Vern is BACK in the Building…

Wow, I’m so unsure about whether to tell this story or not – I think best to leave everything unsaid until I actually do leave the country. There has been QUITE a lot to talk about that I’ve kept quiet about.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that I need to hold back a lot of what has been going on with me because if the truth were really known there could be bigger problems than I already have!

This makes no sense at all to everyone reading this except 1 person that I told about it.

There’s great reading coming up at the point where I decide to take the lid off the whole mess. I have a few great stories to tell, one of which concerns the US Embassy here. Another of which concerns 50,000 thai baht that I was relieved of in Bangkok over the past few days.

So, anyway – that was a teaser I guess. I am staying in Thailand for the time being. There are many things to write about other than the big ones I alluded to… but yes, at some point the whole farking lid will come off and I’ll feel free to write about everything that has happened over the last couple years.


Yes, that means the Embassy dishing out misinformation, My government school coverup over visa issues, Thai police extortion and other juicy (dripping) tidbits…

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One thought on “Vern is BACK in the Building…”

  1. Hey Vern. I am sorry to here about you being taken for a ride.

    I really look forward to the day you can talk about these issues I know coming from you that it will be very entertaining reading.

    One good thing is you are staying in the land of smiles, well this could be good i hope for you.


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