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Railay Beach Photos

Railay Beaches are just a short trip by longtail boat from the Ao Nang Beaches, Ao Nam Mao, or Noppharat Thara Beaches. The price averages around 100-150 THB – three to five dollars USD (in 2013) and it is generally very safe unless the waves are large. Railay is a great day trip, you can lounge around on the pristine beaches, snorkel, jump off rocks, or eat yourself sick. Any time you choose you can return to Ao Nang or even take a longtail boat to Krabi Town directly if you want.

Don’t miss the lookout view area, after some mountain climbing, and the landlocked pool of water you can swim in – it often looks dirty, but people swim in it anyway.

Here are some photos to help you get the idea what Railay Beach area is all about…

Railay Beach is actually comprised of three beaches on a secluded peninsula separated from Ao Nang and Ao Nam Mao by dense forest and impassable limestone mountains. A short longtail boat trip will bring you to one of the most beautiful areas in Krabi province famous for it’s snorkeling, viewpoints, and world-class climbing.

On the map at top right is Railay East and moving clockwise there is Phranang Bay at the bottom and Railay West on the left side of the peninsula.

Railay Beach East is where longtail boats arrive in Railay from Krabi town. It takes about 25 minutes to arrive in Railay from the downtown pier in Krabi Town. From Ao Nam Mao about 10 minutes. From Ao Nang beach to Railay West – about 10 minutes.

This is the first view of Ao Phranang Bay walking from Railay West along the path. Vendors sell chicken, fruit, and things to eat and drink here under the shady trees.

Swim out to the rocks and look back toward Ao Phranang and this is the view. This is an amazing place – to the right are some rocks you can walk on and get into a small cave. Very nice area to explore.

Many islands are close to the coast in Railay beach. These are visible from Ao Phranang Beach. You could swim out to this island – but not get on it unless you were a good climber.

Limestone rock climbing at Railay Beach West in Krabi, Thailand is some of the best on the planet. This guy had no ropes and showed me a quick sample of what he was practicing that day. There are some world-class climbers here at Railay – year round.

Getting to Railay Beach is only by boat because the mountain range is impassable from the populated areas of Ao Nang and Krabi Town. The boat is only 50-100 baht per person for the trip to Railay (one-way).

Locals believe that offering carved phallus shaped wood at Ao Phranang Cave in Krabi, Thailand will ensure good fishing.

More islands off the coast of Railay Beach West – world famous Koh Phi Phi. There is so much more to see, if you stop in Krabi you must take the short trip by boat to Railay to see it yourself!

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