Buying Grey Market Nikon DSLR Equipment in Thailand, Southeast Asia

Here’s my latest video on buying Tech Gear in Thailand or Malaysia – includes online resources:

If you are buying your Nikon cameras and lenses in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, or anywhere else in the region – you may be buying grey market Nikon items. This goes for other camera manufacturers as well, but since I have Nikon – I’ll write about Nikons.

The warranty you get with grey market items is not valid in the USA, UK, etc. It is only within the same country you bought the Nikon equipment, and, maybe there is only one central location you can send your equipment to get fixed. Maybe there is none.

Grey market items are not always to the same quality as “real” Nikon equipment. Grey market means a dealer bought cameras outside the approved sales channels and likely got a great discount on the equipment. They don’t have to provide technical support, or any support if they don’t want to. With my equipment I got a within Thailand warranty. I bought my latest Nikon from Big Camera at the Big C store.

If you are considering buying Nikons, have a look at the chart below – copied from the Nikon site.

Generally you can tell if the items you bought were grey market by the price you paid for them new. If your price falls under what sells them for – you either got grey or refurbished items.

When I’m ready to get my next Nikon camera I’ll likely buy it straight through Adorama and pay the customs fee to bring it to Thailand. Or, maybe there is a chance I will be in the USA and can just pick it up directly.



  • Our products comply with common Japanese standards or regional non-Japanese standards, depending on the region in which the camera was sold.
  • Items may not meet mandatory safety and certification codes, or may not have been handled properly, therefore they may malfunction easily.
  • Full technical service is provided at your local service centre.
  • During the warranty period, any servicing or repairs will be free of charge, provided the camera was bought in the same country as where it was purchased from.


Damage caused by owner’s negligence, accident, misuse, do-it-yourself repairs, sand or water is not covered by this warranty.  Please check with the Nikon Authorised Service Facility in your country for any prevailing charges to the service which you require.

  • May not be able to receive full technical support as the warranty is valid only in the country where the camera was purchased from.
  • Certain dealers selling grey items may not be able to provide technical support as well.
  • You will also have to pay to have your camera serviced if it was bought from another country.
  • The manual in the package will be in the preferred language of your region.
  • The manual may not be in the preferred language of your region.
  • The manual is usually a photocopy of the original manual.
  • Users are able to register their product online to download software and firmware upgrades.
  • Owners of grey items may not be able to download online software and firmware upgrades available from the Nikon site, due to incompatible serial numbers.
  • The software CD included in the package will be an INT (International) version.
  • Software upgrade is easier if the initial software installation was an INT (International) version.
  • The software CD included in the package may not be an INT (Inernational) version and as a result, there may be problems involved when wanting to upgrade the software.

Best Place to Buy Nikon Camera – Thailand or Malaysia?

Nikon D850 Body for sale in Malaysia and Thailand online, or at stores within days.
Nikon’s new D850 DSLR with over 40MP coming any day now to Thailand and Malaysia. Some people on Ebay and Amazon are selling the body for double what the retail price should be (around 100,000 THB or 10,000 MR). Major selling point for this camera is that its focus sensors match the Nikon D5.

[Last updated: 29 October 2017]

Looking to Buy Nikon Gear in Thailand or Malaysia?

If you’re in Krabi – here’s some second-hand and new Nikon gear at very reasonable prices. Krabi Nikon Gear >

The Nikon D500 and Nikon D850 are very new cameras that many people are looking to buy in 2017 – 2018. Why? These are the top cutting edge cameras from Nikon – one of the top camera manufacturers in the world.

It takes me a LONG time to finally buy tech items especially. I research relentlessly the top products for whatever I’m considering buying. Reason being, I hate to buy the wrong thing. It’s safe to say that besides buying a 1980 MG Convertible on Oahu in 1985, I’ve made no purchases fueled by emotion since.

