Chinese will NEVER run the World until they Learn English

I really believe that. You cannot have a language built on the complexity of characters and gutteral sounds that they have created and expect the world to be able to catch on. It would take LESS time to draw heiroglyphics to communicate ideas than it does to write their crazy language!

My girlfriend was learning Chinese and I had to ask her, WHAT FOR? Who needs to know?

I thought Thai language was bad… and it is. I still can’t read Thai faster than about 1 word for 6 seconds. It’s an impossible feat while driving the motorbike and trying to read a sign for laundry, gwit diao moo, or the name of a school which always starts with the same thing – rong ree-un but I can never get past the ree-un to see the actual name as I’m moving past on the motorbike. Put some spaces between words and I could read Thai 200% faster, I’m sure.

The Chinese need to learn English as soon as possible if they have any sincere hope of taking over the world and becoming the number one superpower in the next 100 years. They simply haven’t got a chance until they do…

Look at this sign… Does it make any logical sense that one need write THAT MANY LINES compared to the English? I counted them and here’s the tally…

Chinese writing versus English

English line segments needed to form the sentence = 32

Chinese lines to form the same sentence = 75!

Are we twice as efficient? Actually we’d be twice as efficient writing, twice as efficient reading and get things done twice as fast because we’d already be DOING whatever the instructions were while they are still trying to figure them out.

Does anyone know more about Chinese and want to enlighten us?

Anyone know both languages and think that Chinese is better?

Author: Vern

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10 thoughts on “Chinese will NEVER run the World until they Learn English”

  1. I live in a part of the US that has a large Asian community, mostly Chinese. They seem to be very ethnocentric. They never speak English. They mostly associate with other Chinese people and businesses. I know some who have been here in excess of 20 years and still cannot speak English nor write it. Even the ones that actually learn English are very hard to understand because they do not practice it.

    On the other hand there are also many Indian people here now. They speak English constantly and in public. Their accents are not half as bad. They are a bit more into assimilation while still keeping their culture. The key is they venture outside of their culture and are not nearly as ethnocentric as the Chinese. They are going to become a superpower faster because of this.

    1. Hi Lala,

      Picture this… you move to China to teach English. You’ve lived there for a few years and you have a group of friends from the states and when you go out anywhere or at home, what do you speak? English. Here in Thailand – same. Even if my friends spoke Thai well – we’d all speak English because it’s just too hard to get the nuances right, and our vocabularies will never be the same in Thai that they are in English. Are we proud of English? Maybe. Are the Chinese that move to America proud of their ethnicity? Probably. Should they always speak English? Nahh.

      I read where China will have more English speakers than America shortly. That’s a fun fact, eh? I wrote this post as a funny thing really – the Chinese characters all seem so inefficient to get simple messages across in writing. Should all English speakers learn Chinese? I’d say no… but, who knows what the future will bring. You know how Linux changed the computer industry with a simpler, much more efficient system? Maybe the major nations will get together and decide on a world language we all should speak. English is fricking difficult and makes no sense much of the time – it was hashed together and we’re lucky to have learned it as our native tongue. It’s a nightmare to learn at a high level for speakers of other languages.

      Indians have been taught English many years – and are quite good, often times technically better than Americans in universities.

      :) Thanks for the post.

  2. ha ha ha… I love this post. I love all the comments coming back from your Chinese readers. Listen.. Fly into Paris, and try to start a business in Mandarin, Cantonese, who cares.. Nobody, and I mean Nobody is going to understand a word you say. Hell, they the French even pretend they don’t understand English. But speaking Chinese, get out of town…

    1. I enjoyed responding to these posts. I rarely write something controversial where I leave the door open for people to ream me, but this has been a funny response. Glad we’re both enjoying it!

