The Ole’ Thailand KANG KOK Scam, Eh? Don’t Fall for it!

Some clown posted something at Craigslist Bangkok I just found today that I thought was funny. At first I thought he was talking about his personal – well, you know – his ‘stuff’. “Kong Kok” would be “My Kok” and the way he describes it is odd – he had me going there for a minute.

Then as I went through 19 possible pronunciations my g/f said – Oh, I know that – it’s a _ _ _ _ .

So – this guy is selling photos of something that’s VERY common here in Thailand and making it seem like you’re going to be so amazed to see this thing.

You won’t be.

Kang Kok Scam >

Oh, and he’s selling 10 photos for over 500 baht. Digital photos. This is some piece of work…

Here, I’ll save you the trouble of losing 500 baht. What? You didn’t care anyway? I thought not -but I wanted to spit in the soup anyway.

Here’s basically what you’re going to see…

Yeah, it’s a frog with weird skin – not wired skin like he says in the ad – that would be some weird skin.

Cane Toad – all over Thailand – poisonous – don’t boil them and eat them – or the babies, as they will kill you. For some reason there’s always people in Isaan that are eating these. Multiple members of one family died last time I heard about it.

Update 3/2/09:

Recently someone tried to anonymously post a comment saying he was the seller of these pics and griping me out.

If you’re reading this – I don’t have a problem with you selling photos of something – who cares? The issue was that you hid what you’re selling and I think 99.99999999999999 percent of the population of the world would be disappointed to see digital photos of a frog they just bought for $17.50 USD.

Sell something that gives someone value. Quit trying to rip people off.

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