I had a Nikon D70s digital camera for a while here in Thailand. Can’t remember where I bought it – I think “Big Camera” in the mall in Phuket. I sold it when I needed cash at just a fraction of what I bought it for, and then I bought Sony digital cameras for years. I’ve bought six or seven Sony cameras like the DSC-s90, DSC-h10, DSC-h20, and so on. Some of them I have bought multiples of. The fate they all succumbed to was humidity destroying the system board or the LCD screens. The more expensive cameras – over 10,000 THB – I sent to the Sony service centers in Phuket to see how much it would be for repairs. It was always 7,000 THB or more, which meant it was better in the long run to toss out the broken camera and buy a new one. Those Sony cameras seem to last two to three years in the humidity of Thailand. That is disappointing, and yet I wasn’t all that dissatisfied because I kept buying them. They are amazing cameras… in particular, the DSC-H10 was my favorite. Anyway…

I started looking for Nikon cameras in Phuket and Krabi again. I also looked briefly at Canon. I did have the Canon 550D for a while, during the birth of our daughter, but I didn’t like the images. The light balance was always off. In truth, it could have been the screen was off. I sold it weeks after our daughter was born.

Recently, I looked at the Canon 5d Mark IV, Canon 7D, Canon 1000D, 1100D, 600D. Canon has gone far ahead of Nikon in the digital video functionality of their DSLR’s and I thought for a while I’d be buying a Canon 7D for that reason. I have since quit that idea and will have a separate video camera instead. A DSLR takes great photos but is a big pain for shooting a lot of video. I’d rather have something good for video and a camera that is great at photos. That meant, back to Nikon DSLR’s.

I looked at the D500, D850, D300s, D3, D700, D7000, D5100, and the D3100. Any of them take great photos. Problem is – I wanted something weather proof… meaning – sealed against the elements somewhat. The d7000, D3, and D300s, and D700, were all weather sealed. Of these, the D7000 was the latest model. It got GREAT reviews everywhere, and some like Ken Rockwell, call it the best camera Nikon makes.

Nikon D500 cropped-sensor DSLR Body from Nikon. Available in Malaysia and Thailand.
Nikon D500 Cropped-Sensor DSLR from Nikon is one of the hottest sellers EVER at NIKON. Why? Because they waited about a decade to replace the favorite DSLR – the D700.
Nikon D500 DSLR Camera - back showing screen, controls.
Nikon D500 Body back side, is highly functional, and what many pro-photographers have been craving for years. They’ve even illuminated some of the function buttons on the left side column. NICE.


If you’ve bought cameras in Thailand before you know that the prices start at something outrageous – about $100 more than you’ll find the same thing for in America, but, you can’t get the ones in America for less than about $200 more because you’ll be paying customs fees and shipping with insurance. Looked at that way – it makes sense just to pay the price and buy your cameras in Thailand.

However, there is a cheap alternative for new Nikon gear – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I flew over for a visa run from Thailand and found prices for Nikon cameras to be really decent. For example…

Buy a Nikon D7000 at Ampang Park Mall in Kuala Lumpur for just 3,050 Ringgit (body only). I have yet to find a body only selling in Thailand – but I am not close to Bangkok where I’m sure they offer this. Not sure what the price is, but I did try to get one through Big Camera in Phuket and they told me 36,000 THB (~$1,200 USD).

Buy a Nikon D7000 with the kit lens – 18-105mm for just 3,800 RM in KL, Malaysia. In Thailand at Big Camera or “Digital Camera World Wide Image” for 49,000 THB. (Update – prices are MUCH less now, and the cameras are still amazing, despite other higher-end gear on the market.)

Buy a Nikon D3100 body for just 1,600 RM in Kuala Lumpur, or a kit for just 2050 RM. In Thailand, you’ll pay 26,000 THB in Phuket’s Big Camera, and just 20,000 THB in Sisaket at the Big Camera at Big C.

I mentioned in another post that a Nikon store in KLCC in Kuala Lumpur had the newest – unreleased – Nikon AW100 already – and had 4 of them for sale. I grabbed one of the camouflage style AW100’s and love it. These cameras are not supposed to be released for another week past the date they had them in stock at the store.

Kuala Lumpur is a great place to buy electronics. The guy at the Nikon store told me that some tourists travel from Singapore and buy cameras in Kuala Lumpur, as they save on taxes. Everything tech is duty-free in Kuala Lumpur. They don’t charge tax at all. Amazing, right?

If you’re going to buy a few items – it makes sense to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to get them. Thailand is very expensive for electronics like DSLR cameras. Big Camera is outrageous – and they don’t seem to drop the prices much. The same price for 1.5 years on the Nikon D7000 – as I remember.

