Australia is Out, Indonesia is In…

Indonesia is probably the best place to move after Thailand. I’m saying that because I’m at my wits end… I just don’t know where in the world to go. I was thinking Australia – but I’m getting mixed reviews from people I know that have lived there and visited, and some expats that are staying there now. A mixed bag means I’ll probably not like it all that much.

Laos is completely out. China – no way. Japan – was never an option, now that tuna is fluorescing because of nuclear fallout – it is even less an option than it ever was. Cambodia – too little infrastructure in place… things I am used to… a feeling of safety for my family – just not there. Malaysia – I just don’t like. New Zealand – too cold. Singapore – too small and structured too much like the USA I absconded from. Hong Kong – too remote, small, expensive, crowded. Ditto that for Taiwan and anything else up that way. Philippines – I just never had the urge to even see it. The fact that a million Americans live there – is off-putting.

Indonesia is all that’s left in my mind.

Anybody living there now that wants to tell me what it’s like? Anybody have a guess as to what it’s like bringing a Thai wife, her mom, and our daughter over there?

Author: Vern

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  1. As a resident of Australia considering moving to live in Phuket permanently…. I have a lot of questions. And you seem to be thinking about Australia as an option, so maybe we can help each other out?

  2. Just come and have a look around ! Its just down the road. (I go back and forth to Thailand and Vietnam like I’m getting on a bus).

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