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Wat Kaewkorawaram Buddhist Temple – Krabi Town

Krabi Town Buddhist Temple - Wat Kaewkorawaram
Another entrance at the top of the small hill – up a windy road on the left. © Vern Lovic.

[Page Updated: 1 August 2019]

This is a lovely white Buddhist temple in the middle of Krabi Town, across from the Vogue Mall on Maharat Street (Thanon Maharat). This is near the caveman stoplights – just further down the street toward the motorbike dealer and up on the hill. You will see a long stairway leading up to this temple.

Wat Kaewkorawaram was built about six years ago. It has detailed art on the walls inside. You can feel free to visit after taking off your shoes outside the door. Do not wear bikini tops or bottoms – as it isn’t respectful in the Buddhist temples wherever you are in Thailand.

A great place for photos!

Here is the temple as seen from Thanon Maharat (Maharat Road) in Krabi, down by Vogue Mall and looking up on the hill:

Wat Kaewkorawaram Buddhist Temple in Krabi
From the street below, the temple grounds look really nice. Morning light is best here. © Vern Lovic.

No need to take a tour to see it, just stop by when you’re in Krabi Town. Good for photos!

If you want to see the biggest Buddhist temple in Krabi, go to Tiger Cave Temple HERE >

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