US Expats Given a Kick in the Ass?

This is a great article about China’s influence on Thailand versus what the USA would like to maintain. The Washington Times sure aren’t proofreading – as there are multiple errors where “spent” turned into “sent”. One of the world’s “great” newspapers right? You’d think they might have a proofreader on staff.

Anyway, here’s the article about Thailand and China buddying up, and the USA getting left in the cold. I think it’s already a foregone conclusion, there is nothing the USA could do to gain Thailand’s favor in face of what China can do – being so close, and with so many native Chinese-Thai citizens in the country.

China – Thailand – USA

As long as China doesn’t start scaring any of the southeast Asian countries with invasions – they’re going to increase their influence with all of them. China has lots of people that need fed. Thailand has a helluva lot of rice.

This is as far as I get on political talk, but the article did get me thinking much more seriously about whether Thailand gives a shit at all about foreign expats from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, etc. I think they’d rather have Chinese teaching Mandarin in the schools than westerners teaching English. What the hell good is English going to be in 30 years? If Thais spoke Mandarin – jesus, they’d be able to take part in the success of the next great world power – China.

Is that why we’re seeing an increase in hoops to jump through for English teachers to teach in Thailand? It also appears to me that there are less native English teachers in the country than there were 5 years ago.

Is this part of the master plan?

I don’t see things getting any better for western expats in Thailand – just worse.

Nah, Thailand is an Asian country, that needs to look at it’s own place in the world and decide what is good for it. Americans think Thailand owes us something… I don’t think that at all.

As much as I think about this topic – I just can’t come up with another ideal place. I’m going to make that a 30 day goal – come up with another place I can move, with my Thai wife and child – where we’d be just as happy, or nearly as happy if we decided Thailand wasn’t the right place to be any longer.

Anybody see the Thai sunshine shining out our backsides in the foreseeable future?

Anybody have a solid place we can all move to en masse – with greener grass?

Many Americans Giving Up Citizenship – With a Smile

America is the only country that taxes it’s citizens that live overseas. How’s that for a reason to give them up after you retire abroad?

Here’s a great article by Time Magazine about it.

Do you know anyone that gave up their American citizenship to live in Thailand?

Does Thailand allow that, and turn you into a resident if you jump through some hoops?

Dumber Than a Wet Box of Rocks

I had no intention of posting anything today but this just hit me from out of my Google reader… this should be grounds for immediate removal from office. If it isn’t I am revoking my U.S. citizenship effective immediately.

Listen to what this guy says he is afraid of…

Welcome to America… I’ll bet this guy is pulling a decent salary too.

Electric F-1 Racing?

I’d like to see these electric cars start their own F-1 races. Look at how badly this electric car dusts the Ferrari and Porsche. Sure it’s got 1,000 lbs less weight (at least), but F-1 races would be ridiculously fast I think using some souped-up electric cars – yes? Or are they already as fast as this?

This looks like some guy’s garage car project. Probably the electric cars could be made crazy fast. I’ve seen an electric motorcycle that was really quick…

Wait a second… you know what? It wouldn’t work. Part of the attraction of F-1 is that the engines are SCREAMING at high revs… how much would an electric car scream? Hmmm. Ok, nevermind.

(I found movie due to Shawn Rill’s post on Facebook.)

The American Attitude… What is it?

I wrote an article a while back here, The American Attitude….

I am very interested in the idea, being an American and starting to realize myself that we have a certain predisposition… or a certain attitude that stands out – is different from those in many other countries. Anyway, being a psych grad I’m interested in it.

I’m going to write a much more comprehensible article and post it at one of my other blogs, but before I do I wanted to ask if anyone reading would care to let me know what you think about Americans…

Let it all loose. You can email, or comment – up to you.

Appreciate it!


Welcome to the USA, Don’t Get ILL!

Someone else must have seen this story. It’s so bizarre that I almost can’t believe it’s true – but, knowing the USA with it’s rules – I CAN believe it.

A woman took her two teen daughters from England to the USA – New York. She became ill and was hospitalized. The hospital authorities said they couldn’t stay at the hospital with her as they were minors. They took them to an ORPHANAGE!

They were strip searched, separated from each other, and told they couldn’t see their mother in the hospital!

Is this nuts?

Here’s the full story in the BBC news>