Macbook Air Video – 25 Reasons to Get One

I’ve used IBM PCs and Microsoft OS since 1993. Well, 1983 if you count programming in BASIC and PASCAL in computer class in high school on TRS-80 computers.

Over the years I built up an aversion to using Microsoft OS -but I thought Mac was for kids and girls. I struggled for years before trying one. I bought a Mac Powerbook G3 in 2001 I think it was. I got it in the mail after the UPS clown delivered to the wrong apartment. I opened it. Tried it. I sold that stupid thing the next day on Ebay and bashed my head against IBM Microslop computers for the next decade.

Enter the Macbook Air. I tried them many times at the store. Finally I figured out how to use their trackpads. I bought right away. The difference isn’t night and day, it’s diamond and shite. There’s so much difference – well, I came up with 25 good reasons to use the Macbook Air instead.

See the video.

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