Jackass Farang visits Thailand MANY TIMES over 10 years, STILL doesn’t get it…

Ok, here is the quintessential post from an idiot coming to Bangkok that just doesn’t GET IT.

Apologies to www.Stickmanbangkok.com as I will repost the entire article here – in quotes. This comes from Stickman’s site – and credit goes there – but, I am going to tear this guy’s post to pieces so I need to post the whole thing. This won’t be a habit, but it’s just revving me up good this morning. My comments will be in bold blue font so you can see clearly. His post is in black, obviously…

I’ve been on holiday many times to Thailand over the last 10 ten years and always had a wonderful time there. However I have just spent 5 months in Bangkok on business and to be honest it was generally a disappointing experience. However there were some good points also.

One opinion I formed was that many of the upper class Thais basically despise farangs and begrudge their presence in Thailand.

So how did I arrive at this conclusion? Well, the apartment I stayed in was quite an upmarket place predominantly occupied by Asians, particularly Japanese and Thais with some Koreans, and Chinese also. In the first two days I was struck by how ignorant the Thai residents were. They could not even look me in the eye, never mind say hello and even when you were coming right behind them they would just let a door close in your face.

Thai people of a higher social class don’t usually look others in the eye. Why should they? Do people with 16 million dollars or Euros in your country look you in the eye? They’ve likely seen other farangs get a room in the building and bring every whore from Nana to visit. Why should they want to associate with you? WHO are you to them? Does someone owe you a lot of respect because you came to visit? No… they owe you nothing. They don’t need to know you, you have nothing to offer them until you show that you are nice to them… until you offer them something… nothing different than in your country I think, but because you’re in Thailand you want the Thais’ to kiss your ass and give you warm fuzzies or you’re not happy.

On one occasion as I was just about to exit the lift on the ground floor when two stupid Thai women pushed past me to enter the lift. Bad manners like this really pisses me off and my opinion now is that compared with our own ideas about good manners, Thais are socially inept.

HA! THAIS’ are socially inept! You jackass – you’re in THEIR country. Social expectation is dictated by THAI society not YOUR idea of socially acceptable behavior in THEIR country! Why are so many visitors to Thailand like this – wanting the Thai people to behave according to some expectations that DON’T EXIST HERE? Farang expectations exist only in your head – and are appropriate for another country – not this one.

Anyway there was actually one particularly nice Thai couple in the apartment who I became good friends with and I brought the topic up with them at dinner one night. They explained to me that many of the Thais living there liked the fact that the building is almost all Asian occupied and don’t really like to see farangs staying there. Forgive me for being paranoid but that sounds a little bit xenophobic to me. I wanted to know why they didn’t seem to like farangs and the answer was that many were of the opinion that farangs are of low morality and were very indiscreet when bringing ladies of the night to the apartment. I could agree with this as I saw it happening but did not like being tarred with the same brush.

So, TAR yourself with another brush by showing them something different… Since now you know the “WHY” of their attitude toward you, if you want the warm fuzzies – EARN them.

# For the record I use short time hotels when I’m being a naughty boy as I don’t like people to know my business.#


I’ll move onto some other issues that aggravated me-

1) Paying bills at the post office. For a while I started to believe I was invisible as ignorant people just came and stood in front of me in the queue. However this later became less irritating as this rude behaviour is not just reserved for farangs.

Yeah, surprise – this is Thailand – it’s the norm, get over it. In your 10 years of visiting, you should have been able to figure that out 9 years ago and probably during your 1st visit.

2) Read #1 but replace post office with 7-eleven

Read my previous comment again for understanding.

3) Taxi Drivers- Apparently trying to get a taxi from Siam Square to Mid Sukhumvit in the afternoon is the behaviour of an idiot. An even bigger idiot pays 250 baht but not me. I don’t object to this too much as it is their prerogative but one driver really niggled me. He stopped and asked Bpai Nai? When I replied he nonchalantly ushered me away, waving his hand. I felt like pulling him out of the cab by his neck!!!

Again, on your first visit you might have learned that taxi drivers go where they want to go. This is not your country where the taxi driver will take you anywhere you want to go. The guy might have been on the way home and if you happened to be going the same way as that – he’d take you. Otherwise, no point. Open your mind, Flintstone.

