Singapore Doctor FIRED for Videotaping Naked Nurses Showering

Everyone needs something to laugh about when it comes to Singapore. They are so serious about everything. They even fired this guy just for taking some covert video footage of his co-workers naked in the showers.

Can you imagine that?

Can’t they take a joke or what?

I’m sure this doctor thought nothing of hiding the black bag with the video camera and holes cut in the bag for the video camera’s lens… it’s just a joke, right?

The guy was recently graduated and was working for a year at this hospital. Probably all newbie doctor graduates are stressed out and need to lighten the atmosphere a little…

I hope they cut the guy some SLACK for god’s sake…

This from the BKK post who grabbed it from some other source in Singapore.


Doctor fired for filming naked nurses

Singapore (dpa) – A doctor was sacked from a Singapore hospital after he admitted filming nurses in the shower, news reports said Thursday.

Described by colleagues and nurses as “a wonderful coworker,” the native of Malaysia left a black waist pouch with a video camera running on the wall of the shower room in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), The Straits Times reported.

A ward staff nurse found the pouch on January 25 and took it to her supervisor. The tape was checked and hospital authorities were alerted. They found two holes in the pouch and the active camera.

The newly-graduated doctor doing a one-year stint at the facility was immediately suspended. He claimed to have been overworked and lonely as his family was overseas.

The hospital sacked the doctor because the filming “was an intentional act” regardless of whatever stress the doctor may have been under, Associate Professor Philip Choo, TTSH’s chairman of the medical board, was quoted as saying.

Police are investigating the case. Choo assured the nurses that the contents of the tape would be kept confidential and seen only by relevant authorities.

The Singapore Medical Council was also alerted. Doctors who commit an offence that shows a defect in their character may be struck off the register, prohibiting them from practising medicine.

The showers adjoining each staff rest room are used by both men and women.

08:25 Feb 08, 2007

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