  3. Oh damn shitt. This is now third time I am writing this. The first time, there was computer error that erased what i wrote. And same thing the second!!!
    Anyway, first thing first. The language on the picture is Japanese. BUT, Japanese use Chinese characters, called Kanji. So, the picture has Chinese characters in it. Both Japanese and Korean use Chinese characters intermixed with their own characters.
    Ok, with that out of the way, Vern was obviously trying to make a light-hearted commentary on the complex,squiggly looking characters that look very difficult to understand. He wasn’t trying to make fun of it in serious way. Perhaps because English is not your native language, you didn’t understand that fine line.
    Vern is correct. The characters look really complicated and almost unnecessary from the perspective of non-Chinese speaker.
    But Vern, what you don’t know is that Chinese characters are visual based, and are MEMORIZED. For example, when you see a cat and a dog, you wouldn’t sit there and consciously analyze which is a dog and cat. You will just KNOW because of your subconscious memory. Same thing with Chinese characters. The Chinese just KNOW by simply looking at them.
    Vern is also correct that Chinese would need to learn English to become the world’s number 1 superpower. I think they know this already. That’s why you have this ESL craze in China at the moment.
    For non-Chinese, learning Chinese would be very, very difficult indeed, unless you started it while breast-feeding.
    There. Hope this goes through!!

  4. Hi BKK writer, thanks for posting… In case you missed it, this is a personal blog full of shite. Please don’t mistake anything you read here as fact. It’s opinion. Occasionally I post something to get reactions and this one is getting it.

    You don’t say if you’re Chinese or what your experience of the language is, but the last comment was from someone that IS Chinese and who said that the writing is not EXACTLY Mandarin, but more of a Japanese language. Is it Chinese or Japanese?

    To me Chinese is Chinese, when I don’t have the slightest idea what dialect is being spoken… it’s not like when I’m done overhearing a stranger talking in Chinese they stop and turn to me and say, “and THAT, was Cantonese” or “THAT was Mandarin”. No matter to me. Chinese is what Chinese people speak. English -of every dialect is what Americans speak unless you’re talking about native americans, hawaiians, and eskimoes. And… in Miami, Spanish is the new English.

    Chinese running the world is explained in the post prior to yours, read it because you’re still not understanding that this was said in a sarcastic way…

    Now go write something dude! Vern

  5. Erm, dude… that pic is Japanese, NOT Chinese.

    And WHICH “Chinese language” exactly are you talking about being “guttural”?? Are you talking about Mandarin? Cantonese? Hokkien? Shanghainese? I suspect you mean Cantonese, coz that’s the closest thing being to “guttural” but Cantonese isn’t the major Chinese language, it’s actually a dialect spoken by people in Hong Kong.

    I think the majority of people who are learning Chinese are actually learning Mandarin, and Mandarin is certainly NOT guttural.

    Dude, it’s OK if you think the Chinese should learn English first before they can “run” the world, but you should also research your stuff first before you post anything on your blog.

  6. Hi – “anonymous” Thanks for writing, wish I knew what to call you.

    This entire post was done tongue-in-cheek which doesn’t translate all that well to all people from all different places in the world. I was being sarcastic during the post because, being from America we hear OFTEN that China will take over the world and the USA should worry about this. I am not worried myself because quite frankly I don’t care at all who is the superpower. It’s silly things like nationalism that get in the way of common sense. Who cares? Certainly I care more about what I’m going to eat tomorrow morning.

    I’m not learning Mandarin because English is the language of the world presently and in the 50 or so years it will take China to catch up and to surpass other superpowers and then to attempt to have the world abandon English and learn Mandarin I will be dead and not concerned same as now.

    I must have language learning deficit disorder because I’ve been in Thailand the better part of 3 years and only recently have learned enough Thai to hold decent conversations. I would drink monkey urine on tap before I would willingly learn Mandarin.

    So – don’t take the post so hard chief, I’m ignorant but usually I know when I am and if you see something on the blog where you consider me to be ignorant, call me on it – but usually I’m quite aware of areas where I’m clue-less. Politics is one that I rarely say anything about because when I do, the political nazis that read my blog slam me for it. LOL.

    Ok, go back to reading my posts about bargirls and ladyboys, they are far more interesting!

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog. But this entry has shown how ignorant you are. I’m a Chinese (but not from China) and I speak English, Mandarin and Thai. You suggesting Chinese should learn English to take over the World. What makes you think we’re not already doing this? Duh. It is in fact that now Western countries are trying hard to penetrate the China market with the billion population. You should be asking yourself why are you not learning Mandarin yet? You discouraging your Thai gf learning Chinese? Why are you doing that? Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, some of the most powerful people in Thailand are Chinese. Same for Malaysia and Indonesia…. Now, why learn English? Oh ya, to take over the World.
    BTW, those messages in the train? Its not EXACTLY Mandarin but more of a Japanese language.
    ps. I enjoy reading your entries on bargirls more.

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