I made contact with 2 shops that I trust in Kuala Lumpur… meaning, I trust them enough to send them cash through bank to bank transfer – and they send me the cameras. If you are in the market for big money items – either travel to KL or find a place you trust enough to send them to TH for you.

Hope this helps someone in the same boat. I have a bunch of Nikon Gear I’m selling now. I’ll screenshot the page below, and then if you click the picture, you’ll see the actual page and info. Cheers!

Nikon cameras, microphones, and lenses on sale from Krabi, Thailand at a second-hand store. Some new tech equipment also.
Check out this Nikon tech in excellent shape. Big discount on second-hand gear.

The Ultimate Digital Camera for Thailand – Nikon AW300 (Waterproof) – Available

I missed my chance to get a new Nikon AW300 camera in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KLCC Nikon Store) when I was there, but now Amazon is selling them and I got one through there. If you’re in Thailand I’m not sure you can get them sent through Amazon – but, it’s worth a try. I’ll be headed back to Malaysia soon – so I’ll buy mine there.

Nikon Underwater AW300 Orange – Yellow – Black

Why is the Nikon AW300 the ultimate Thailand camera?

First of all it’s waterproof and drop proof. Sure you could still kill it with a good drop, but it’s supposed to be good for drops and underwater. This is something I need. I recently dropped one of my cameras in a mountain stream. The main board is fried and will cost 8,000 THB to fix. I have had 6 other cameras in Thailand that have died due to humidity (I guess) killing them. These were all Sony cameras from 5K THB to 13K THB. I’ve finally decided – weather proofed, waterproofed – or nothing at all. You should probably learn from my 6+ years of replacing cameras and just buy a good waterproof camera too.

Recently had a review of the top waterproof cameras. When you compare this Nikon to the best of that group in terms of specs – this camera wins, easily. With Nikon’s reputation, I’m going to guess that this camera will also easily beat the others in real-life testing. We’ll have to wait to see when they do another comparison, or just check out YouTube – someone else will do one shortly I am sure.

The price isn’t bad, it is in line with the rest of the waterproof cameras like Panasonic and Olympus – two of the best. It REALLY isn’t bad when looked at in terms of replacing it in a year or two because the humidity got to it and killed it. That shouldn’t happen with the waterproof cameras – they are pretty well sealed.

Of course you could pay more and get the ultimate ultimate camera for Thailand – which would be, for price, the Nikon D7000.

When I can, I’ll grab one of these too. The price has fallen dramatically over the last 6 months and they’re now affordable at less than $400 USD.

Oh, and here is some video from the new Nikon AW100 underwater camera – it’s by far the best underwater footage I have ever seen from a simple point and shoot camera. Nikon KILLED this niche with this camera…

Nikon Underwater AW300 Orange – Yellow – Black

Which camera do you like? Are you a Nikon lover? Canon?

I know a photographer here in Thailand, wait, I know two – that both shoot with FUJI cameras. Personally, I like Canon as a 2nd choice but – there are a lot of good options out there now. Sony has started making DSLR’s and one of them is even weatherproof (resistant).

What do you have? What are you buying?

New 2016 MacBook Pro Line – Who Are They For?

The new MacBook Pros have just been announced. Traditionally, the Pro line has been for developers, content producers… writers, video editors, photographers, DJs… and yet they just dorked the keyboard substantially. The keyboard is completely different, and it sucks much worse than the MacBook Pro keyboards did prior to this update.

What they did was use a similar keyboard as the MacBook 12″ notebook they released about two years ago.

Nobody liked that one, and yet they just changed the entire MacBook line to use this junk keyboard.

Anyway – that’s my main take on it because that is most important part of the entire update. Sure the new MacBook Pros hav ethe new Touch Bar. It’s cool. That doesn’t even matter because the keyboard is so dorked.

Have a look at the video.

Will YOU be buying one of the new MacBook Pros?

Are you pissed that they are getting rid of the MacBook Air line instead of just throwing a retina screen on it?

Is there another computer you’re considering instead for your next upgrade?

