Hacker Needed – Russian Preferred, Will Consider Anyone Capable

I need to find someone that can knock out a Tripod site. You know those stupid sites that were started 20 years ago and that are STILL hanging out in the search engine results?

Yeah, one of them.

The thing is not owned by anyone, it’s orphaned. I want it taken down. It’s an eye-sore, and it’s a pain in my ass every time I see it up there.


Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “Hacker Needed – Russian Preferred, Will Consider Anyone Capable”

  1. I read that at first a Russian Hooker too.

    My first blog was a Tripod site as well. They kicked me off, not for the sex stories, but for the cover of Chinese pirate DVD of “PassionOf Chrsit” which had ‘hilarious’ on it LOL. Cannot get the domain name back, not that I can remember what it was…

    there must be a huge graveyard of dead domains out there…

    1. haha! someone actually looked at your blog and found that and killed it? Was it a case of members flagging it, I wonder? Yeah, unlucky you… Tripod had so much going for it… lol

  2. Hello Sir,
    I think you just need to take a trip Pattaya. word on the street is the Russians who hang there can hook you up with the guy you need (for a fee of course). Be careful those Russian Mob guys play very rough.
    Good Luck,
    Mr. Lee

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