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Krabi Buddhist Temples

Here’s a list of some Buddhist temples you can visit in Krabi Province:

Wat Tum Sua

Wat Thamsuea Buddha, Krabi, Thailand Attraction
Large Buddha at 278 meters vertical height.

Wat Tum Sua (Wat Tham Seua) is a large temple at the end of the Khao Phanom Bencha mountain chain just outside of Krabi Town. Entrance is Free – as all temples are in Thailand. There is a staircase climbing up the mountain – 1,256 steps. You can also climb up and down 100 steps and see the foothills area and where the monks live. Highly recommended. The nicest temple in Krabi, with the most to see and do.

Wat Kaewkorawararam

This white colored temple has a large building in the center of Krabi Town that is good to visit for photos, and for something to do as you are in town.

For Tours Info around Krabi Town and Beaches – Click HERE.

Krabi Wildlife Tours - night time trek for three hours in tropical primary rainforest.

Wat Tum Sang Pedt

Wat Tum Sang Pet meditation temple in Krabi, Thailand.
This is what you’ll see from the road to Huay Toh if you find the correct left side turn leading to this temple. There may not be a sign at all, but if you see this – you found it! You can try going in to see if anyone friendly will show up to calm the dogs down.

When the main abbot was here, this tiny temple with cave complex was a fun place to walk around. On two occasions, we’ve been lucky enough to have the elderly abbot walk us around the entire grounds and mountain, showing all they’d planted and built. It was fantastic. These days, there are dogs that are very angry at anyone entering the grounds. The monks do little to calm the dogs so the risk of a bite is high. Probably not worth going anymore.

This Krabi Noi Temple is located on the road to Huay Toh Waterfall on the left side driving toward the waterfall. It is about 6 km from Highway 4.

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