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Krabi Attractions Review – Wat Tham Seua (Tum Sua)

Yes, that’s it… 280 meters high. Are you ready to CLIMB IT? Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple / aka: Tiger Temple) is one of the most interesting places in Krabi province. Don’t miss this attraction. © Vern Lovic.

Attraction Reviewed: TIGER CAVE TEMPLE – Wat Tum Sua (Thamsua, Thumsuea, Tham Seua)

[Page Updated: 2 August 2019]

Where is Tiger Cave Temple?

In the northeast of Krabi town off Highway 4 make left 1.5k from the stoplight in Krabi town heading towards Trang and Koh Lanta on Highway 4. A short trip by motorbike, car, songthaew, or tuk-tuk.

Parking at the Temple

Wat Thamsuea Buddha, Krabi, Thailand Attraction
Large Buddha at 278 meters vertical height.

When you park your motorbike, just use the key to open your seat up and hang your helmets on the small nub that sticks out close to the front of the seat. Don’t take your helmets with you wherever you go, the locals will never steal a helmet at a Buddhist temple, and the monkeys are not allowed in the parking lot area anymore. They will not steal your helmet either, the monks and nuns chase them away.

What is there to See and Do at Tham Seua Buddhist Temple in Krabi?

Wat Thamsua has a couple of things to see and do. Outlined below:

1. Tiger Cave Temple is the tan/yellow colored building at the base of the hill close to where you will park. To the right of the building is a ramp and stairs leading up to the second floor. Once inside (remove your shoes) you can shop for Buddhist amulets at the counter, get a bracelet put on you from one of the women in white (nuns) and look at the 120+ Buddha statues.

The main Tiger Cave Temple building (Bot) where you can see the original cave where the ‘tiger’ was found. It’s actually a leopard. © Vern Lovic.

If you look to the front among the Buddha statues you’ll see a stairway that leads up to a special room where a Buddha footprint is as well as the most sacred place for the whole Wat Tum Sua temple. It’s small and crowded sometimes.

Mountain top view from Wat Thamsuea in Krabi, Thailand
Amazing 360 degree views of Krabi, Thailand.

2. Outside the Tiger cave temple come back down to the ground level and walk left there are some buildings to see, but the next main attraction is the stairs leading up to the top of a small mountain (280 meters above sea level). There are 1,256 steps leading to the top that are challenging in the morning heat – best to go about 4 pm if you want the coolest part of the day and to catch the sunset, which is at times, amazing. There is cold water at the top of the climb (free) and places to sit or even lay down.

I’ve seen all kinds of people make it to the top. A five-year-old boy, an 85-year-old woman, and a 300 lb (130 kg?) guy. If you want to make it you CAN – just go slow. It’s not a race. Sunset is awesome here when it’s not rainy season. The rainy season is April or May through November.

3. After you go up the steps, or in lieu of it (spelling of lieu?) go further back into the grounds and see the gwa-neen statue – female Buddha type statue. Chinese people love this goddess. Then to the left are more steps that lead to the foothills area of Wat Tham seua. It’s about 88 steps up and 100 down into the foothills. There are 8 monks that live here and there’s a nature walk of maybe 400 meters around the perimeter of the foothills. Great for pics.

Don’t miss the 1000-year-old tree and the 2 caves. One cave you can walk back in and see a couple of rooms. Don’t stay long – in one cave it’s tough to breathe. Not sure why that is.

4. There is a new building, a 99 meter high Chedi with 8 levels that might be done sometime in 2008. Looks cool from the outside. You can walk up now and see it – but not much to see just yet. Should be quite nice by the time it’s finished.

The new Chedi – 99 meters high. Almost finished now in 2019. © Vern Lovic.

5. Buy Amulets on-site or through this website.

Interesting Tiger Cave Temple facts:

Built: Over 40 years ago.

Founder: Ajarn Jumnearn (Jumnien) Seelasettho from Surat Thani province about 100 km north of Krabi. He lived in a small village, Ban Na San for a long time and had “Jack Kornfield, author, and meditator, stay with him for a few years there.” Jack Kornfield invites Aj. Jumnearn back to California yearly to teach a meditation course with Jack.