4) tuktuks- Hats off to the little urchin who wanted 300 baht no less to go from Suan Lum Night Bazaar to Sukhumvit 24. I just wanted to take a tuktuk as it’s quite a fun experience once in a while but I’m not going to get robbed for it. I offered 200 even though this was maybe too much but obviously he knows there’s enough mug tourists around that he didn’t need my money.

It’s a market economy. There are idiots that will pay 300 AND 200 baht – so why not ask for it. If the tourist reasons that it’s WORTH it in his/her mind to pay it – then where is the problem? Walk if you don’t like it.

5) tuktuk touts- one night when I was walking down Soi 11 one little dirtbird approached me with the usual massage flyer in hand. I declined and he produced another photo of a young girl, REALLY YOUNG! and I was so incensed I told him to fxxx off. First time I’ve ever openly lost my cool in LOS.

For all the ignorant reactions you have and write about, and the obvious built up frustration that you have over the Thai people not understanding how you need to be stroked – I’m surprised.

6) Skytrain platform guards- What is it about Thais and whistles?

That’s what they do here, keeps people from crossing the tracks when a train is coming if you don’t like it – stay in Smallville.

7) Pizza Hut- My God!! Price up, portions down, service dismal!! Actually started to go to Pizza Hut at Tesco’s near On Nut station as the Nana Branch was such bad service.

Could the “bad service” have something to do with your expectations, lack of speaking Thai, or other ?

8) Aggressive ladyboys “AKA” Pickpocketing scum. Two bastards harassed me one night not far from the Landmark. I was on my guard but they still “got me”. Luckily I only had about 500 baht left on me. I knew right away but realised that I was so pissed up that even a couple of ladyboys might be able to kick my ass. The shit thing was I had no money left at all and had to walk nearly all the way to Thonglor.

I’ve been approached by ladyboys trying to get their hands in my pockets to take my cash and they never succeeded. If you don’t really WANT their hands in your pockets – they wouldn’t get you. So, you KNEW they took your money and went along with it…? I’m sorry, I can’t understand this reaction. I think you rationalized you were paying them to grope you a bit after a lonely night.

9) Know it all farangs who talk to you as if you’re a “newbie”

So if they start telling you stories about how it is in Thailand and you don’t really want to hear it – isn’t it up to you to TELL them you’ve been coming here over 10 years and know Thailand inside and out like you think you do? How many know it all farangs would talk to you like you’re a newbie then?

Many of these things would probably not annoy me as a tourist but when they are encountered repeatedly it becomes frustrating.

Stay home.

However while I didn’t have the best experience in Thailand it will certainly not stop me coming back for holidays. I still love the nightlife, both the naughty and not so naughty.

I believe I have sussed the naughty nightlife!! In the first month I paid a fair few barfines and paid the girls pretty well for one night. At the end of the night I would explain to the girls that I don’t feel comfortable paying for sex (lie!!) but anytime they had a night off I would take them to dinner or a nightclub etc. This was a real winner and out of 7 only one did not “put out” at the end of the night. Ok it maybe works out as expensive bar fines and the rest but it’s a much better night than crawling round bars. I didn’t visit Nana Plaza, Patpong or Soi Cowboy at anytime in the last 3 months which was definitely a good thing.

Wow, this is really a brilliant strategy, I think I’ve read this 97 times on Stickman’s site over the years. You are a fascinating individual, brilliant, just brilliant!

I also had a good strike rate with farang girls in Bangkok particularly Scandinavians. The strategy was simple. Go to Khao Sarn Road meet some girls, splash the cash offer to take them to a good nightclub (as they’re all on tight budgets) and bob’s your uncle. I’d like to point out that I’m 34 and not the worst looking fellow in the world so this strategy may not work for all.

You might BE the worst looking fellow in the world, and if you’re buying drinks for the girls many will still go with you.

One good thing about the trip was that I started to get to grips with the Thai food and miraculously only had one dicky tummy in 5 months. (Maybe that “dicky tummy” was from some other dickiness going on – yes?– read this with the accent of the school principal in “A Clockwork Orange” when he talks to Alex – it has a better effect.) My favourite place had to be Vientiane Kitchen on Soi 36. Maybe not 100% authentic Thai and Laos food but every meal there was absolutely faultless and the ambience and setting was great. Enjoyed Suda Restaurant on Soi 14 also.