Nikon D7100 Thailand

Finally, the long-awaited Nikon D7100 DSLR camera.
Finally, the long-awaited Nikon D7100 DSLR camera.

There was just announced the new Nikon D7100 on CNET Asia. Finally. If you were like me, you didn’t know what to buy because nobody really knew if the D7100 was fantasy or fact. Why can’t Nikon have big leaks like Apple does?

What has me excited is the bigger sensor, the 51 point autofocus system, Expeed 3 processor, a larger LCD and that it is weather sealed and dust-proof at the same standard as the D300S.

This is a DX camera, not the FX. Your lenses will still have the 1.5x increase to them. If you have a 50mm lens, it actually shoots at 75mm on this camera. My 300mm will be equivalent to shooting with a 450mm lens.

They didn’t mention whether the camera would have 100% viewing coverage. I do hope so. That would be perfect. How frustrating is it to frame your shot and not know what you’re getting until you see the images in the computer? It’s really a bit ridiculous in this day and age – right?

The new D7100 has a lot of cool new features.

Video gets 30 frames per second, up from 24 on the D7000. A built in stereo microphone – yeah!

There is a new ‘spot white balance’ feature. This allows you to take a white balance reading of some specific area of the scene – a much more accurate method than overall white balance – which we have currently.

The price of the old D7000 will likely drop, if there are even any more to be found. They were down as low as 27,000 THB in Thailand – about $900 USD last time I looked. Maybe they’ll drop another $100. Update: The price dropped to $700 USD so I bought a D7000!

No word as to pricing of this camera. I’ll guess this camera will be priced at 40,000 THB, about $1,300-1,400. Darn I knew we shouldn’t have bought the Macbook Air and the iPad recently! Update: The D7100 is still priced at 40,000 THB and this is without the Kit Lens. ONe shop I know in Surat Thani has pulled the 18-105mm kit lens out of the box and is selling just the body for 40,000 and the lens for another 12,000.

DPReview is saying the price will be $1,499 WITH the 18-105 Kit Lens. Wow. So, the body is about $1,199. Nice price.

Some of the specs for this new camera are below.

Nikon D7100 specifications:

  • 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor (No optical low pass filter)
  • 51-point AF system (15 cross types with 3D tracking)
  • Expeed 3 image processor
  • 1299k-dot, 3.2-inch LCD screen
  • 1080p full-HD video recording in 30 fps
  • 7fps burst mode shooting
  • Shutter good for 150,000 cycles
  • Weather-sealed and dustproof – equivalent to D800!
  • 675g (Body only, with batteries)

4/14 Update: I’m inclined to believe that most of us can get along with the D7000 instead of paying double to get the D7100. Recently I was faced with the question about upgrading to a D610 or even the D800. I took a real long look at what I need a camera for, and I decided to go back and get the D7000 for just $700 and save a LOT of money. Maybe I’m reaching the point where buying tech has started to become ridiculous. Advertisements make us think we need to upgrade perfectly good devices when in fact, they’ll be perfectly good for another five years for most of us. Most of us are not shooting for magazines or ad agencies. If you are, get the latest equipment – those paying you will expect it. If you’re not, the Nikon D7000 already does more than you probably will ever need.

ThaiPulse HACKED!

Man, it has been almost 2 years since I last had to deal with this shit.

A WordPress plugin had a vulnerability… about 8 of my sites were hacked. I ‘fixed’ them, only to find out that one of my sites was either re-infected, or never really fixed well to begin with. I’m not a hacker, I know enough to do most things, fix most things, and what I got hacked with didn’t require that much effort – a couple days to fix 8 sites.

Now, I’ve got it again. What a bitch it is this time because over a year ago my adsense earnings from Google dropped considerably. I figured – oh well, it’s just Google adjusting the algorithm, and I’m done playing that game. I can’t keep up. I didn’t look at Thaipulse for a very long time (backend). I’ve blogged a little over the past year, but not much.

I go to Google the other day and see cached version of available. I click it.

HOLY SHITE. It’s the same bogus software selling page on my home page as it was years ago.

Nobody using a browser can click it and get it – it’s just the search engines. I’m not sure how in the hell they’re making money off it. But, what it does do is reappropriate my site so now I’m ranking for such terms as adobe, where can I find adobe something or other… and then there must be links out to other sites that actually sell the stuff.