Resident monks: 88 monks live here temporarily during the rains retreat time

Monks living in foothills area: 8 usually.

Most times traveled to top of steps? Pra Pornpitak, 50 years old has been up about 2,500 times over the past 18 years and counting. At 1000 they had a special party for him at the top (I missed it due to traveling.)

Fastest time to top of stairs? I watched a young German 800 meter track runner complete the steps in under 9 minutes.

The view from the top of the stairs is mindblowing. This is just one small part of the view which includes more Krabi mountains and Krabi Beaches and islands. If you can do it, you MUST do it. © Vern Lovic.

Most times to the top of stairs in one day? I held the title briefly at 3. A 71-year-old man, Alfred from the UK did it 4 times. Recently a young monk did it 5 times. Update: I and a friend climbed it 6 times one after another!

Other interesting things of note: I found a meter long thin snake on the second level. I found a walking stick and a giant beetle. At step 357 there was a 4 meter long King Cobra I had to move off the steps (I have a snake hobby – ThailandSnakes.com).

At about step 800 there are sometimes a different group of monkeys (dusty langurs or gibbons) that are very pretty to look at. They’re shy and don’t come close but if you can get a photo – they are very nice. I haven’t been able to get a photo yet.

An American snapped photos of what the locals told him was a king cobra at the Tiger Temple Cave building. I saw the photos, I think it’s not a king cobra due to color, but it was a large monocled cobra.

Occasionally there are a group of red monkeys – with bad tempers that come across the trees and visit the top of the Buddhist shrine and terrorize people. I’ve seen them just 6 times in 11 years of living here.

Tips for Visiting Wat Tham Seua Temple in Krabi

Regarding Monkeys at the Temple

1. Do not park anywhere except at the beginning of the parking lot where other motorbikes and cars, buses, tuk-tuks are. The monkeys will chew your motorbike seat and handlebar grips.

2. Do not take anything to eat with you that is outside your backpack since the monkeys may forcibly take it from you when they’re ravenous. Especially early mornings they are a bit nuts.

3. Don’t stare in the eyes of the monkeys, this is a direct threat to them. The big ones will show you their impressive array of teeth. The small ones will run from you, cowering.

4. Don’t leave your shoes, umbrellas or bags of anything laying around where the monkeys are – they’ll take them and play with them high in the trees.

5. If a monkey jumps on you don’t flip out – just give it what it wants and he’ll get off. Seriously.

Regarding the Heat and Humidity and Climbing the Stairs

1. 1,256 steps are tough in the heat. Take lots of water before, during, after the climb. Once a girl from Malaysia almost died of heat exhaustion there. Recently I saw another Thai girl passed out and friends trying to revive her.

Regarding Respect at Buddhist temple…

1. Don’t remove your shirts anywhere on the temple grounds. This isn’t the beach. It’s a Buddhist temple. You wouldn’t take your shirt off at a church in your country. Actually, you should never remove your shirt unless you’re on the sand at the beach. You should not ride your motorbike around Krabi town or walk the streets shirtless. That’s why Thais’ call you “key nok” – bird shite. Do as the Thais’ do, don’t bring your countries’ traditions here!

2. Don’t play music at the temple on your cell phone like some of the rude Thai kids you might see.

3. Don’t kiss your honey at the top of the mountain. It’s a sacred place. Thais don’t show affection in public. NEVER at a temple.

4. You must remove your shoes at the top of the mountain before you get on the ceramic-tiled part. The sign looks like it means only women’s’ heels -but it means ALL SHOES.

Regarding the Temple at Night

1. There are only a couple of lights on the entire stairs. After you watch the sunset (between 6:15 and 6:45) you should start down the stairs as you don’t want to get caught in the dark.

2. Bring a flashlight. 7-11 sells small yellow flashlights powered by 2 AA batteries for just 50 baht that work well! Good for exploring caves too.

Bring water for the trip up and maybe down too. Coming down is also strenuous for some people, take some breaks.

Bottom Line – An awesome experience. Besides Railay beach and Phi Phi islands, and Crystal Pond (Sra Morakot) this should be your next choice for something to do while you stay in Krabi, Thailand on your vacation.

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Map of Tiger Cave Temple >

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