Drop Trou, Pull Snake, Squirt Bush, Pray for Forgiveness, Zip Up.

I ventured away from the computer yesterday and took a little travel trip into the countryside to see what I could see.

I ended up at a stream or small river…

Floating huts on some water… kids playing in the hopefully chemical- free water. I even kicked back in it for a couple hours and in addition to finding some small clams on the bottom I had some somtam, shrimp shell, a sliced tomato and various other food remnants hit me because I was downstream from a hundred Thais who had the same idea as me on Sunday.

Most of the younger guys were drinking. Some were playing guitar and singing for their group. There were 2 different stereo systems BLASTING at the same time – as is typical anywhere you go in Thailand where Thais’ are relaxing.

I noticed a guy walking out to a lone bush. He was stumbling a bit.

I turned away then looked back just in time to see him drop his trousers and piss on the bush.

He went out of his way to go to the MOST public spot in the entire area to piss because there was a bush there. This bush was SPARSE man – I mean – it had about 3 branches that went up just over a meter and had a couple leaves – but other than that – not much.

So, he pulls it out, squirts, and I see him WAI the bush before he even zips up his pants.

I thought maybe I was seeing something. No, my girlfriend confirmed – he was wai-ing the bush.

Of course I had to know why.

She said he was saying “sorry” for making the bush mad because he pissed on him. Some people believe that the bush has a spirit. The guy didn’t want to make it mad for having just pissed on it.

So, why did he go out of his way to piss on it in the first place?

Sin first, ask forgiveness later – is what we say in the states.

At least I do.

Anybody else ever SEE this happen?

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Drop Trou, Pull Snake, Squirt Bush, Pray for Forgiveness, Zip Up.”

  1. Nice! I knew it must be going on in a wide-scale way, but I’d just never seen it as my g/f doesn’t seem to care where I’m pissing. At least she’s not mentioned it. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Nothing unusual about it. I know every morning I wake up, take the morning piss, not fully awake, forget the toilet seat, promptly give it a wai, then clean up my mess before my Thai wife chews my arse out.

  3. Yes I have had first hand experience of this. A couple of years ago whilst holidaying on Koh Chang I was driving down one of the island’s remote roads. The previous evenings dinner suddenly decided to have it’s revenge on the farang stomach, so I had to stop the car and literally run into the jungle tree line to evacuate my bowels before I soiled myself! Not thinking of the consequences of taking a dump in amongst the trees (or wiping my arse with some dry leaves laying in the jungle), I stumbled out of the tree line – much relieved – only to be chastised by the missus for not asking permission from nor apologising to the jungle for having to crap in it!

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