The American Attitude… What is it?

I wrote an article a while back here, The American Attitude….

I am very interested in the idea, being an American and starting to realize myself that we have a certain predisposition… or a certain attitude that stands out – is different from those in many other countries. Anyway, being a psych grad I’m interested in it.

I’m going to write a much more comprehensible article and post it at one of my other blogs, but before I do I wanted to ask if anyone reading would care to let me know what you think about Americans…

Let it all loose. You can email, or comment – up to you.

Appreciate it!


Author: Vern

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10 thoughts on “The American Attitude… What is it?”

  1. Interesting topic. I’m a 39 year old American living in Bangkok for 9 years and I totally agree with Patrick’s sentiment.
    I would also add that I think Americans are the ultimate consumers, materially and mentally. A lot of the arrogance and nationalistic pride is due to the media and society constantly spoon feeding rhetoric about American ideals and greatness. It seems to me that Americans are so polarized by this that they fail to see the greatness is no longer and the American ideals from which the country was founded doesn’t exist anymore. America is a business run by banks and corporations and they’ve gradally pursuaded generations of the population to conform, believe and consume without question.
    I really hope they wake up and soon!

  2. I am American, 39 Y/0 male……and I will never return to the United States. America has gone to shi#. I can say however, that I have encountered all walks of life, from all over the world. Some very foul, but most are good people. If we as humans would just realize, that people and cultures are different and try to understand and respect them, then wouldn’t the world be great.

    Americans are just spoiled. Its that simple. We all have grown up hearing what a great place America is. The land of the free….B.S. We, as with any country – are a product of our environment. Most people believe what we are told growing up. Well, it’s sad to say, but a large portion of Americans believe that they are in some way better than the rest of the world. I almost hate to say where I am from when people ask, although my accent gives me away. So, to my friends from around the world – not all Americans are bad. Cheers

  3. Vern, I tend to agree to your comment from August 13th last year. I have spent nearly a year in the U.S. in 2008 (I am from Europe and I don’t smell lol), and yes on average people from the U.S. could be seen as selfish and ignorant. It’s kind of the individualistic culture, and always when people talked about the “american freedom” I felt that it must be some other kind of freedom than I dream of.

    To close this comment, I have also met some great people there, and don’t want to insult anybody. I just wish more people from there would discover that there is much more in the world beyond their country and consumerism.

  4. You’re just now realizing that Americans have a less “international” attitude? It’s pretty obvious. In America’s defense, however, I must say that we’re the only country (to my knowledge) that realizes soccer is bullshit. And countries like England and France are full of condescending citizens with questionable hygene. Thats another thing. We’re much cleaner and overall better smelling people than Europeans especially.

    1. Nice… Timmy. I love soccer, played in the USA from age 7 to 18. Had a hell of a time. Why? Soccer is thinking on your feet, and it’s a good bit harder to become great at than football or baseball which requires a different (slower) mindset. Before coming to Thailand I never watched American soccer on TV. I just couldn’t. Since being in Thailand and seeing what real soccer is all about, jesus, I stop whatever I’m doing to watch the goals highlights. Incredible amount of skill the rest of the world has playing soccer. We’re just bad at it, so probably not fun to watch.

      I have friends from France that smell like roses. I think that depends, in large part, whether you’re hanging around backpackers and people that don’t take care of themselves at the bars or some other group. Let’s see, I’ve met a couple hundred people from England, France, Germany, and many other European locations… not very many smelled.

      I’ve not been condescended to, not even once that I can remember.

  5. I don’t know for sure what it is about us Americans… we all seem to have the “we’re the king of the jungle” attitude, although some show it much more than others… I think our attitudes are reflected to a degree in our education, family upbringing, our position in our society, and probably because we have such a mix of races and people in our country compared to other countries.. we get a lot of feedback from this mix… we Americans that have traveled a lot seem to cope with other cultures better than those who don’t… we adapt better than some peoples from other countries… I think… just my opinion…

    1. Thanks for commenting Bill. I’ll note that as the first time a monk has commented at this blog. American culture raised everyone to be nationalistic and to focus on advancement, achievement, pushing yourself… There is such a seriousness about these subjects that it becomes part of us until we question it. Why did I want to get a PhD when I grew up? I got a master’s degree before I realized I was chasing the American Dream -not my dream. I didn’t give a damn about a PhD… I went toward something I gave a damn about pretty much from that point forward.

      Americans that have never questioned the role that nationalism, advancement, achievement in their lives have BECOME it. They’re not separate from it. Their puppets of the society they grew up in and it’s great for the country… great for the people in it – but, when you’re introduced to people from other countries – they see you as a pompous ass. The world doesn’t share the same ideals as Americans. That’s what we find out as we come abroad and face the backlash… some of us figure it out – most don’t…. we just wonder why people are antagonistic toward us… after all… we have the greatest country ever in 2009 – Don’t we Bill?
      I wonder how long American’s will be saying that… things are a changing… lol…

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  7. Line – send me what you think – really, I want it. I don’t care what you say – we all have ideas about other groups. I need to hear it! Generally I’ve found American’s overseas to be very short during initial conversation, guarded, and when they do start speaking it seems as if they’re spilling everything so the other person knows the quality of individual he/she is. Usually it means telling about job, things they do – traveling, companies they own – things like that. I’ve met incredibly decent and fun to talk to Americans also. I want to write about generalizations though. Negative generalizations because there are many. I’ve heard lots from French, Germans, Belgians, Italians, Spanish, Canadians and Russians. Looking for more data – spill it LINE! You can email – better maybe? – Vern

  8. I think Americans suck! Especially you, Vern! You all think you know it all!


    growing up in Denmark, I had all sorts of prejudices about Americans, and if we exclude one pretentious and self-obsessed guy working as a teacher in Bangkok, most I have met are really cool and nice.

    Would love to hear what an American think of his own specimens, though. So get to work!

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