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I put out a book –


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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand is a well put together book that I highly recommend because I wrote it. ;)

I looked at all the different things I would want to know as a teacher coming from abroad to teach English to Thais and I jammed it all into this book. I know it’s American style to tell you it’s the Ultimate Guide… but in truth, I’ve seen nothing else that is current and that covers as much as this book covers. Not only will you learn all the requirements for teaching in Thailand, but you’ll have the “big picture” view about costs of housing and furnishings, short briefs on places you might want to live in Thailand, and the salary expectations you might have coming here in 2010-2011.

If you look on Dave’s ESL cafe or Ajarn (com) you can see that currently there are very few teaching jobs outside of Bangkok. There’s a reason for that. We’re in the slow hiring period. When is the good hiring period? You’ll find out in the book. Where are the cheapest places to live in the country? You’ll find out in the book. Where are the least stressful jobs at? In the book.

If you are considering coming to Thailand and you’ve already read the reams of outdated information online, get this “Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand” in ebook format and it will help you make your decision for, or against, coming to Thailand to teach.

If you leave a comment below asking for a copy of this teaching book. I’ll give away 5 freebies. If you’ve already received a free ebook from this site before – sorry, this offer is just for those that haven’t received any free ebooks in the past here.

Dead Bangkok – New Fiction Book by J D Villines

I was hooked after one chapter. Read the sample chapter at Amazon...

Dead Bangkok isn’t one of my books – wish it was though.

JD Villines sent me email today. He’d read one of my books and enjoyed it and wanted to connect author to author. If you too are an author, new or established, zap me a note and say HEY, who knows, we might live close or have something else in common besides writing books.

So JD told me he had this book, “Dead Bangkok” on Amazon. It was set in Thailand and was a bit bizarre. I found it in the Kindle Store – he also has a paperback version at the Amazon book search. The Kindle book was $4.99 – Amazon adds $2 for those of us in Thailand and just about anywhere outside of USA, Canada, UK, and Germany I think are the exceptions. Anyway – so – it might be as cheap as $2.99 for you, depending where in the world you are.

I downloaded the first chapter to the Kindle for iPhone and I had 10 minutes, so I read it.

Damn glad I did – that was the best writing I’ve seen come out of Thailand in a very long time. I know some will disagree with me – preferring John Burdett, S Leather, or one of the other guys. I do like some of their stuff as well. This new “Dead Bangkok” book though – was written JUST for me, it felt like. It hit me hard and made a great impression.

It was written so well that I wished I COULD write like that. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that in my life. Maybe twice.

So, I bought Dead Bangkok in Kindle ebook format, and I’ll read it when I have some time. Maybe a long car ride if I trust my lovely wife to drive while I vegetate.

Go have a look at the book if you’re looking for something new to read. First grab my “Thailand’s Sickest” and then if you still have money, go check out Mr. Villines’ book. Is that like villainous? Wow, what a name… I like that too.
Not nearly as much as I do “Mike Fook” – but, it’s a damn good name for a fiction writer.

Disclosure – if you click on one of those links and buy either book, I make something ridiculous like 4 cents on the dollar. That means if 600 people did it, I’d make enough to buy another ebook.

Thailand Ebook Prices Cut to $2.99

We cut the prices of all Thailand ebooks to $2.99 – 4.95. Regular prices before were $9.99.

You can still get the Buy 2 get 1 FREE and the Buy 3 get 2 FREE deal.

So, buy 5 books for less than $10.

You can also find most of the ebooks at at Amazon for the same price. Buy at Amazon if you want the Kindle formatted ebook which is matched to the Kindle’s specs. Buy at if you want the PDF which you can read on your computer, smart phone, IPad, or whatever else you use. The PDF ebook photos are color. The Kindle only has Black and White.

Both Amazon and give you the download immediately.

I know works from your mobile phone, so you can browse the site and buy, paying with Paypal, and download – all from your phone. We did it as a test with a Nokia 5800 xPress music phone – not the latest and greatest, but worked fine. I’m sure it will work with iPhone and other new phones.

Thailand Fiction: Cleansed – by Mike Fook

Cleansed, a fictional book set in Patong Beach Thailand. By Mike Fook.
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When I first came to Thailand I had no idea what to expect. I had heard stories that it was a haven for degenerates from all over the world. I had heard that it was one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Phi Phi and Phang Nga areas in particular. I had heard that most people came for the nightlife and sex with bargirls.

When I arrived I found all this was true – and a lot more. While I fully expected to see kids being sold in the street for sex, I only saw that one time – in Pattaya, the ass of the entire nation.

Does it happen more than the one time I saw it? Oh sure it does. Unfortunately it’s quite hidden and unless you had a serious interest in it, you’d not find anyone selling kids or teens under 16 for sex with tourists or Thais. But, I’m sure it happens as it does in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and my own – America. Recently in Hawaii there were some shocking sex trafficking charges…


This book is about a fictional international group in Patong Beach that were well hidden and well established for decades. This group was nicknamed the LOS Tots Network and had members from almost every country in the world. It was a secret society and one that the main character stumbles upon while helping to clear Patong Beach of dead bodies after the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.