My favourite bar just to relax had to be Hilary Bar on Soi 4 where I played a heck of a lot of pool. All the staff in there were great and I felt like an appreciated customer. And I would like to say a word for one of the bar girls in there who stopped me getting ripped off (only 40 baht)- BY ANOTHER BARGIRL. One night I was playing pool with a Canadian guy who was in the company of one of the bargirls. After a few games he suggested playing for a beer and I agreed. Anyway when it came my turn to buy a beer for him one lady I knew well came over to me and said check your bill for that drink when it comes. Sure enough when the bill came it was down as a lady drink which was the work of the lady in his company. Because I had been a good customer and not shy to buy the occasional lady drink this girl did not want to see me cheated. That was a nice moment. The guilty party actually had the cheek to call me a cheap Charlie for complaining over 40 baht but to decent people there’s a principle at stake.

I’ll certainly be back for holidays but it’s just a shame that the dream of living their has evaporated. Maybe I just need to build up my tolerance level!

Or maybe you need to drop your piss-poor attitude that Thai people need to treat you according to what you’re used to back at home. This is not your home. Believe it or not, coming to a different country you need to change YOUR mindset. Yah! Think about that. Assimilate into THEIR country, don’t try to bring yours here. Jackass.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Like I’ve said many, many times, Thailand is a great place for a holiday, but if you live here, you battle a lot – and on a daily basis.

Another meatless comment by stick. Sorry, this post pissed me off so much that I gotta jump on Stick while I’m hot. Come on Stick, please add some personality. If you posted what you felt instead of what you think posters at your site want to hear – and feel – a little stroke from the stick, you’d have an incredible readership that made you a god in Thailand. Instead the comments are so lame and without energy. You’ve become Thailand’s Anne Landers. There’s no life in you Stick. If you post insightful, pull-no punches comments you’ll get more respect.

And further… Did someone else take over the site now because the comments have become even more lame if that’s possible, since the disappearance of, and now re-emergence of your site.

Just my two-cents. See, now I’m really mad – this jackass made me rip into Stick! LOL.

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5 thoughts on “Jackass Farang visits Thailand MANY TIMES over 10 years, STILL doesn’t get it…”

  1. Good postingl; there is not much worse then a ’10 year expert’ acting like he/she just got off the stupid bus.

    I think I will subscribe to your blog!

  2. ha! Jason – you’re killing me with the Aussie slang – what is a “dead set tosser”? I like it – I just wish I knew the extent of the insult… and the twat part – I can guess. We use that word in the states, but never to call someone a twat. We call them a twit sometimes – but I think that’s UK based. A twat to us in the states is only in reference to female genitalia. Not someone’s stupidity – but again, I like it. Haha! You said he might even have some mental problems! I don’t think I want to get on your bad side… jesus – the stuff you’ll write when you have a lot of traffic at your site! LOL! Alright – get some rest – slow down your blogging for god’s sakes you passed me weeks ago in number of posts! Vern

  3. Hey Vern. Good stuff. The guy sounds like a dead set tosser. I am glad I never ran into him somewhere and had to listen to his crap.

    For a expat of 10 years he is a really slow learner and could have a few mental problems even.

    As if the way Thai people do things hadn’t sunk in by this time I am sure it never will.

    What a twat. Brunty

  4. hey matt, yah – actually – I’m constantly getting cut in front of. Sometimes it bothers me, other times – no. Yeah it takes some getting used to but this guy was here many times over 10 years. It took me about 2 weeks to get a grip on what was going on – and I either stand closer to the people in front of me – which I don’t necessarily like, but it cuts down on people jumping in front of me. Or, I just don’t care – if I have time – and I always do – there’s no rush here – I just ignore it. I had been here all of 2 days when a military guy with lots of medals cut in front of me at the bus station in BKK. I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “YOU GO BACK THERE. I am standing here. I pointed behind me. He was shocked, and then went behind me. I’m lucky I didn’t get pistol whipped to the back of the head. Yeah, we’re ALL ignorant when we first get here. BUT, spend some time understanding the culture before coming and once you’re here – you’ll like it a lot better and have fewer problems. Now that I think about it – good thing I didn’t get a 9mm in the back of the head.

    hahah! Ok matt… Did you move yet? Vern

  5. That guys sounds like a typical n00b. To be honest, I’ve been in many of the situations that he complains about and I have never had any bother. I think a lot of it depends on ow you approach these situations, how you deal with the people involved, and how passive your whole manner is. If he’s come here as much as he says then he should either know that or else he’s a complete muppet.

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