Video of the Week – Full Moon Party Koh Phangnan, Thailand

I’ve not done it… unless I’m drugged and dragged, I don’t anticipate ever going. A lot of people find it’s good fun. Here is the best video I could find on the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangnan, Thailand…

Don’t miss the guy at 2:37 on the stage – the chubby guy… that’s exactly why I’ll never make the trip to Koh Phangan.

The Sickest Muay Thai Fight – EVER

I was looking at how my Youtube videos were doing when searching on “thailand”. Turns out I had 4 results on the first page of YouTube. That’s nice. It was up to 7 about a year back, then dropped to 1-2. Now back up to 4. I’ll take it.

I noticed a video on the search results page – something about the ultimate Muay Thai fight (Most brutal muay thai fight ever). I’m done working tonight and I have a beer Leo going and half gone… I thought, ahh, what the hell. I don’t own a TV… sometimes I watch clips on Youtube for fun.

What I saw was the best fu*king throwdown match I’ve probably seen ever. I’ve seen all the Mike Tyson stuff. I’ve seen all the Bruce Lee movies. I studied “realistic fighting systems” where we attacked each other with bats and other life-like weapons. Hell, I’ve seen Karate Kid and Ninja Turtles.

This blew everything away. This was about the most energetic fight between 2 (and more) people I have ever seen. You MUST see this short clip because it will destroy what was previously the coolest fight you’ve ever seen. I’m going to replay this thing about 4 more times because it’s so brutal – it deserves it.

Muay Thai is bad enough… add other shit to the mix – and see what happens.

The funniest part of this muay thai fight is… well, you can decide for yourself.

Oh, and this was only round 4. There are more rounds at youtube to have a look at! I’m sure round 4 must be the best round. But I hope to god not.

Muay Thai fight – best fight ever!

Ok, I looked at it again… and I’m not of the same opinion – anyone with me? You gotta see it twice – at least – to see what the hell was going on – but, I’m calling BS on the whole thing.

Damn, I knew it was too good to be true!

2011 Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Dates

I found the Shark can (like Red Bull in Thailand) with the 2011 Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Dates tonight so I thought I’d write it up real quick. I know many come to Thailand and can’t miss it. I’ve been here for years and never once went. Just not my scene.

2011 Full Moon Party Dates in Koh Phangan, Thailand

January 19 – Wednesday

February 18 – Friday

March 19 – Saturday

April 18 – Monday

May 17 – Tuesday

June 15 – Wednesday

July 15 – Friday

August 13 – Saturday

September 12 – Monday

October 12 – Wednesday

November 10 – Thursday

December 10 – Saturday

So, there you have it – the monthly Koh Phangan Full Moon Party dates where you can stay up all night getting blasted out of your noodle and not remember where your hotel is – if you even have one.

I Need Someone in Thailand Into Video

I have a few projects in mind – and I need another person interested in doing some video here in Thailand. None of this will be adult video – so cool your turnip, I’m talking about documentary type video, and also some crazy ideas that could be turned into a pay-website (I’ll create).

If you know what you’re doing with a video camera and you’re tired of teaching or whatever you’re doing in Thailand to support yourself… do let me know. I’ve got a few ideas that will work, but I’ve got 45 things going on. If you make yourself known by zapping me an email, I’ll be more likely to run with these ideas. I do love video projects more than anything else I do. Writing books is meh…

Lets do some kickass video. Thailand is ripe for this…

Half a Beer Leo and I’m Unsteady

I don’t drink much these days. There was a time from 13 to 21 where I drank a hell of a lot. I’d never have called myself an alcoholic, but I drank a lot when I did drink – which was often.

At 14 I was admitted to an elite club in the basement of a local bar in the town I grew up in. It was a right of passage for kids on the sports teams in town. Great way to get introduced to the various beers of the world… running up a tab while doing so.

Anyway – after I finished with the Air Force at 22 I found myself in NYC and didn’t drink there – maybe at all. I don’t remember. I was just pretty much done I guess, having drank myself into oblivion in the Air Force more times than I could count.

Upon moving to Miami I was a hardcore triathlete, runner, bike racer – and didn’t drink at all except for the occasional party once every couple weeks.

I had about 50 outings with my friend Dave once I moved to Tampa. We hit the bars on Friday or Saturday night for a while. That was fun, but I never really got drunk – though I had 5-8 beers a night.

When I first arrived in Thailand I had a friend Mick from the USA that I drank with a little bit in Patong Beach. That was a good time. When I moved away I cut down a lot of drinking.

For the last 5 years, and currently, I have a beer a week – one large Leo beer.

I noticed tonight that I am a bit unsteady on my feet after only drinking half of one beer!

Pretty funny. I used to be able to drink 10-12 beers and still be standing. Hell, in high school a friend I played soccer with, Steve Lipski and I, had a case of Budweiser – just between us.

So beer goes by the wayside here… I do eat a hell of a lot of pretzels from Makro though.

