prosecuted

Canadian Pedophile Suspect, Christopher Neil Caught

Reciprocity Agreement

Thailand has signed reciprocity agreements with many countries that belong to the United Nations. These agreements allow for the prosecution of persons caught having sex with underage girls in Thailand to be tried for the crimes in the nation where they hold citizenship. You can be sure, if it’s illegal for you to do it in your country, it’s illegal for you to do it in Thailand – regardless of Thai law!

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