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How to Find a Good Thai Wife?

Two Isaan girls from Thailand old enough for marriage and maybe looking for a foreign expat.

University girls from Isaan are some of the nicest and what I would consider the best women for marriage in Thailand.

Many foreigners are asking themselves this question,

“How can I go about finding a good Thai wife?”

I certainly did for a while before I came to Thailand. I think many men are looking for “The One.” And, VERY few find her in Thailand during their visit.

Why is that?

I was thinking today about what kinds of things I could offer to people that are coming to Thailand. I went through a lot of possibilities and one of the things that I think would REALLY help some guys is that I could provide an introduction service to great Thai girls in Isaan (Northeastern) Thailand where I personally believe the best girls come from.

The goal would be that the guy would find a Thai wife and he and the Thai girl would get married – probably in Thailand – and then they could decide whether to stay in Thailand or to go back to the guy’s home country.

I lived in Ubon Ratchathani for a year and a half – I call it the unofficial “capital” of the northeast region. There is literally no sex-tourist area within a 4-5 hour drive from Ubon. Let me give a definition of that… a sex-tourist area is one where farang (foreigners, expats, visitors from other countries (men usually) are gathered en-masse to find girls for sex for $10+ usd.

Now, there ARE areas of cities in Isaan where sex can be found. But, the point of this is that the girls that live in the Isaan region are pretty untainted. I think the most pure and sweet of anywhere in Thailand.
I’ve personally met many girls in Isaan that I think are marriage material.

For me, a Thai girl with marriage material is someone:

  • Educated – with a 4 year college degree from one of the Thai universities
  • Cute or Gorgeous
  • Is sweet, kind, generous, unselfish, never obnoxious, always a “lady”, treats her parents with the utmost respect as well as all her relatives and strangers.
  • Is Buddhist – but not only that, she goes to the temple sometimes either because her parents or family want her to or because she wants to.
  • Doesn’t have tattoos.
  • Doesn’t smoke.
  • Doesn’t take drugs of any sort, probably doesn’t even know what they are.
  • Doesn’t have money on the brain. Some girls – even Isaan girls, because they grew up poor have money on their minds 24-7. It’s very possible to find a girl that never mentions money EVER.  Why not find one?
  • Has friends that are other recent college graduates or professionals. Doesn’t even KNOW anyone working in Pattaya, Patong, Patpong, or other sex-tourist areas in Thailand (or other countries).
  • Doesn’t care how much dowry there will be for a wedding and neither does her family. 25,000 baht for an educated Isaan girl, virgin, that has not been married and has no children.

These girls are available here. There are MANY of them.  There are also a lot of girls that are only out for money in Isaan – just like all over Thailand, but, you’ll have a MUCH better chance meeting a girl here than you would in Pattaya or Bangkok.  Have you read the horrorshow articles that have become other expats’ lives?

Stickman Bangkok is full of them. Checkout the “readers submissions” sometime.

It’s EASY to meet a Thai girl that wants to marry you in Thailand. There might be nothing easier in the world for a bald, fat, aging, clumsy, ugly farang to do.  Show up at a bar in Pattaya or on Sukhumvit, or Nana Plaza… Start telling the girls that you are looking for someone to marry you because you want to take her back to your country where you have a nice house, car, boat, and you both can eat out every night vacation someplace once per year and send her parents (and her Thai husband and boyfriends) 20,000 baht per month to ‘take care of them’.

You will be married as soon as you pick one. No joke. It would be THAT easy. I think realistically you could arrive in Bangkok at 1am. Hit the bars that night. Tell your story to everyone – Thai girls, staff, farangs, taxi drivers, etc. Go to the same bars the next 3 nights. You’ll have “fallen in love” by then with one girl that will not let you go nor let you near any of the other girls because she’s found her dream.

