Satun and Khun Don, Malaysia Border Checkpoint – For Visa Runs

It is possible to do a visa run on your motorbike, car, van, whatever you’ve got – by going to Satun and then heading toward the Malaysian border called the “Khundon” border crossing.

It must be the least crowded border crossing to any foreign country I’ve ever seen, where you can still get an exit / entry stamp from Thailand and the other country.

Satun is nothing really to speak of. They do have ferries to Langkawi Island running 3 times a day to and from, and they have Koh Lipe – which is supposed to be gorgeous. I’ve not taken the ferry anywhere. I decided to skip any rain and just get in and get out as fast as possible.

Note, there is a 20 kilometer stretch of mostly dirt road leading to the Khun Don border checkpoint. Be careful on your motorbike, it’s slippery. Be careful in a car – it’s slippery. LOL.

The other alternative Thailand visa runners have is to take the 75 minute ferry across to Langkawi and stamp out, stamp in and take the ferry back. The ferry runs every couple of hours and not all day either.

In total, during my 20 minutes at the border I saw about 6 foreigners, 4 from the same van visa run and 2 guys that look like they came on their own in their own SUV.

Author: Vern

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