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Thaksin Returns

I just cannot see Thaksin Shinawatra disappearing for very long. He has:

1. More money than god.
2. More connections than god.
3. Nobody to compete against.
4. Quite possibly, a genuine concern for Thai people and the country.

I’ll keep my personal views about whether I am/was for or against Thaksin Shinawatra – out of this. I really think foreigners should shut the hell up about the matter – insisting he is this or that. He obviously made mistakes. He obviously did a hell of a lot of good for the country. He obviously made some mistakes.

I predicted years ago that Thaksin would return for a 2nd go at this – and maybe it’s what the country needs. For me, it is taken for granted – the higher levels of government and well, just about every damn thing – is corrupt and it won’t change anytime soon. Is Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the US, UK, AUS, or anywhere else – any better? We only know what we can see…

Thailand has been like a beached flounder flopping on the hot sand and being scorched by the sun, for years now – unable to do anything great, and yet not falling back into the stone ages. Thailand is a country that wants to do well… that wants to prosper… that has the essentials needed to go forward…

Thailand is lacking a political leader.

I predict again that Thaksin will return to power as Prime Minister. I further predict he will be on the straight and narrow for a long time to prove himself to the country. He’d probably like nothing better than to stay prime minister for the next 10-20 years and do all he can for the country. I’m sure he feels wronged. I’m sure he knows he could have done some things better than he did.

Regardless what I think about what he will do once he’s back in power – he will be back in power. There’s nothing preventing that, is there? In a democracy, the people decide. I think he has the overwhelming backing of the people and will return to being Prime Minister within 2 years, surely, but perhaps before that. If there is a military coup again, of course this could delay his return, but not negate it.

There are many factors at play – but I just have a feeling – he’ll be back in power and after a year or so of that, two years… three… the whole country will “mai bpen rai” what happened in the past and welcome the new age of prosperity.


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