Living in Thailand

Many visitors that stay for a week or so start asking themselves about whether or not they could live in Thailand.

Can you handle living in Thailand? For a year or a lifetime??

Years back there were estimates by some Thailand expats that suggested there were well over 100,000 expats from around the world living in Thailand at any one time. I’m not sure that number has any validity considering there have been some sweeping visa restrictions across the board that probably took expats living in Siam to Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, and Philippines. Recently in 2014 there has been another major immigration overhaul and the tourist visa appears to have lost its life. Personally I already know a number of expats that were living in Bangkok, Nakhon Ratchasima, Ubon, and Chiang Mai that have left Thailand in search of greener grass.

To me the grass is still green and I’d not rather live elsewhere and deal with an entirely different culture. Thai culture suits me pretty well. Very well really. Living Thailand style is different than in the west – way different, but it’s not a bad way of life at all.

What might you think about when deciding to move to Thailand?

Visiting first. Many people, myself included, just hop on a plane all set to live in Thailand for a year or so, not knowing at all what they’re getting into. I researched Thailand for months before deciding on it over the other Asian countries nearby. Despite how much you look into it – you’ll be surprised at many things when you arrive. You can’t be TOO prepared when it comes to moving to a foreign country to live. My best advice is to find someone that can answer some of your questions for you. I found a guy that did that for me and it helped immensely give me a good feel for what I’d be getting into. I took a chance by not visiting Thailand first – I wouldn’t suggest it for most people. You’ve got to be adventurous, but there’s something else – you have to be committed to staying because you will face some things that put you off. It’s inevitable. So, if you can, visit first and see if it’s really something you could deal with. It’s a world different than your home country. I guarantee that!

Cash bailout money. It’s important to have as much as possible saved before you arrive. I used to recommend less, but since what happened to me could happen to almost anyone, I’m recommending you have minimum 10,000 to 15,000 USD available not only for your basic needs until you find a teaching job or whatever it is you’ll do here (even retire)… but, also for emergencies… like plain-clothed police officers showing up in your hotel room accusing you of things… Or any sort of scam. Ideally you can make money as you travel. If you’re a digital nomad, or have considered learning a skill to become one, here’s some information about it.

Touring around the country and choosing a spot to live. Bangkok is the only place for many people. For me it’s the only place I’d never consider living. I’ve stayed in New York City, Honolulu, Miami, and Tampa – all big cities and besides Honolulu I really don’t enjoy living in a big city at all. Give me Thailand’s out of the way towns of less than 50,000 people and I’m in the right spot. Thailand has many different styles of life – and you should see some of them before deciding where to live. Nothing will predict whether you can stay a year or not like choosing the wrong location to stay. You might last 2 months in such a situation. Take six months to travel the country and see Chiang Mai, Trat, Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Nong Khai, Bangkok, Hua Hin, and some of the south. Each Thailand location has a much different style of living.

Thailand food. Sure you like it at the restaurant, but, can you eat it nearly every meal for a year? This is one area that kills expats’ dreams quickly. If you don’t like spicy food – don’t live in the northeast, and maybe not the south either. In the northeast I can’t imagine someone being able to find and order non-spicy food continually day after day unless eating the same foods everyday. How fun is that? Do some research into what Thais eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be ready to have your beliefs challenged… like, hot noodle soup for breakfast. Breakfast for me was the hardest thing to get over about living in Thailand. Finally I’m fine with it- and love it, but it did take some getting used to no pancakes, no cereal, no good coffee to drink.

Coffee. I think this deserves a separate mention because if you’re considering moving to live in Thailand and you drink coffee… well. I have had about 3 good cups of coffee while in the country. I’ve tried coffee at all the Starbucks, Black Canyons, everywhere that offers coffee and you know what? Laos Coffee in Ubon Ratchathani was the best I’ve found. There is a little shop there on a cross street back behind Tung C Muang park that is really nice. I guess I’ve had about 50 cups there, not 3. I tend to exaggerate. If coffee fuels your mind, your creativity, your good mood… you may have a SERIOUS issue finding decent coffee in this country. I’ve had Nescafe Red Cup instant coffee now for about 8 years. It sucks, but, I just don’t think about it as I drink it… and then it’s fine. It’s just a way to ingest some caffeine, and not a religious experience like it used to be in Hawaii drinking Kona coffee at $50 a lb. Update: I started buying Suzuki espresso ground coffee at Makro and I found a very expensive coffee press for sale at Starbucks. I now have excellent coffee daily.


