ThaiPulse Blog for Sale

We decided, after quite a lot of thought that we should sell all the websites that are taking my time away from what I want to do – write books., is a well established domain with over 700 pages of written content and a couple thousand image pages and video pages.

The content on ThaiPulse is focused on expat life in Thailand.

Traffic has been nice lately – and climbing – 500+ unique visitors per day, usually many more.

Adsense income has been $10+ per day the last few days, but I don’t expect that to hold. Typically Adsense is about $5-6 per day on average. In a year – around $2,000.

The price is only $2,900 and the value is predominantly in the strong inbound links and constant traffic over 4+ years. The name lends itself to a number of possibilities.

If you’re serious about buying this domain, bring an offer through Email with questions: Once you’ve deposited the funds in we will transfer the domain and give you the logins for the other accounts.

We are also selling a couple of other sites you may have an interest in:

SOLD already. :P

Quick Stats Update…

stats2Youtube ThaiPulse Travel Channel video views: 830,000 +

ThaiPulse pageviews (total): 1.8 million +

Aim for Awesome pageviews: 300,000+

Downloads of Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-Books: 43,000+

Joy’s Thai Food Youtube Channel Video views: 308,000+

Movies viewed onsite at ThaiPulse: 116,000+

Posts at ThaiPulse: 464 (with this one)

Posts at Joy’s Thai Food: 247

ThaiPulse Blog 1 Year Anniversary

I’m not usually one for anniversaries, and as is typical I missed the 1 year anniversary of this blog which started on December 19, 2006. I pretty much launched all blogs and the site at the same time. I thought, in one year I’d try to do as much as possible and see what happened. The following is a little about what was possible.

Surprisingly to me the pages that got most of the views were pages focused on ladyboys and bargirls. Go figure. I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but in the end that is what most people coming to my site came for. Is there really that much interest in these topics? It’s insane that year after year after year that expats would still be so interested in reading content about katoeys and bargirls.

I think because I’m not in one of the ‘sexpat’ areas I don’t meet those kinds of visitors that are interested in that anymore. Most of the country is not focused on the expat sex tourism area and over these few years I’ve seen that. I’ve actually forgotten HOW focused on it most expats that come here are.

Here are some stats for the top 3 pages at this blog:

4,924 6.27%
4,741 6.04%
4,197 5.35%
2,203 2.81%

The percentage is the percentage of visitors to that read that article. Only 5% of visitors made it to the home page which is good news. In a blog – almost every page you’re on looks like the main home page – with all the links on the right hand column – so – no matter if they ever make it to the home page. But, on the other hand – it means that most people didn’t bookmark the home page and keep returning to it which is not so good.

Initially I started most of the thaipulse blogs at It was easy to set up and gave the blogs instant page rank 3 status after just a month – I timed it right for the PageRank update. Then, I did something that dicked up all of the PageRank and google search engine results… I switched from hosting to hosting the blogs via FTP on my site in a subdomain.

PageRank went to Grey bar for like 4 months until this latest update. That sucked. That seriously sucked as I received few Google visitors for a long time.

But, the blogs and site are back in full swing. This month already there have been 4500 unique visitors to this blog, and 4800 to Joy’s Try Thai Food blog. We’ve averaged over 3,000 persons per day to the main site. Recently we went over 1,000,000 page views at which I didn’t announce, but it felt good on this end.

As good as we’re doing though my other blog is beating the pants off everything I’m doing in Thailand. I’m averaging nearly 5,000 unique visitors per day at and I’m hardly posting there at all. This supports my idea that Thailand has a very limited audience and that if you as a blogger are not writing for that audience, your blog will never go much higher than about 400 people per day. Even notstickman’s site was only pulling an average of 400 per day and I’m sure that was all word of mouth, not search engine traffic. Jason at Isaan Style has a blog that appeals to expat men and women, and he was doing 300-400 uniques per day. This blog fluctuates. If I write about ladyboys or bar girls I get 300-500 readers per day. It’s not really what I WANT to write about though, so for the last few months I’ve written about anything I want to write about and been averaging 150-300 readers per day.

