Wat Tum Sua
"Tiger Cave Temple" (Wat Tham Suea - Thamsua - Thamsuea) is a Thai Theravada Buddhist Temple located in Krabi, Thailand, founded by Ajarn Jumnien Silsettso

Ajahn Jumnien
Abbot of Tum Sua

Top of Mountain
1,237 step climb

Foothills Area
Monks in caves

99 meter

Temple Grounds

Temple Grounds

Videos of
Wat Tham Suea

Wat Tum Sua
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Wat Tum Sua is a Thai Theravada Buddhist Temple located just on the outskirts of Krabi Town, in southern Thailand. Because it's translated from Thai there are many different spellings in English: Wat Tham Suea or Wat Thamsuea or Tumsua. This Krabi Buddhist temple is renown for it's astounding beauty and it makes for an excellent day trip for travelers in Krabi, Ao Nang, Phangna, or Ko Lanta. The temple is known as Tiger Cave Temple because when it was initially founded by Ajarn Jumnien it had a tiger living in a cave that has now become a central part of this Buddhist temple and an interesting room to climb up into. Other features of this temple include a large foothills area with a prehistoric jungle not unlike dinosaur movies. There is also a climb up 1,237 steps to the top of a 260 meter high mountain peak that is great fun and the reward at the top includes awesome views, free water, and camaraderie with Thais' and visitors from all over the world. This Buddhist temple sells amazing good luck Thai amulets that are prized for their power after being blessed by Ajarn Jumnien, Thailand's Good Luck Monk. Don't forget to pick some up or find them at ThaiAmuletSales.com (our site)!

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