Somebody needs to visit me so I have an excuse to go out and drink with you…



Worst Thailand Bar Flyer – Ever

In my opinion of course…

Thailand Bar Flyer - Advertisement

What is the one 5-word phrase to NEVER, EVER mention if you have a bar in Thailand?

“No Prostitute in the Bar”


How is this the best bar for youngsters?

1. They serve alcohol and pot to youngsters?

2. It’s a safe place for adults going to get ripped out of their mind to bring their kids – a good atmosphere for them.


What is with the huge Marijuana leaf background?

They sell pot here?


And, perhaps my favorite part of the whole flyer – They show Burger King and then an arrow – 50m away is this bar. In which direction – anyone’s guess, just start walking 50m and you’ll find it.

Best Beer in Thailand?

archa-frontIt’s still Beerlao. BUT, recently Jason at “Isaanstyle” blog mentioned that he tried “Archa” and found it lovely.

I wasn’t initially fond of Beer Leo at all – but it grew on me. That’s the first sign that you’re settling for lack of a better option. I don’t like Singha and I don’t like any of the other beers I’ve had here besides San Miguel which has a nice taste…

Since I can’t get Beerlao on tap or in a bottle – damn, or even in a can where I am – I decided to see if Jason knows what he’s talking about. I feared he was just biased because apparently this is Australian beer – and Jason is an Aussie.

With some kind of excitement brewing I bought two cans at 7-11. I hate cans – but that’s all they had. Keep in mind that if you’re taste-testing beer in Thailand – and you come upon some JUNK beer, try it a couple more times from different places, different locales because you might have just sucked down beer that sat in the sun for a long time. No beer tastes great after that. I’ve seen this beer reviewed as “horrible” before. I’d never call it that… anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I noticed it has 5.4% alcohol content – which is a bit less than Leo, so that was a plus. I’m used to drinking beer water in the USA at 2.5-3% alcohol so I don’t tend to like the high-alcohol content beers.

I added ice to my 7-11 Big Gulp plastic cup I have on hand for such occasions and poured one in. Light color. Hmm. As I drank it down I realized… I’ve no complaints. That’s odd.

I poured the next.

Damn, that’s decent beer.

It’s not Beerlao – but I think I’d rate it a touch above San Miguel. I think another taste-test is in order for San Miguel since it’s been 2 years since i had it last. Ok – will let you know.

As it stands Beerlao dark is my favorite beer EVER. That’s followed closely by Beerlao pale – or regular, whatever it’s called. Amazing beers those are – in Lao anyway, and freshly brewed… I’ve had mixed results in bottles in Thailand. If they sat out in 100 degree F weather they’re going to suck.

Archa beer from Australia is now my choice for number one beer I can always find in Thailand.

Anyone else try it?

Thanks Jason for the recommendation…

Thailand FAQ

I’ve been meaning to do a Thailand FAQ for a long time. There are many questions visitors and expats alike have about Thailand and most visitors I’m sure end up using a TH FAQ before coming to LOS. I wanted to make one that’s useful and that combines not only my knowledge but other resources as well.

Thailand FAQ is a pool of information from a number of sites – and I’ll be adding to it over today and tomorrow as well. There are many subjects that deserve a whole FAQ for themselves. The Full Moon Party was one of them.

If you have written a FAQ about some part of Thailand – the culture, attractions, anything really – shoot me a link and let me see if it will fit with this Thailand FAQ collection.

If you have information you think should be part of the Thailand Snake FAQ – please also let me know.

How can you stay safe in Thailand?

You can start by getting The Ultimate Thailand Survival Guide.

Thai Black Book.

For an absolutely unique guide with info about subjects you’ll never find in Lonely Planet or other Thailand travel guides – see the ultimate Thailand Guide – Thai Black Book – your guide to staying safe in Thailand

Thai Black Book information page- >

Match the Bar Girl with Her REAL Boyfriend…

Thought I’d have a multiple choice question today…. It’s called, “Match the bar girl with her real boyfriend”…

a.) The guy that banged her last night for “short-time”

b.) The Thai guy that she gives money to every week so he can drink with his friends and not have to work (she really loves this guy from her heart)

c.) The guy she has a baby with in Isaan that her mother or sister is taking care of

d.) The guy she didn’t meet yet that’s gonna bang her tonight “short-time”

e.) The guy she took back to her village in Isaan 2 weeks ago that wanted to meet her family before they get married in 6 months

f.) The other guy sending 25,000 baht every month so she stays out of the bars because they are engaged

g.) The “tom” girl that she also gives money to and that she likes a lot, but is confused if it’s what she really wants

h.) One of the 57 other expats from around the world that routinely give her a go when they’re in town a couple times per year

Which one is the REAL boyfriend?

Which one are you?

I think my readers are too smart to fall for this one… or, they have already been here and seen the anti-bargirl and Pattaya expat rants and raves and go elsewhere for their humor.

Is there another type of Thai bar girl boyfriend I forgot?