Pattaya Man Kills Self with Cobra?

I’m not saying that is what happened, but lets look at what was said in the various Thailand news media.

Here’s my full article on it:

Norwegian Expat in Thailand Dies by Cobra Bite ->

What do you think?

Was he tired of life and preferred suicide by cobra?

Was he confident he wouldn’t die from the 2nd bite because he’d been bitten already once before?

Was he overcome by an allergic reaction and died so quickly he couldn’t do anything – even climb out of bed?

Death by cobra, if done right, is not all that bad. Better to have chosen a krait or a king cobra because the venom is not really hemotoxic and cytotoxic – and causes little pain at the bite site. In fact, kill yourself with a Bungarus multicinctus (Multi-banded krait; Many banded Krait) or Blue Krait (Malayan Krait) – Bungarus candidus, and you’ll probably have one of the most relaxing, peaceful, even BLISSFUL deaths possible.

The neurotoxic venoms of the kraits and cobras work on the nerve connections, rendering them inoperable. The muscles cannot get the impulses that say – “move” and so your eyelids, all your muscles – including diaphragm, lose the ability to move… if you are not put on a respirator when your breathing fails – you’ll die. It is said that even if you DO get treatment in the case of an envenomated bite from a Bungarus multicinctus – you still will likely die from the bite.

Anybody else know of a case of a foreigner dying from a snake bite in Thailand? I’ll have to google that… interesting topic.

One Week in Pattaya. You’ve Gotta Love This Stuff or WHY Live There?



Woman badly hurt in Third Road attempted Necklace Snatch.

Man apparently hangs himself only 7 days after the death of his father.

Two men arrested following bizarre incident on Jomtien Beach.
Two Chinese Tourists caught smoking Marijuana in Disco Car Park.


Man arrested following attempted theft of Air Con compressors from house owned by Father-in-Law of former Thai Prime Minister.

Police hunt gang following apparent random shooting spree.

Lucky House Owner avoids possible death as construction site debris falls on his house.
Highway Police catch suspected drug dealer.


Underage Bar Workers as young as 8 years old found in Sunee Plaza Police Operation.

Sri Lankan Tourist hurt in road accident on Pattaya Second Road.

Out-of-control Crane causes drain-cover damage in Soi Kow Noi.
Man arrested at South Pattaya Restaurant for impersonating a Police Officer.


Elvis “leaves the building” as hundreds attend the final cremation of well known Elvis impersonator.

Heart-broken German cuts his wrist and throat in North Pattaya Convenience Store.

Pleasure Boat sinks following Engine Room Fire. Crew and passengers rescued unharmed.
Tourist Police raid Gay Pub in Central Pattaya.


Two-Day Anti-Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, and AIDS Awareness Seminar Commences.

Police Have Plenty of Reasons as to Why Local Businessman Murdered.

Two Women Killed in High Speed Car Crash.
Daytime Shooting Mystery.


Man shot dead in front of his family-owned shop at the Niran Grand Condo.

Epileptic Fit thought to have caused man to drown in village pond.

18 year old shot after he rescues his younger brother from gang.
Glue sniffers caught attempting to steal man-hole covers from local school.


11,400 Yabba Tablets seized in two related cases in Banglamung.

86 year old Hong Kong Tourist in critical condition following near-drowning at Larn Island.

Italian drugged and robbed by woman in Central Pattaya Apartment.
Suspect caught following theft of 50,000 Baht’s worth of hose attachments from the Royal Garden Plaza.

Is Your Thai Tee-Rak Capable of Killing You?

3 Thai girls 30 and under are prime suspects in the death of a Dutch man in Pattaya. Apparently the man took a cell phone from one of them, in an attempt to keep her from going back to the bar to work.

She hit him in the head with a metal pipe and then stabbed him in the throat. He died in the restroom. They set his house on fire.

If you go to the site that had the story: you’ll see the photos of these girls.

Don’t they look like any other Thai girl you see on the streets here? Might you date one of these girls at some point? Are you dating one NOW? Thais are different than westerners. We all know that. But, where they’re remarkably different is when they get upset. They seem to lose all common sense once they go over the edge. They are completely irrational and incapable of thinking at that point. They are what we would say in the states, momentarily insane. They really are. How could a guy taking a phone from someone lead to a metal pipe to the head and a “sword” through the neck? (which I think they meant, knife as that what was in the photo.)

I’ve noticed it a lot over the years – when Thais’ flip – they flip the hell out. They are inconsolable and they seem incapable of stopping their tirade until someone is dead.

