Mangrove Forest Walkway – Nature Hike

Mangrove Forest Walkway sign, Krabi town, Thailand.


If you find yourself with an extra half hour you and you have an interest in mangroves you might want to stop by Krabi’s “Mangrove Forest Walkway” in Krabi town across from the Grand Mansion hotel and Sprucy Coffee/internet shop on Uttaradit Road which is the main road in Krabi town that runs alongside the river.

There are numerous kinds of mangroves and as I walked through there it reminded me of snook fishing in the Tampa-Clearwater, Florida areas that I’d get lost with my kayak for whole days at a time. There are very few snook like fish in the river and the biggest fish I’ve seen someone pull out of Thai waters was a catfish 20 inches long. Thailand is NOT the place for fishing!

Krabi's Mangrove Forest Walkway nature walk. Eco-tour.

This is a relaxing walk and the walkway could be useful for walking meditation or something.  There are rarely too many people here and if you wait a half hour, even they’ll be gone. Sometimes Thai tourist busses/vans stop here as something to show them.

There is no admission fee. You really should bring some good mosquito lotion as they are ravenous in the shadow areas – especially near the gazebo with benches at the end of the walk. I estimate the walk to be 400 meters out and 400 back. It’s hot, and not much breeze through there.  As you can see by the photo – there are signs placed along the walkway to help you recognize the different species of mangrove trees. There are numerous crabs of different types that are also interesting. When I went there a couple months back I saw some colorful tree frogs.

Mangrove nursery at Mangrove Forest Walkway in Krabi town, Thailand


So – if you have some extra time, stop by.  It’s nothing spectacular, but it is a peaceful and quiet walk through nature if you don’t want to spend the extra time to head to one of the waterfalls, hot springs, caves, or emerald pool (crystal pond).


Here is a short video as I walk along the walkway…

Mangrove Forest Walkway video >

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