How to Make Yourself Squirt!

I’m usually not laughing when I check my statistics everyday. There’s little to laugh about. I’m happy sometimes, yes. That’s where it ends. Laughing? No. Not until today.

I was looking at the phrases surfers used to arrive at this ThaiPulse blog and found something pretty funny.

Check out # 20.

Top search queries
1. songkran 2007
2. thai2english
3. perfect lady boys
4. katoey
5. katoey blog
6. perfect ladyboys
7. katoeys
8. songkran holiday
9. thaipulse
10. songkran water festival
11. water festival thailand 2007
12. perfect ladyboy
13. a bird lands on an angry tree
14. thai warin
15. youtube blocked in thailand
16. chaiya meditation center
17. iphone thailand
18. bird lands in an angry tree
19. gwat
20. how to make yourself squirt

I’ve NEVER, and I PROMISE – said anything about how to make yourself squirt. I do wish they had “gender” attached to these search queries so I could see how many men and women searched on this topic.

Funny stuff.

I promise, really…

Author: Vern

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