American Dead in Pattaya, here’s a Photo of his Passport with Number

Don’t flame me over this –

Thai Newspaper posts American’s Passport with identifying information (Pattaya City News):

Dead American’s Passport (scroll down)

They posted his photo and the entire story, as well as his passport with the number!

Is that crazy?

Do you think as a blogger one could get kicked out of Thailand for posting the national ID card of a Thai citizen complete with the information?

I would think.

Pattaya City News has some great stories – they are RIGHT THERE for the action and their photos are just brilliant at times, and bewildering why they chose certain photos other times.

Their stories always suck, and the way they tell it is not smooth or professional. Most stories are ‘tabloid’ at best and scandalous at worst

… always there are gaps in the story and it’s left to the reader to fill them in – if she/he cared to.

Author: Vern

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6 thoughts on “American Dead in Pattaya, here’s a Photo of his Passport with Number”

    1. Not sure what happened – link is now dead. Maybe they’re killing all links to them ? That’d be brilliant for the search engines… lol. Welcome to TH.

  1. Yeah, maybe I am used to the censored news in the USA.

    No – he doesn’t need his passport, but still, is that ok to show his info?

    Yeah, I’ve seen thai ID cards on there but I think they block out the info – maybe not.

    Thanks everyone for writing… Vern

  2. Maybe (and don’t take this the wrong way) you are just used to the ultra-censored news that is vomited up in the USA.

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