There are 4,900+ pages on Thaipulse with this subject. Not one did I create. That’s really a bummer…

So, changing the themes, the plugins, everything. Hope Google sometime caches the right page.

Worrying about websites is not really worth it any more. Unless you’re going to blog daily about something that:

1. Matters to you.
2. Can be monetized.

You might as well forget it.

I have a friend that sold his addiction recovery website for $200,000 USD. Pretty good – right?

It is getting harder every day to keep up with Google and what you need to do in order to rank well. Even creating good content – a LOT of it – doesn’t necessarily work.

You could have some someone hack you and sell their own stuff – profiting on your hard-earned work.

I’ve got an idea… not sure if it will work, but, I’ll be focusing on something quite a bit different from blogging for the next year. The cool thing is – it cannot be hacked. It doesn’t rely on Google (much).

What are you doing out there? Working on anything promising?

Buying Nikon D600 Camera from Thailand

New Nikon D600 body, a semi-professional camera.
The new D600 camera from Nikon is real…

About a year ago I bought the Nikon D5100 as a temporary camera, until I decided which professional (semi) camera I really wanted. I was torn not only between Nikon models, but even the Canon 5D mark II and now III were getting in the way. I almost bought the Nikon D7000 numerous times. Since it was such a minor incremental increase in camera – I have waited, and waited.

What I REALLY wanted was the Nikon D600, but it was just a figment of everyone’s imagination until just this week when Nikon announced it. It will be available at Amazon on Sept 18 – but you can pre-order here:

Click image to have a look at the new D600 features and pre-order if you want it…

Nikon D600 body.

For the last month or so, I’ve been trying to talk myself into the D800. It is starting at $3,000 USD, which is a bunch of cash, but I could almost justify it. In fact, I STILL think about it, but I think the extra grand is probably better left in the bank account. The differences between the D600 and D800 are fairly minor – in relation to what I’d be using it for, so the extra 30,000 THB probably means more than those differences.

The new Nikon D600 body is retailing at Amazon for $2,199. The price is supposed to drop within a couple of months, probably to $1,999.

Where to buy this camera in Thailand?

That’s always the problem for me when buying cameras or other high-dollar items. I am not close to Bangkok, but really, Bangkok is the place in Thailand to buy your Nikon cameras. MBK has been my mall of choice for electronics in Thailand, when I cannot find it elsewhere.

When you order from Amazon, keep in mind a couple of things.

1. You’re not getting grey-market Nikons, you’re getting the authorized – approved Nikons with the full USA warranty. This means you can easily get the firmware upgrades when you register your camera at NIKON online, and you won’t have any trouble getting it serviced.

2. They add the import taxes, and the shipping is not cheap. Amazon cannot possibly ship for free to you in Thailand, your shipping cost will be about $100, possibly more for this camera body. Thailand charges import fees – and those, on a $2,000 camera will be somewhere around $200 USD (I’m guessing). They’ll be substantial, anyway.

Where else in Asia might you go to buy the new Nikon D600?

Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, will all have them – not sure they’ll all have them by September 18, 2012 – but, they’ll have them either before or shortly after. Grey market stuff comes on the market quite fast. All these places sell grey-market Nikon stuff – which, among many things, means that you can only get them serviced within the country your purchased them at. Keep that in mind if you’re buying in one country and then going off to live in another. You’ll be shipping your $2K camera through the mail to have it serviced.

Australia is another alternative you might use. I’m sure they have good warranties, but the prices are in line with that – high.

You could order from in the USA. They will have the $2,199 price and full USA warranty. They’ll also, like Amazon, charge you for the shipping, and you’ll get hit with the import tax.

The best way to buy this camera in Thailand?

Buy it through Amazon, have it shipped free to your family or very trustworthy friend in the USA that is coming to visit you in Thailand sometime soon.

You’ll get the good Nikon warranty, the good hardware, avoid the giant import tax, and be as happy as a pig in mud. Assuming your friend brings you the camera.

I am fairly set on buying the Nikon D600, I just need to figure out which is the best way to do it. Gotta start asking friends if they know anybody coming over on vacation anytime soon.

