50 Ways to Make Money in Thailand

I wrote a book about 50 ways to make money while living in Thailand as an expat. The book didn’t do well. I think many people didn’t understand some of the technical aspects of some of the suggestions. In the following section, I have removed the hard-to-understand bits and I give you 30 ways you can make money while living in Thailand. Choose one below to get started!

How To Make Money While Living in Thailand

  • Teach English! Of course, you know this one. Most people staying in Thailand for any length of time decide to teach English.
  • Graphic Designer! I have paid graphic designers to design book covers for my Amazon books. The difference between me doing it myself, and paying a professional is huge. They are paid well too.
  • Digital Book Formatting Editor! Learn to format eBooks with style and perfect function as authors upload to Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and other sales platforms.
  • Stock Photography! Thailand is an excellent place to shoot stock photography for a living. You must be good and obsessed. Is it for you?
  • Thailand YouTube Vlogger! Nothing better than creating videos for an audience. Do you have what it takes?
  • Thailand ECommerce! Sell local products online with your own website, or use one of the other platforms that are designed to help you sell.
  • Import Products to Sell in Thailand! Maybe there’s something you cannot find in the country, that you have at home and can import?