Just another reason to avoid bar girls and ladyboys in the sex-tourist areas. Many of them are on drugs. Many of them think violence is acceptable. You’ve seen like I have the number of tourists being beat up and killed lately. Sure, maybe we’re hearing about it more – but that doesn’t negate the high levels. It’s happening. It’s happening often.

Will Bag Grabs Continue in Pattaya? HELL YA!

As long as there are people carrying around cash in bags on their arm – hell ya. This woman – supposedly a famous Korean movie star was walking on Third road in Pattaya when her bag was grabbed by a Thai guy. What was in the bag?

About $21,000 USD in Korean won, Thai baht and US Dollars.

What the hell is someone thinking carrying 21,000 usd in a bag in Pattaya? Anyone’s guess. Probably doing a lot of shopping.

Did the Thai guy KNOW the cash was in there? Quite possibly he watched her at the bank, ATM, hotel, or wherever she came up with that cash. He might know hotel clerks that knew she was checked into a 9,000 baht a night room they might have given this guy the heads up that she might have a lot of cash. Actually I just noticed something in one of the photos, there are 6 photos at the PCN site. If you look above – she’s holding a Gucci bag. Probably it’s real if she’s a Korean movie star. Now, if someone was able to tell a real Gucci from a fake one – they might target her just for that reason alone.

What about you? Is there any way someone could know that you have a lot of valuable stuff on you as you walk around Pattaya? Do you have a 99bat gold chain on your neck? A rolex? A wad of 100, thousand baht notes in your wallet that makes you feel special in front of the Thais?

Ten thousand makes a purse grab “worth it” to a Thai guy without a job. Heck, for the number of times they’re caught doing it – 2000 baht is worth it.

Was 21,000 worth it? The police told this lady – don’t expect us to be able to find your cash. Hell no! If they do find it – will they search her out to return it to her? What’s your guess?

Keep a low profile wherever you go in Thailand. Sure, you think your teerak is in love with you and doesn’t care about your money… but someone she knows sure does. A few misplaced words to the wrong person – her brother for instance, might result in your untimely demise as he reappropriates your funds and belongings.

You wouldn’t act like a high-roller in Jamaica or Puerto Rico… why would you want to be one here? Stay incognito and stay alive.

Story below from

Bag containing nearly 700,000 Baht stolen from Korean Tourists on Pattaya Third Road.

Just after 11.30 on Monday Night a group of South Korean’s including an apparent well known movie star, made a complaint at Pattaya Police Station regarding a bag snatch which had just taken place at the central section of Pattaya Third Road. Police Lieutenant Colonel Sumreun took up the case and was told by Miss Choi Miryun aged 42 that a bag containing 6,800 Baht, 200,000 Korean Won and 20,000 US Dollars and personal items was taken by a Thai Man who drove beside the group as they were walking along the street. A description of the man was given to Police along with details of his motorbike, however Police have informed the group to expect not to see their cash and valuables again.

Bring Your Kids to Pattaya You Idiots

Why would anyone in their right mind bring their kids to Pattaya for a vacation?

I can’t see any reason for it. The beaches suck. The people working and touring there suck. Driving sucks. The heat sucks. The water looks grey-green. There is very little to do outside of visit bars. And yet, there are families there – little kids walking among the dirty old farkers that are hitting on 12-14 year old Thai girls they see on the beach.

What a shite hole that place is…

This story about 3 bright guys from Estonia – as an American I couldn’t point to within 20,000 miles of that on a globe, that attempted to go back and fight with 3 Thai guys that worked at a bar – harrassing people until they come in to see an overpriced show and ripped off at the end of it with bills that don’t match the experience.

Initially the tourist police responded I think – and then they were separated… but then they went back thinking – oh, we’re gonna get some justice here. So 3 farang walk back to confront 3 Thais which, through the magic of brotherhood, turn into 15 Thais.

People. There are 65 million Thai people here. There are 12 million tourist the ENTIRE YEAR in Thailand. None of your fellow tourists will fight for you. Whereas, any Thai within shouting distance will join in to beat your white, black or red ass just because if they didn’t then nobody would help them next fight. There are lots of fights in Pattaya.

Guys, give it up already… Thai girls might get the best of you, but don’t let the guys get the best of you too!

Axe Wounded UK Homeowner Evens up the Score!