Price Updates:  Nikon revised prices recently – and currently they are at:

USA $2,099. Ireland, 2,385 Euros. Europe, 2,150 Euros. UK price is £1,956.

HTC ONE V Mobile Phone in Thailand

HTC ONE V - Thailand Mobile PhoneI got rid of the iPhone 3GS I used for a couple months here in Thailand. I didn’t like playing the Apple game of transferring files up to iTunes before transferring again back to my phone. My battery sucked, and I couldn’t change it. The phone locked up sometimes. The idiot replacing the screen at Big C – dorked it up and then insisted because it still worked when you press the main button extra hard – it works well enough. I paid 2,000 THB for it to be done correctly, not half-assed. Welcome to Thailand where half-assed is the norm, and anything beyond that you can consider “bonus”.

Anyway. I picked up a new HTC ONE V mobile phone in Bangkok at a JayMart. It was only 9,900 THB and the sound is amazing. The touchscreen is every bit as sensitive as the iPhone – even more so. The apps I use are available – twitter, skype, banjo, and Kindle Reader. The GPRS (data) connection works MUCH better than the iPhone. The camera – MUCH better. The video – WORLDS better. The phone works great.

It has some special BEATS sound dealio that works very well. Music is ultra clear and sounds better at volume than maybe any other phone I’ve heard.

The battery lasts a day and a half – much of that with WIFI running in the background.

It of course works well with pushing email, tweets, facebook notifications – whatever you want. It has some auto upload drive that when I get into WIFI range after being out of the house – uploads all my photos and videos to an online drive so I can grab them from any computer anywhere. That’s cool and annoying both.

The HTC ONE V is all I really need. I think it does what I want better than the iPhone 4S – I’ve used it, friends have it. I’m not impressed. I have been thinking about a tablet lately for our daughter, but, I am now considering the Galaxy Note II – which is coming out sometime soon (this year) – instead of an iPad or other tablet. The note is giant, and big enough – plus it’s a phone which adds a lot of functionality to it. Why all tablets are not also phone capable – who knows?

Get a 9,900 HTC ONE V mobile phone in Thailand – you won’t be disappointed…

Indian guy (because I laugh at the accent every time for some reason) reviewing the phone:

Yamaha Nouvo SX 125 (Replaces Elegance 135) FI – Thailand 2012

There is a new Yamaha Nouvo Nouvo released in Thailand recently under the name Nouvo SX, and though I haven’t seen any on the streets yet – Thailand’s Yamaha dealers do have some. Apparently they will come in about 5 color schemes if the brochure can be believed. I saw one in a silver and purple style that I didn’t like so much, as well as this black with florescent yellow highlights style – as the video below shows.

These new Nouvos are 125’s and not 135 any longer. I asked the dealer about 9 times whether the one I took video of here was a 135 – he said yes, 9 times. I asked him in Thai for some of those times too since loy sam sip hah sounds nothing like loy yee sip hah. He said loy sam sip hah. Now I’ve been looking everywhere for more information on a 135 Nouvo for 2012. There is no such thing. Nouvos are fuel injected – so they may lose top speed compared to last year’s model. I have a Mio 125cc – without FI from last year, and it’s quite quick. Top speed is horrible, but it’s so quick I don’t mind so much. If this 125 Nouvo is significantly faster on the top end – say, if it can hit and sustain 125 – we’d buy it. I really doubt it is going to do that for a max speed – yet alone hold it for a 2 hour trip to a distant city.

I like the Yamaha Nouvo’s for a couple reasons:

1. Faster than most scooters – almost all of them.
2. Stable ride at speed – the large diameter wheels steady the bike quite a bit versus say a “Yamaha Mio”.
3. More cushy ride with 1 or 2 people – dual shocks/springs.
4. More comfortable ride with 2 people – bigger seat, more comfortable foot pegs for passenger.
5. Tubeless tires – no flats!
6. The dashboard instruments used to have a very cool blue glow… though that has changed with this Nouvo SX – which has every color of the rainbow represented on the dash – not cool.

Anybody have one? Anybody know the max speed of these new 2012 Nouvo 125 Elegance bikes?

Update: I saw another demo at the Big C and asked the guy there if there was any 135cc Nouvo – he said, no, there are none in Thailand anyway.