Making sense of Thailand on Notecards with Charts, Graphs and Diagrams

Thailand farang teachers resumes

No, really.

It’s more fun than it sounds… Every so often – maybe everyday if I get that creative, I’ll put up one or more of these notecards. Today I’ll stick up a few so you can get the idea. I think in pictures most times – and when I come up with a picture that helps me make sense of things life looks better to Vern.

I’ve been doing this since my graduate program to study from – to make sense of difficult to grasp concepts… but, yesterday I found some obscure web site in which a guy is doing something like this and I thought, “HEY, apply that to Thailand and you’ll have something that’s good for Thailand’s expats to check in and see everyday. Add that to your photos, videos, articles and nonsense and you might have something there…”

So I’m doing it.

Hope it goes over well…

Oh, and there will be some unprovoked attacks on farangs from certain countries, bargirls, and other stuff – but it’s all good-natured really. These are jokes. Please understand that.


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