I’m sure everyone’s talking about it but I haven’t been to any forms for a long long time. I’m so out of touch recently. This guy apparently came back to his house to find 3 Thai idiots robbing him. He confronted them and they swung on him with a hatchet (small axe). He was wounded deeply – as evidenced by the blood all over the wall in the photos at the the site that originally broke this story… and he chased them in his pickup as they sped away by motorbike.

HE RAMMED ONE OF THEM, knocking him off the motorbike and killing him! HA! That’s great stuff man! That makes my day. Of course he still lost money and other valuables, but man – someone swings on me with an axe and I can still move – I’m gonna keep chasing until someone dies.

Awesome man, just awesome news today…

See full story here >


Pattaya Bikini Contest and Foam Dancing?

I have a real love-hate relationship with the Pattaya City News online paper. They have some killer stories and photos sometimes and then other times they drop the ball so hard that it explodes… and one is left wondering – why the hell did I try to go read another PCN story?

This morning I was excited about reading their bikini contest and foam dance party on the roof of a club in Pattaya story. Afterall, these are the guys that get photos of guys sleeping behind the wheel of their vehicle in the middle of traffic. They usually GET the photo and, having been a paparazzi photographer in NYC many years ago I can really appreciate that. It is TOUGH to get the photo sometimes.

Here on the rooftop of a club with a bikini contest and foam party at night – I’m thinking I could snap cell phone photos at 640×480 resolution better than these 6 pictures they had the gall to show on their site.

I honestly cannot tell you WHAT IS GOING ON in ANY of the 6 photos. I haven’t the slightest idea. I was so pissed off when I saw the poor quality photos that I didn’t even CARE what was going on. My respect for the PCN dropped another click and I’ll be more tentative about clicking on stories that I’m excited to see – because those are the ones that I usually am disappointed about!

Please go see this series of 6 photos and try hard for a few minutes to understand WHAT they are of, and why they would post them in online…

Murky photos that are supposed to be a
bikini contest and foam party in Pattaya

I think what really tweaks my turtle is that these guys are THERE and that’s most of the equation, all they have to do is up the quality on what they’re doing and they’d be an awesome news source. They could easily be the best news source for on the spot coverage of things in Pattaya. They could expand to other cities even… maybe they have – not sure.

Please guys, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and you’ll take it to a new level!


Pattaya Beach, Thailand! So much to do!

I like Pattaya for certain things.  The food.

There's a wide range of food to eat compared to Isaan. Many places to drink coffee and read the newspaper… type up blogs on the notebook computer.  Pattaya has a couple good spots for wireless internet, but what's really great is that the EDGE service from AIS works well. I can plug my phone in by cable to the notebook and use it as a modem for the next 7 hours (as long as the notebook is plugged in because without that – it lasts about 90 minutes before it dies.)

The discos are very fun – Lucifer's was great last time I was here, though I've not been back since. Too busy just people watching. MAN there is a lot to watch here, as you might imagine.

I like to grab a pizza at Pizza Company and watch all the people go by and come in the shopping center. There are so many types of guys that come here from overseas, and even many women and families too!  WHO in their right mind brings their family and kids to Pattaya?  It seems like about 5% of Europeans visiting.  I am not sure I've seen American families here, though I'm sure they come. How do you talk your wife into that one? 

Honey – I decided we need a vacation this year…

OH GREAT! she says…

Let's go where there are more whores and whoremongerers gathered in one place than perhaps anywhere else in the entire world.  He offers.

*)#)(#($(%)_!  she INVARIABLY says…

How does a guy turn THAT around and get a "yes"?  Tell her that there's great shopping and she can shop all day if she'll just leave him alone for a couple hours with "the boys at the bar"???

If a guy CAN'T get some free time from the spouse and kids how would he be able to STAND THE PRESSURE of coming here and seeing every other guy with testosterone going with 15-50 girls during their 2 week stay?

These are things I wonder about as I sit in this fine coffee house and the girl serving me coffee is flirting with me – thinking I'm going to give her my hotel room number…

Ahhh, Pattaya… so much to do…

Excitement? Go no further than Pattaya THIS high season…

Forget about Cambodia. I think Pattaya is taking the cake this tourist high season in Thailand.

I went over to one of the places I check for new news to get ideas about something to write and MAN, the list of headlines reads like a newspaper tabloid – but this stuff is TRUE.

If you have ANY interest in farang dying on vacation or just whacky news you’ve gotta check out this link:

There are more crazy things going on in Pattaya right now than you can shake an incense stick at.

That’s all – no more article – just had to send you to that link… you’ll read bizarre true stories and see absolutely incredibly candid photos.

GUARANTEED. How I don’t know, but trust me on this one…