For some reason I’m really into Thailand’s wildlife – and I mean snakes and other poisonous things. I’d much rather write about that – but then my market is severely limited as you might guess!

In about October I realized something. Blogging in Thailand is not going to work on a giant scale – with mass amounts of traffic unless I focus entirely on ladyboys and bargirls. I just don’t have the drive anymore to focus there. I’m out of the scene and though I have fond memories, it just isn’t where I want to be for the future. Those areas are WIDE open though for someone that does have the initiative. I think that a good blog about ladyboys could skyrocket in popularity – worldwide. You’d need to post photos or vidoes almost daily and have some kind of slutty story you either make up or really experience almost nightly and you’d have a blog that nobody in Thailand could beat.

Anyone up for it?

I realized that attempting to master Google – is taking a lot of energy. I am spending 8-10 hours on most days writing and optimizing blog layout & design, and for internet search engines – primarily google of course.

That’s too much time! I quickly built up to 3500 pages of content on ThaiPulse and then re-focused my energies.

I started to write a book about my time in Thailand. When I finished it was about 80,000 words. Then I submitted it to George at Bangkok – who said there wouldn’t be much interest in the topic. It was a bit dry – as I didn’t include ANY sex, bargirl, or ladyboy scenes… what it did have was a few tales about corruption of Thai officials and some other stuff that you all would find quite interesting, but that I realized I’d better save until I’m out of Thailand.

I then improved on the book by making it a bio that covers my whole whacky life. It has been whacky, I assure you. I have 130,000 words written now – unedited and I’ll try to publish that from the states if/when I return.

Then I decided to write a fiction book set in Thailand that would be interesting to expats and visitors alike, and I hope to those in the USA that wonder what Thailand is like… Is it really a haven for pedophiles? That book is now finished, 83,000 words and I’m 50 pages into editing it. I will submit it to a few publishers here and see what happens. Not sure what to expect. I like my writing – but does the world? Not sure. I read one of Stephen Leather’s free PDF files available online – and he writes a bit like I do. I also enjoy Stephen Cleary’s writing quite a bit.

I don’t write like Dean Barrett, Andrew Hicks, Dana, or any of the other fiction writers I’ve read. There was a guy that self publishes, David something that I think I remember liking, I’ll have to look that up – he did have some interesting fiction books for sale.

I have 2 more books planned and I’m just in book writing mode lately since I see it as the most productive thing I can do with my time. Even if the books don’t get published I’ll release them on the sites as free or maybe, “donate what you think it’s worth” type distribution. The partial book I have available at has been downloaded over 3,000 times at last count. Apparently people like it, and I have had many people write to say just that… It’s really nice to get an email from someone that says, “hey, I read your free ebook – good stuff.”

That’s all someone has to say and it makes it worth writing. Of course if I was making money from it, all the better!

So, this is the end of 2007. What will 2008 bring? For me just a lot of book writing I think.

What about you?

980,000+ Pages read at (from 2007)

Man, I’ve been looking at the stats over the past few days (year 2007)… it’s unbelievable that I’ll have a million page views soon… Lately they’re increasing at the rate of 90,000 – 130,000 per month. This is excluding rampant bots that were grabbing my pages at the rate of a half million in a week!

If you think your stats are increasing – might be due to robots… check that out.

Finally it’s all kicking in for TP… but still too slowly for my mind. In my mind things were rocking from day 1.

At my blog it’s going even much better than ThaiPulse is… that’s weird. I guess it has a lot to do with the market. The market for that site is worldwide – anyone that can read English. Anyone that wants to be inspired or just read something partly fun partly positive… partly bs.

