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Best Caves in Krabi

Krabi caves at at Buddhist temple named Prom Thep Prattan in Krabi province, Thailand.
There are only a few caves worth going to in Krabi province, Thailand. Some are good for an easy family walk-through, and others are for serious cave explorers or enthusiasts who want to see something 99% of all tourists will not see. Which one are you?

Krabi has a few caves to explore if you’re adventurous. Here are some…

Best Krabi Caves Near Krabi Town

  • Khao Phung Cave (Kow Phung, near Huay To Waterfall)
  • Wat Thep Prattan Cave in Krabi Noi
  • Railay Beach Caves – shallow caves which are fun to walk through, but not really cave exploring.
  • NEW – Secret Cave Tour – Open only during dry season because it fills up with water. If you want to visit this cave from December through May – write us!
  • Boua Thong Cave – simple walk around cave.
  • Wat Tum Sang Phet Caves – at a Buddhist temple, this is a simple cave, but you can walk around the perimeter and there are various places to enter caves here. Easy for kids and adults. Good to stop at on the way to Huay Toh Waterfall.

Sra Gaew Caves and Deep Pool Video – This is a very shallow cave that is just fun to climb up into. It isn’t worth a specific trip just to do that. There is a pool of water around the corner from this cave that is 200 meters deep that is interesting, but not well-kept any longer.

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For Cave Tours Info around Krabi Town and Beaches – Click HERE.

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