Thailand Travel Writer: 15,000-30,000b has announced a position they’re hiring for that could bring someone 15 to 30k Thai Baht per month. You’d be based in Bangkok and traveling to other destinations and paid on a per destination basis I think is how it works.

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It sounds like a nice gig for someone that already has a part time job and wants to supplement income traveling around Thailand and writing (and taking some photos). Here’s the announcement:

We’re looking for a Bangkok-based researcher to update and put together new content for While the position is Bangkok-based the successful candidate would have opportunities to travel in Thailand and the region. The position would be ideal for a native English-speaking blogger/writer with an interest in travel. It would fit well for someone who has other freelance gigs but a fair amount of free time up their sleeve. We’re quite flexible.

This is NOT an Internet research job. The researcher must physically see everything they write about.

Payment is made on a per-destination basis. The bigger and more complex the destination covered, the higher the fee. A researcher doing a couple of trips a month to small- to medium-sized spots could expect to earn around 15,000 – 30,000 THB a month. The more you do, the more you earn.

I’ll be in Bangkok from Monday 26 January for two weeks conducting interviews and trials. If you’re interested in more information, please see the jobs page ( ) and follow through on the application process ASAP.


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5 thoughts on “Thailand Travel Writer: 15,000-30,000b”

  1. A large part of travel after all, is about opening our minds beyond how we see the world right now.

  2. Qualifying/disqualifying candidates on the basis on where they come from/nationality is still discriminatory (esp in this case it is not visa/permit restriction that is the problem). I work with native English speakers who make spelling and grammar mistakes too, more often than myself sometimes.I have also met tourists in Malaysia who spoke better Malay than myself..

    It seems like what you really want is someone with an exceptional level of English that is fit for publication. This person can come from anywhere in the world.

    For what this is worth, I suggest highlighting the actual competency you require, rather than the background that this person is supposed to have.

    Kuala Lumpur

    1. Lena, what I really want is what I asked for. Go back and re-read what I said already. The PROBABILITY is that I will be dealing with JUNK applications if I ask for any idiot that thinks they’re a journalist or “writer” to apply. What I’ve found is that writers applying for jobs have no idea if they’re any good or not. They have a high opinion of themselves when in fact, their writing is junk, their grammar is atrocious, and they have no attention to detail.

      While native English speakers had this problem too – there were FAR LESS that did. That means – FAR LESS junk for me to wade through. That means – I save time. That means – I’m accomplishing my purpose by asking for native English speakers. That means – you’re not getting it.

      I don’t have any more time to respond to you because you’re not ‘getting it’.

  3. why is this position ideal for native English speakers as opposed to anyone who has a good command of written and verbal English?

    1. Hi Lena, and thanks for writing. I’ve looked for travel writers here in Thailand before too and you know what? I’ve had many Filipinos/as, Indians, and those from Germany, and everywhere else applying… and I’ve found that asking for writers to have a “good command of written and verbal English” doesn’t cut it.

      Writers need an exceptional – almost flawless level of written English to write professionally. I got more half-a**ed applications when I advertised than anyone would believe. Native speakers have a much better grasp of conversational English and written English grammar. People hiring for a professional writer position don’t want to weed through 80% of respondents that have improper grammar in their email or writing samples.

      If your writing is top notch – you should apply no matter what anyone says about native English…

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