Mike Fook’s Latest Fiction Book – Free for Download

Thailand’s Sickest – a fiction work from Mike Fook, is free at the link below. You’ll sign up for Mike’s email list to get it, but if you don’t really want to be on it and notified of new books he’s putting out – just unsubscribe from the list after you get your book. You can have the file in any format you require for your ebook reader – PDF, ePub (for Apple devices and Nook), mobi (for your Kindle).

Click the book cover to get it free.

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New Jake Needham Book – The Ambassador’s Wife

Jake Needham has a new book - The Ambassaodor's Wife
Is a Serial Killer flying around Asia?

I joined Jake’s mailing list the other day and so far I’ve been happy I did. First was an overview of the terrorist warning fiasco – which I found really interesting. Then a plug for his new book, “The Ambassador’s Wife” – which is set in Singapore and Thailand, and looks to be quite interesting. Dead bodies turning up across Asia. The result of a serial killer terrorizing all of  Asia?

I do like the format of this recent newsletter – you can see here. He took actual photos of places that are mentioned in the book. That’s cool.

When I first started writing ebooks I had the same thing in mind – but, I was going to actually put them in the ebook. I thought it would make things so much more real for readers. Sure the books were fiction, but many of the places and even characters – are real people. I thought that would be an interesting spin on plain-text ebooks.

However, the problem becomes… photos in your ebook increase the bandwidth at Amazon for everyone that buys a book. Amazon charges some pretty outrageous rates to send your ebook to someone – so, a book full of photos will cost 50cents or more just to send. That’s 50 cents less that I get.

So, that’s a book full of photos you don’t get.


Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Jake’s books – I strongly suggest you do. I’ve read many of the excerpts from his books and I’ll buy one soon too. Just need to find some time to do some reading. That, and I have about 14 free full ebooks from Joe Konrath, sitting on my iPhone Kindle reader that I haven’t been able to get to either.

Nicest Thailand Video I’ve Ever Seen

Daniel Azulai sent me this video to ask if I’d consider putting it here on the site. After viewing it – it would be a pleasure to do so. This is, without a doubt – the best video I’ve ever seen of Thailand. It’s an overview, shot in many different places (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket and Ko-Yao).

Besides giving such a nice overview of what Thailand is all about, what I really love about it – is the color and the sharpness, the technical aspects. It is also a good piece of music and the editing was done nicely. All around, an A+ grade Thailand video. Thanks Daniel!


Click HERE to see it in larger size – a better viewing experience.


daniel martins bittencourt (azulai)

Video of the Week – Wow

This is a pretty wild tale… think it’s true?

Oh, and don’t miss part 2…

Update: I had these live for about 5 minutes, then reconsidered. It’s a guy telling his story of shooting adult content and being take advantage of multiple times in Pattaya.

Instead of giving it to you on a plate… here’s how you can find it. Search for this phrase in Google:

nude thai models brad’s story

the site that pops up first should be the one.

Ooops, it isn’t. It’s the 2nd one because since I posted this -I’m the first one.

On that site on the left sidebar is Brad’s story – part 1 video and just below the video is a link that says “Next” to view part 2 of the video which is the best part you don’t want to miss.

I don’t know whether Brad’s story is true – or isn’t, but, it’s interesting.

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Video of the Week – Just One of Those Days

If attempted sex between two consenting animals (Tapirs) gives you any problem… don’t read this, or view the video at the end of this article.

I think they said he was on his 2nd go-round, so maybe there’s no need to feel that sorry for this beast…

The good news is… “Guys – if you find yourself in the same boat, Cambodia still sells Kamagra. Even if your girl (or you) looks like one these Tapirs – you’ll still be swinging for the stars with that stuff.”