If you want that, and there are MANY guys that want just that – many guys that don’t understand they really shouldn’t marry a whore…  but they do anyway. Some for kicks, some for real (or imagined) love.  I’m not judging guys that want to do that and understand what they’re doing – whatever – enjoy it while it lasts I guess. Don’t kill anyone when it ends though.

However, this service I would provide would not be catered to those types of relationships. You don’t need to join any website dating service in Thailand to find that. It will find you my friend, just show up!

What I am offering…

I’ll think this through a bit more in the coming days, but I would first screen the guy and find out as much as I could about him. Why? Because I don’t know you. I am quite glad that most of the guys that go to Pattaya and find a wife there find one in Pattaya INSTEAD of coming to Isaan and ruining a great girl’s life. I think the farangs in Thailand have far more problems on average than the girls in Thailand. By FAR.

If you aren’t a respectable person in your country, don’t write me asking to help you find a wonderful Thai girl. I don’t care. I like the Thai people so much… They are trusting and really the most unbelievable people as a group, and some individuals that I’ve ever met. I doubt there are better people on the face of the eArt h. I’d love to see it! But, in all honesty, I doubt it.

So – this is a service that will provide you with the chance to meet some great Thai girls – but only if you’re a great guy with some things going for you.

Things that would eliminate YOU from consideration would be:

Alcoholism; Drug addiction; Arrest record for anything except something fairly innocuous like too many parking tickets; No job – unless you are retired or wealthy enough to retire on your own; mental health issues; Lack of online history… meaning I cannot find anything of substance that you’ve posted anywhere on the internet with an in-depth Google check.

Incomplete online history of residences for the past 20 years.

Things like that.  This is a “no-foolin’ around service. If you’re a decent guy then you have nothing to worry about.  If you’re not, don’t write, just plan your entire trip around Pattaya.


Write me. Say – Vern, I’m a decent guy… I am thinking about coming to Thailand to find a great girl to marry… blah blah.

I’ll send you the rates and a basic questionnaire about what you’re looking for.

You send it back and send the initial fee of $100 usd to get started. This is not refundable.

I’ll review your answers and start the investigation into your background. I may ask more questions or the questionnaire may provide enough material.

If you don’t pass the screening, sorry but we don’t take everyone. Really, it is an exclusive service because probably 10% of the population of the USA for instance, would qualify for this. It’s expensive too since when you arrive I’ll be hand-holding for the week or 2 weeks you’re here – unable to do any other work.

If you pass the background check I’ll request the second fee which will start the search process to identify girls that I know in Isaan that fit your specific criteria. You may not really have a clue what you want the girl to be like, and that is fine too. Tell me everything that is essential and we’ll go from there.  I know many girls that I’ve taught English to and my girlfriend has hundreds of friends from college. Those friends have friends – it’s a huge network. We will be able to identify ten girls that fit the criteria you’ve chosen – or we’ll refund your second fee.  This 2nd fee is $1000 USD. It may take a month to identify ten girls that are really a good fit for you and that can be available to meet you while you are in town. More than likely we can set it up so that we bring the girls TO you – to meet you in the hotel lobby or some other public location one after another – so you can meet each for thirty minutes or an hour and weed out which ones would definitely not work, and which ones you’d like to see again.

Let’s say by some ridiculous anomaly you weed out 9 and there is only one girl left that you’re interested in and the next day you weed her out too! You are NOT SOL (shite out of luck). There are MANY public places that we will then go to and meet girls spontaneously. It’s very possible to meet ten girls per day at the malls and other shopping outlets, walking the street, at the restaurants, and at the bars if you choose – but I don’t recommend the bars. There’s really no need to go there, but, up to you.

It’s important that you give me some good criteria to find girls. If you’re more open as far as height and breast size we’ll be able to find more than ten. Thirty? Forty?  Probably.  Oh, if you want breasts you might want to change your plans and visit DENMARK or somewhere the girls drink a lot of milk.  The girls from Kyrgystan are Asian looking and have bodies like Russians – tall, big chest.  Thailand girls do NOT have C-cup breasts as a rule, if you find one – good on you mate, but, it would be nearly impossible to find you 10 girls with c-cups.

