Krabi Paved Road Hike

Krabi province has a number of great hikes that lead to waterfalls and I’d recommend most of them before this specific hike because it’s just a pleasant walk through some jungle, no waterfall – but there are 2 nice viewpoints and virtually no people.

Also, if you have a stroller, or are with a wheelchair bound person or someone that likes to hike on paved road instead of through the jungle then this hike might be a good activity to spend 2 hours doing.

This is a rather steep hill that is paved and yet isn’t used much at all. I’ve seen a total of about 15 persons on motor scooters on this 4 kilometer climb up the hill in maybe 7 trips up. Usually I only see a guy working at the rubber tree plantation.

There are many places to stop and park a car or motorbike, so if you don’t want to hike the entire 4 kilometers, no worries, park at one of the maybe 7 locations provided on the hill and walk from there. Bring some fruit and water as it’s always warm after 9 am.

The road is overgrown and you can see numerous lizards (harmless), spiders (out of reach – in the trees), and hear cicadas. You might be surprised at the sound of Thailand’s cicadas – there are a couple types. Every time I hear them I have to make a short video of the noise because it’s SO COOL to hear them. Here is a short video of one that was about 5 meters from me off this road.

Thailand cicada video (MPG download (less than 1MB) – right click and choose save file as or save target as. Save to desktop and replay later).

If you REALLY want to hear cicadas go to Wat Tum Sua also near Krabi town and go to see the cave area where the 1000 year old tree is. They are VERY loud – it’s almost surreal.

Here is a link to our Wat Tum Sua mini-site >

There are two viewpoints. One is 2.6 kilometers up the hill and the other is at the top at the 4 kilometer point. This road does not lead anywhere – it stops at the top viewpoint which looks out over east Krabi town. If you’re lucky you’ll see a water monitor or some other wildlife. I’ve seen a 4 foot monitor – they avoid you and will run very fast AWAY from you, so nothing to be afraid of. Occasionally there are dogs about and they bark but don’t bite if you stand your ground. I throw things at them and they run away. Cruel? Not in Thailand – you’ve gotta protect yourself, the dogs are not farang friendly.

Directions: From Krabi town go towards I-4 (towards the mountains). Best to go right up Uttarakit road which is the road in Krabi town that runs beside the river. Go the whole way up that road until you see a stoplight. Make a right. From there be watching your left side for a yellow house/store and a sign for “Huay Toh Waterfall”. Make a left at that sign. Go about 200 meters and make a right at a road with no signs at all. Make the next left at a large tree stump (no kidding).  You’re on your way up the hill (you’re there!).

Important Phone numbers for your stay in Krabi (Railay and all over Krabi province):

  • Krabi EMERGENCY? Dial 1669 from any mobile.
  • TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Regional Office: 07.562.2164
  • Krabi Tourist Police: 07.563.7208
  • Marine Police: 07.561.2756 and 2757
  • Krabi Airport 7 km east of Krabi Town: 07.563.6541 and 6549
  • Immigration: 07.561.1097
  • Krabi Bus Terminal in Krabi Town: 07.561.1804 and 1184
  • Thai Airways International: 07.562.2439 and 2441 and 2442
  • Krabi town Hospital: 07.563.1768 and 1769

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