“Cleansed” is for those that hate the idea of kids being sold into sexual slavery. This book is for those that love revenge stories – revenge on the heartless fu**ers that destroy kids’ lives. This book is for those that need an exceptional Thailand fiction book at a very decent price.

This is an ebook and you can read it on your computer. If you ask, I can send it to you in a format that works with your iPhone, IPod, Nokia Smart Phone, or something else – just ask. I think most prefer to read the PDF version on the computer.

Click the image above to see the ordering page – and much more information.

If you like this book you will also likely enjoy another book that has had skyrocketing sales since it’s release. TBB.

Thailand Authors – Google’s Bookstore Coming Soon

Thailand Ebooks for Authors and Thailand VisitorsGoogle has been threatening getting into the book business – ebooks, for a long time now. It’s finally becoming a reality this June-July.

What does this mean? Nobody knows. Right now, as an author it’s easy to sell your books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBook Store, Sony ebook store, Smashwords, and other places.

Will Google allow private authors to sell their books through them? It’d be nice, but I’m not counting on anything. Google is taking 37% of each sale I think I read. That leaves 63% to be either given to the author, or split between author and publisher in case the author doesn’t have digital rights over his/her own book – and has to split it with the publisher.

Here’s a heads-up for those of you that have considered writing a book about Thailand. There have been really few decent fiction novels written with Thailand as a setting. If you get to work and come up with a book about a topic that even 1,000 people want to buy at $9.95 or $14.95 you can make 10-15,000 bucks selling it yourself on your own site.

Add to that another 1,000 sales at Amazon for which you make $5k and 1000 at the Apple iBook store where you make another $5k… and so on… see what I’m getting at?

That’s just one decent book. Write 10 and you have something that will support you a long time.

You know how easy it is to write a 100 page ebook? If you’re a writer – it’s not difficult to crank out 100 pages on a topic. Ebooks are naturally shorter in length than paperback books. Why? There aren’t any great ereaders being produced yet. The Amazon Kindle is about the best reader on the market – and nobody wants to buy it, it’s overpriced and black and white… and does little besides show a black text on a white background well.

Over the next year we should see good ereaders hit the market and slowly the world will use them more than buying paperback books. Digital authors are at the doorway of a revolution… where the power of publishing is their own. No longer do you need to find a publisher to print your book on paper. I don’t know why anyone would want to publish in paper anymore. Not only do you make FAR less money off each book you sell… (about $1.50 per book!) but, you give the publisher the rights to digitally market your book with Amazon and other online bookstores too! So, they get a cut – a big cut – off your work there too.

It’s time for authors to smarten up and learn about marketing their own books. It’s time to create a site for yourself and get to work marketing it. Book buyers would much rather give the author the cash – than the publishers.

As an author, if you sold the 3,000 books mentioned above, in paper with a publisher, you would gross about $4,500. If you sold them yourself and through the other two channels I mentioned, you would get about $20,000. That’s without Google’s bookstore – which may or may not allow authors to sell directly.

Not only would you make much more money – you would own all the rights to the books, and know where many of your customers came from. You could have collected their email addresses and emailed them the next time you released a book.

The smart thing to do is to start now and build your brand. You are the brand. Using your website, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else, start becoming known for the genre(s) you like to write in. That’s where the power is… take the power away from the publishers and put it back into your own hands…

Write for you… stop writing for agents and publishers that have to approve of it before the public can see it.

Thailand Book Selection

Here is a Thailand book selection for those of you that don’t know what to read. You can download these books in minutes and be reading them from your computer, iPhone, or whatever else you use.

Thailand Book List:

Cleansed an action-thriller adventure novel set in Patong Beach.

Living in Thailand What is it like to live in Thailand? If this is something you’re considering – read the book by Pete Mees and get a good idea what living in TH is all about.

Moving to Thailand – Are you considering relocating to Thailand to live for a short-time, or retire? Use this Thailand book for guidance.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching in Thailand a collection of all the good information available online and off, with a healthy dose of personal experience to round it out. A very comprehensive guide.

Thai Black Book by Tom Wilson. How to stay as safe as possible in the Land of Smiles – ideal for visitors and long-term expats.

Learn the Thai Alphabet in 1-Hour! Damon has created a much copied, groundbreaking system in this Thailand book that works very fast. Maybe not an hour – but, 2?

25 Ways to Make Money in Thailand without Teaching Many come to teach and find out after a semester or a year that it just isn’t what they want to be doing. Thailand’s great cost of living means there are any number of ways to earn a sustainable living. Learn 25 ways to accomplish this online.Joys Thai Food Recipes Joy’s 50 best, 100% authentic Thai recipes. A classic!

Joys Thai Dessert Recipes Joy’s TOP 20 Thai dessert recipes. A must have!

Coming soon:

  • Spicy Thai Diet!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai
  • Finding a Thai Wife in 30 days or Less

All Thailand books can be downloaded just after you process your payment. If you want a format different from PDF, just ask. is your Thailand book resource.