ThaiPulse! is “Blog of the Month” at Thailand Voice Network

I received an email from Richard Barrow the other day saying that he was thinking of making my ThaiPulse! blog the blog of the month since he really liked what he was seeing.

That’s great news!

I had become aware of Richard’s network of Thailand blogs and web sites a while back and I enjoyed his writing style and photography. They even have videos!

Yesterday I was reading more about their network and found that they actually have 98 domain names and have developed about half of those into Thailand sites! I had no idea! You probably have read many articles on their network and not even known, as not all of the sites carry the same name or network name.

Over the months I’ve linked articles both from this blog and from my main site, ThaiPulse! Thailand Travel Blog Network to articles that Richard has written or that others in his network have written. I think Thailand Voice is a quality site and worth checking out!

Have a look!

Thailand Voice

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  1. I don’t understand how Thailand Voice works out it’s most visited blog. There are blogs in the top 10 that receive less than 100 visitors a day. Maybe it’s some sort of Google-esque equation that will remain a mystery.

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