Laos REJECTS Friendship Bridge!

Breaking News:

The country of Laos has closed their half of
the “Friendship Bridge” temporarily, that
has taken years to complete, and which
opened to much celebration on the Thai
side of the border earlier this month.

Laos officials, speaking English said,

“Yes, we want to be friends. Friends from a
distance kind of friends. We are aware that
our good neighbors wish to mainline their
people into our country and even across to

We have conferred with the government of
Vietnam and they are alike in their reluctance
to let a superhighway full of Thais and farang
across the border everyday.

At the half-way point of the bridge, the Laos
side of the bridge, we will re-name the bridge
to “Friends from a Distance Bridge”. We will
reduce the number of lanes at the halfway
point to 1 lane from the present 2. At this
half way point a change in direction is also
necessary because, as you know, in Laos we
drive in the usual manner on the right side
of the road.

This change will help preserve the sanctity
of our Democratic Republic and yet still allow
a limited number of visitors to enter daily.

In the future the Laos government would
appreciate being notified of any more
changes to present status quo BEFORE
they happen. We have our own country
here and we don’t just go along with every-
thing that Thailand wants. Just because
you agreed to let Beer Laos across the
border in some limited quantities DOES
NOT mean that we are now to be treated
like “Canada” is by the USA.

Thank you for your attention, and we look
forward to receiving your poor backpackers
and facilitating human trafficking from
Vietnam, “business as usual”.

Author: Vern

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