Dumber Than a Wet Box of Rocks

I had no intention of posting anything today but this just hit me from out of my Google reader… this should be grounds for immediate removal from office. If it isn’t I am revoking my U.S. citizenship effective immediately.

Listen to what this guy says he is afraid of…

Welcome to America… I’ll bet this guy is pulling a decent salary too.

Author: Vern

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5 thoughts on “Dumber Than a Wet Box of Rocks”

  1. About Guam “capsizing”…do you think that maybe Johnson was pulling some sort of “April Fool’s Day” prank? You posted your link on the 3rd…maybe this happened a few days earlier?

    It was great to see that Naval officer try to not smile or laugh. I would have lost it, and started rolling in the aisles. I think the committee chairman (with the gavel) was shaking with (suppressed) laughter.

    1. Possibly, but since nobody else called him on it – and he let it slide too – it seems to be a true mistake. Politicians are a strange lot though – and they’re sense of humor is often times all out of whack. If the guy was known as a jokester – I think everyone would be laughing… maybe just a really bad delivery – way too serious. lol.

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