Canadian WHAT?

Major newspapers, magazines online locally here in Thailand, and transnationally across the globe, have a responsibility.

1. Report news that is fair and accurate.

2. Spell shit correctly.

Fox News apparently does neither.

There were a number of GROSS spelling, factual, and syntax errors in one of their recent articles – the entire subject and title of the article was farked from the get-go.

They’re trying to tell us that Canada has FIGHTER JETS! hahahah! Hello??

Canada has fighters? Holy wow, what is the world coming to?

Thailand has more need for an air force and fighter jets than Canada does. I think they should all get back on their horses and jockey those.

Fighter jets! Can you imagine that?

Oh wait, 2nd paragraph – hahah! Canadian Defense Department? Ok, that’s enough – who you kidding? I’m calling for the immediate firing of anyone that worked on this Fox news story.

Canadian Defense? From what?

Here’s the original article ->

These hosers are getting far too serious about nothing they ever have to worry aboot. I don’t think there’s a country on the planet they could defend themselves against anyway… Is Seychelles a country?

Maybe there’s an eskimo threat?

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6 thoughts on “Canadian WHAT?”

  1. Honestly I would prefer it if Canada DID have the resources to protect itself. The U.S. already has it’s military forces in way too many places globally. And I know that Canada is our “backyard” so to speak, but last time I checked they weren’t paying U.S. taxes…why should they benefit from the military that our tax dollars pay for? I think Canada already benefits far too much simply from their proximity to the U.S. Annexation anyone?

    1. My humor (humour for you brits) isn’t getting across. I’m having a gross overreaction to the idea that Canada needs fighter jets and defense department at all. Nobody can ever touch canada b/c you’re too close to the USA – and the US would defend CA from any aggression on the part of Germany, Russia, China, or Laos. It’s a running joke among Americans and anyone else that’s in on it. Most Canadians I think – know about it. So, by reacting as if this entire post is serious you’re killing my joke… shhhh, eh?

  2. It’s 8.37am and I can’t figure out what this blog is about. Which word was spelled wrong? What is inaccurate about the article?

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