Here at Thaipulse- it’s hard to get a readership. There are only 100,000 expats living in Thailand – and that estimate was pulled from a loooong time ago. Many changes since then. Anyone want to guess how many here now? I don’t have a clue…

There are a couple good Thailand expat bloggers out there now and I think the potential exists to pull something like 500 readers per day for a blog like this one. I know Jason at IsaanStyle was doing 300 readers per day when he was with the ThaiPulse network – on our servers…. 500 per day is ok, but it’s really not much in the big picture. Considering…

I have 306 posts on this blog – and some of those posts are LONG winded. That’s a lot of text and time.

I have only 40? posts at my blog – and that one is kicking ass already.

Writing long-winded opinion posts here is a waste of time because only 200-300 of you are reading them. There I have more than 3 times that reading everyday.

By the time I get (or if I ever get) 300 articles written over there – should be a nice amount of traffic coming.

How about the other bloggers out there in Thailand… anyone getting more than 500 readers per day if you’re blogging about Thailand?

Trying to get things in perspective today…

Thanks in advance for any response!

NOTE – it is now 10 years later and the site has had millions of pageviews. If you’d like to talk about purchasing the site, let me know. Vern @ thailandsnakes  (com)

Vern has left the building…

Vern’s expulsion from leaving the country…

Thailand has been good to me. So much more so than that frenetically paced frantic place of 50 states I’ll probably be jetting to next week.

I’ll be high-tailing it out of Thailand due to some poor planning on my part. Extremely poor planning!

ThaiPulse! Network will remain – as I am sometimes motivated to sell it and other times interested in seeing where it will go. Chances are good that I’ll keep it around for the next 6 months before selling it off to see what happens. If you’re interested zap me an email.

I’ve been reading some other blogs lately and especially Richard Barrow’s writing. If you haven’t taken a LONG look at the stuff Richard has done you’ve likely missed a lot. The guy has great information on his network of sites and one could probably look at his sites everyday for a year and find something of value. TOP NOTCH sites, writing, photos and effort were put into Richard’s Paknam web network.

He had a phenomenal interview there with a guy that escaped from a Thai prison a long time ago. How handy would THAT set of skills be? One would need to be a master of many things to be able to pull that off. With the number of people in jail for drug offenses here that might mean 20-40 years or death, I would think there would be a LOT of attempts to get out. I know I’d make it my full-time business if I ever ended up in jail here. I’d saw through the bars with toothpaste covering my shoelace… I saw that in a movie once. I’d share my anus with the guards if it meant getting that crucial bit of cooperation necessary to get out of the jail. No, I’m not being dramatic. I’d do nearly ANYTHING to get out of jail.

Thirty years in prison for something I didn’t do, or, attempt to escape and get shot and killed quickly? I’ll take the escape baby, give me any crack in the system and I’ll get out – or die. To me – no sense staying anywhere I don’t want to be for even a year, let alone 30 or 40! How/why do people do it? To stay “alive”? What is this “alive” that everyone wants to keep – and why?

I’m not so attached to being alive that I would suffer much to continue it. To me being alive is neither a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a necessary thing for now, that’s all.

I stopped in a book store and was reading a book about a guy that was in Pakistani prisons, Indonesia… and I think Thailand too. The Chinese guy at this used book store wanted 380 baht for the book and when I turned it over, it was the same BRAND NEW in London when it came out. I let him put the books I wanted away his damn self. Thai citizens have no sense of business whatsoever.

Anyway, this guy was stabbed a couple times and had a horrible time… and yet, he wanted to continue to live… why? For myself I can’t understand the logic of it, the attachment that most people have to this thing we call living. I think that it’s fun sometimes, sure. But I also believe that overall life is the supreme suck state and that the next level will be better. Not better because it’s better, but better because it’s different. If it’s the same, then it’s still different because I won’t be “me” anymore, I’ll be someone or something else I guess.

I don’t know anything about what happens after death and yet I find that when I think about it… it must be better than this life even if it’s better because something is different.

Any of us could end up in a jail here. I came close twice and I wasn’t doing anything sinister either time. If a policeman senses he could get a nice payoff you might end up there too.