No wait… that’s not true. It would be beyond impossible!

If I’m (we’re) able to find you 10 girls that will be available for the time-frame you’re planning on coming, then you can plan your trip. I’d recommend staying at least 10 days, but 2 weeks should really be the bare-minimum.

You’re looking for your WIFE, can you pick her in two weeks?  I think I could if I had a service like this.  I’ll find a hotel for you, transportation, and we’ll probably spend a lot of time together until you find a girl or a couple that you want to spend most of your time with. My girlfriend could be available as a translator in case the girl you are speaking with does not speak English because chances are GOOD that you don’t speak Thai!  I won’t go along if all you need is a Thai translator, or I will – up to you.

The fee once you arrive will depend on a lot of variables and I am not sure how to go about setting that up at this point.

Let’s say that you can count on these fees:

  • Service fee:  $3,500  This will cover all of the work we went through to find you girls that meet your criteria and communicating things with you up until you arrive including introducing you to the girls and handling EVERYTHING for you for the first 10 days.  After that there will be a daily fee that will depend on what you require.
  • For me to accompany you everywhere and keep taking care of everything the cost would be $100 per day.
  • You will need to pay for all hotel, car, taxi, food, beer, and whatever costs you have that you accrue.
  • $50 per night is the average cost for a room in the BEST hotel. $20 per night in a good hotel.
  • $50-60 is the cost per day for a rental car and driver, though I may find cheaper.
  • $35 per day is the cost for a taxi driver to drive you around all day – in a truck. There are no Bangkok style taxi cabs in Isaan.
  • If you want to rent a motorbike (125cc) that are much like fast mopeds you can do that for about $8 per day.
  • Tuk-tuks and buses are very cheap (33 cents) one way.
  • An average meal for two-people in an air-conditioned restaurant with few drinks is about $15 USD.

So, minimum costs would be about $4,000 U.S.D for all that I’d do up through the tenth day after you arrive. After you pay the fee I’m at your service. I’d do what you want really, I’ll give you options and you tell us what you want to do next. Everything is up to you but I’ll always have recommendations based on what you’re in the mood for. You would still need to pay for your hotel, meals and transportation.

I don’t arrange sex with anyone for you. Sex happens when two people want it. If one of the girls we introduce you to is to your liking we’ll give you tips on how to find out if she’s of the same mind, but we don’t ask the girl to have sex with you.  If you want sex from someone else in town that you haven’t met yet, I’ll point you in the right direction.  Please don’t believe that there are underage girls for sex in Isaan that are dying to have sex with foreigners. I’ve not met them. There are massage places and other venues with girls over 18 years old that you might find to your liking…

More to come on this – I will probably build a small section of the site and cover a lot more about finding a good wife to marry in Thailand in the near future.

Anyone game?  I’m only half-serious. I don’t expect anyone to contact me about this – I just felt like writing something about this and it popped out.

Update 2/2015: Since I wrote this post about six to seven years ago I’ve had over sixty guys from all over the world contact me about finding a perfect Thai wife for them with some type of arrangement like I outlined above. Unfortunately I usually cannot do it. I’ve just got far too many things going on right now. Someone needs to create a service like this. This is a good business opportunity for someone to cash in.

There are great girls in Isaan. Forget about prostitutes in Pattaya or other sexpat areas. Find yourself a girl to get engaged to, to marry, that will be happy with you and vice versa. There are so many in this country of 65 million people.

New ebook about how to find a Thai wife in the country of Thailand for expats across the world.

Five years after writing this article I wrote a book on the subject. I’m revising it and it will be ready within 2-3 weeks. If you are interested in purchasing it – leave your name and email at this form, or click the image to see the form.



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