Did I ever tell the story here of when I won some Viagra in a radio station contest back in Tampa, Florida in 2002?

I went down to the station and picked it up after a doctor interviewed me and pronounced me medically fit (no finger up the trapdoor, just some questions).

I took 1/8th of the tablet to try it… and I was not only surprised – but ELATED. You just wouldn’t believe the boost it gives. Though you might think you’re doing OK in that department, one fraction of that pill will give you something you haven’t seen since your teens. No joke.

It gave me a wicked high blood pressure though – like my head was going to burst. It also gave me a problem in discerning green and blue colors. Weird huh? Quite frankly, I was afraid I’d die if I tried it again. I gave the pills to various friends that wanted to try it – and they all reported back – 100% success.

I was in the pharmacy in Phnom Penh a couple months ago – and they have Kamagra – the Indian rip-off version, which people say works just as well. I think it’s the same active ingredient.

So, don’t fret… there’s help available. I think you could be half dead and that stuff would work. Would it work on this beast? I’m not sure he really has a problem, other than it’s twice the size it needs to be.

Need Graphics Dude / Dudette

I have a project I want to publish but my poor graphics will need to be remade. If I did it, it would take 100 hours for me because 1. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, I’m a graphics hacker. 2. It would still never look as good as someone with some training in the field – formal or self-taught.

I will have about 70 simple charts that are already done for the most part – so, you can look at my lame example and then make each one ‘right’.

I may have to re-word some of them, so it would be a couple days before I could give you them to do.

We can work one of two ways…

1. We pay you per graphic. I think someone with skill could whip these up at the rate of one per 10-15 minutes. Let’s say 4 per hour. There will be, lets say 80 graphics – just in case. That’s 20 hours of work. Rate about 15 per hour, that’s $300. We can work in groups of 10 graphics, and I’ll pay you after I look at / approve each ten. After I pay you for this work – there is no residual income from sales of the publication. I’ll give you a sample graphic to convert and you can estimate how long it will take and whether it will be worth your time, or whether it’s something you want to be involved with at all.

2. We split the income from the publication. The creative part is done, I just need the graphics. We can split with you the profits on the publication 80:20. We get 80%. I’d prefer you opt for this choice as it allows me to forget about money and only concentrate on money coming in with sales… I also think people do a better job when their name is on the project, and when they have the potential to make more money – based on how good a job they do.

The potential for this is probably (conservatively) in the $250 per month range. Your 20% would be $50 per month – for the life-cycle of the publication… residual income, you need do nothing after the graphics are done. If it does even half as well as I know it will, you’ll make $25 per month for the next few years from 20 hours of work now. Pay can be monthly – or however you choose.

It’s crucial that your graphics are up to par and this can be published – paper and ebook formats. I’m a harsh critic, but we’ll iron all that out with the first sample you do. I’ll pay you $10 to do the sample so you’re not wasting your time if you decide not to do it.

If this works out I have other ideas and I always need a graphics pro.

If you want to do it – send a resume, samples, your name, age, where you are in the world, and indicate which way you’d prefer to work – option 1 or 2.

I Shouldn’t Do This… My YouTube Video Pick of the Week

You must watch this... what else are you going to do to crack you up in the next 5-minutes?

This should be a regular feature here at because about once per week I find a whacky video to share… maybe I’ll remember next week… maybe not. Hell, maybe I’ll put it in the calendar – that’s proactive, right?

I was looking through camera reviews on youtube and saw this suggested in the far right side. The title caught my attention – AZZ Everywhere – shot with a Nikon D7000. I thought – ahhh, what the heck… I’m looking at videos that this camera can shoot – what’s it going to hurt…?

Here’s what I saw. Keep the music muted – it’s real bad, it’s hilarious just watching the video part… girls are upside down bracing themselves against a wall and shaking like having conniptions. It’s all way too funny…

Sixteen – New Music in Southeast Asia

Great Song – Sixteen.

By Cambodian Space Project.

Am I sick, or is this the greatest thing I’ve heard in Southeast Asia?

My wife asked me if it made my ears hurt. She said it was like cats fighting.

I love it – I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.

Anybody else besides Clark?