Or, you might have a minor thing occur… a fight or something… and then the policeman or someone else escalates whatever minor thing you did by planting something in your pants or among your belongings at the police station. What then?

You might have overstayed your VISA for a few weeks or months… years even. You might have an accident, end up in the hospital, someone gives them your passport – and you’re cooked. You might really get cooked if you overstayed past 200 days because there is something about jail time being prescribed after about 200 days of overstay. Maybe while in jail you are accused of buying drugs or attempting to buy drugs in prison.

Man, everything goes nutty once you’re in the hands of the law. There is no telling what is going to happen in your particular case. I think better to stay very above board in Thailand because little things – tiny things, can turn into big, big things. I learned that here. I learned it as my friend and I attempted to bring alcohol across the Laos border – an amount that we thought was quite within the Thailand legal limits. A 2000 baht fine almost turned into something quite nasty.

I learned when I was doing something with photography that I shouldn’t have been doing… and I almost REALLY learned that time – and was thankful to have my ass in tact when they were done with me. I made a forced donation of a couple hundred thousand baht, but overall – a learning experience and not a nightmare that I’ll replay too many more times in my head.

I learned it when I saw a drunken good time turn into death in the street with a guy’s stomach cut wide-open and then his neck…

I learned it when a student in m3 died from a metal bar swung baseball bat style to the back of his skull as he sat eating with friends at a night food market after a soccer game in which he had an altercation with another player just minutes before.

There are a lot of things about myself that I’ve chosen not to share in this blog because they were best not shared at the time. Probably when I return to the states I’ll begin piecing together a book about what led to my ultimate demise here in the land of smiles… There’s a lot more to be said and hopefully I can put it together in book form so it’s engaging and thought provoking enough that you’ll enjoy reading it.

I’ll continue to post at this blog and I’ll continue to add new blog writers. If you’re interested in writing a blog here just let me know at the email address on the right side column.

Clarification: ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network

I’ve had a few email exchanges with writers that weren’t clear about the process of blogging with the network.

I’ll try to make it really simple here. We’ll start with the assumption that you’ve been accepted to author one of the blogs.

1. We will review with you what types of subtopics you could/should/would want to cover for your daily posts. There are MANY subtopics under each blog so you won’t run out of ideas. You can blog about whatever you want under the topic – within the limits of decency and language.

2. You can start sending us posts quickly.

3. When you send us an email post we will look it over, format it if necessary – including your photo(s) or video or links to photos, etc. We will post it to the blog.

4. The blogs in the network will all reside on the domain: Each blog will be under a subdomain. Here is the Ko Samui blog address with the network:

If you were authoring the Patong Beach blog that subdomain may look like this:

5. If you want to link to or from these new blogs in the network – you can do so. There might be a limit as to how many times per week you can put links in the blog that point away from the network or which sites you point to – as this all has repercussions in Google’s eyes.

6. The writing material you submit is yours. You own it. The photos are yours as well, but you’ll need to agree to let us use them for the life of the blog as the photos are an integral part of the content of a blog post. If you leave you can use the photos elsewhere. We will keep a copy on our servers to use to keep the continuity of the blog and to keep links valid that other sites may have created.

If you choose to leave the blog network – you do not own the subdomain. We will continue the blog after you leave by replacing you with another author. That author may choose to keep the format of the blog or change it a bit.

7. All you ever have to do – if you choose – is send us email with your new posts. At some point you’ll need to sign up with Google Adsense – if you wish to make money with your blog by placing clickable ads on the blog pages.

8. That’s it.

I hope that clarifies it more.

Oh, one more thing – the blogs you author at ThaiPulse cannot be an extension of any other blogs you have. Meaning, you cannot post blog articles in the ThaiPulse Travel Blog Network – AND somewhere else. You cannot publish the articles anywhere else as it can hurt us in Google’s eyes with what is known as “duplicate content”. Google needs unique content.

Ok, that’s it.

Any questions at all – please write!

~ ~ ThaiPulse ~ gmail~ ~ com~