ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – a Debilitating Disease…

I have ADD – ADHD.

I didn’t know I had it until I was going through my masters program and I took a test just for fun.

Baseline for ADD / ADHD was 25 points. I Scored triple that – 76. Recently (10/09) I took another online test at a psych site I scored over 100 and 75 was supposed to be a high probability of ADHD.

I’ve got what others term ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) – ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

I wake up wondering WHAT to think about. Where do I attempt to direct my energy – my thought processes today? Not that it matters, I’ll flip flop all day anyway. So – I start the computer. The computer is an “enabler” for us. I search and get involved in 50 different things in a session. None of which do I finish so I can move on. They’re back-burnered until next time I think to get into it.

I have 9 websites, 24 blogs and I’m adding more blogs as we speak.

I can focus in spurts – I can hold it together to make a web site – but by the time i’ve finished – i’m burnt… need to do something else for a bit… is just sitting there while i recuperate by starting blogs which will probably be up for a month and then yanked as I realize – they’re just not that interesting anymore…

Attention Deficit Disorder might be due to environment or it might be chemical. Or, it might be both. Who’s to say?

My brother has a huge IQ AND ADHD. He knew about his and has been taking meds on and off for years. It’s hard to explain what ADHD and high-IQ do to somebody… pair that with INTJ results on the Myers-Briggs scale and that’s me. It’s a wonderful combination, I’ll tell you!

So anyway – I’ve been trying to make a lot of money from online businesses for years. 7 or more. Wait, 8. So – I create a site, sell some things and make some money – small money and then get bored and do it again. New project. For 8 years I’ve been doing this!

My family has long since given up on me. What are they supposed to do? Keep encouraging me? That gets old. Maybe not fast, they kept it up until I hit about 35. Now I’m 40 and same issues.

I take a job, get bored, take another job, get bored… study something – get a certificate, get a job in it, get bored. When I study a subject I research it voraciously! Like an addiction. When I’ve mastered it – I’m ready for something new. There’s no allure left. No mystery. Maybe the mystery is what keeps me going – the unknown.

That’s it – that’s my spheel, if you know anyone with ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), send them over to ADHD Kid for some info they can use and give them a break.

It’s mindblowing. It’s like being on ICE (Crystal Meth) or speed, ALL the time…

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  1. my friend has it and he can’t think a unique thought! why are you guys different? chill blog, more photos!

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